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Redneck Rampage

Type in the following codes during gameplay: RDALL-Give everything (keys, ammo, health etc) RDBETA-Message "Eat me!" RDCLIP-Toggle Noclipping Mode ON/OFF RDDEBUG-Debug mode ON/OFF RDELVIS-Message "Elvis Lives!" RDGUNS-Get all guns (the ; and ' keys cycle through the weapons) RDHOUNDDOG-Message "Elvis is dead!" RINVENTORY-Get all inventory RDKEYS-Get all keys RDMAXX-Message "Maxx rules" RDMONSTERS-Toggle No Monsters ON/OFF RDMOONSHINE-XXX Moonshine mode ON/OFF RDRAFAEL-Message "For your grandpa!" RDRATE-Shows framerate RDSHOWMAP-Showmap ON/OFF RDSKILL#-Change skill (# = a number between 1 to 4) RDUNLOCK-All locks toggled


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