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Mega Man 3


Slow motion:

Hold Up on controller two.

Freeze opponents:

Hold Up + A on controller two. Note: This has no effect on the eight robot Bosses from Mega Man 2 that are found after defeating the eight robot masters. The code will freeze you but the Boss will continue to attack.

Super jump:

Hold Right on controller two.

Suggested opponent order:

Magnet, Hard, Top, Shadow, Spark, Snake, Gemini, Needle, "Spark", "Shadow", "Gemini", "Needle"

Super password :

Enter A3 B5 D3 F4 blue, A6 red as a password for all weapons, items, nine energy tanks, and no Dr. Wily Robots.

Dr. Wily level:

Enter A1 A3 B2 B5 D3 F4 blue, A6 E1 red as a password.

Walk through pitfalls:

Hold Right on controller two. This allows Mega Man to walk through or jump out of pitfalls without dying. It is especially helpful in the Dr. Wily Robot level. Note: When jumping out of the pitfall, the jump is twice as large as the super jump. Note: This will only work if the pitfalls are fairly long.


Hold Right on controller two while jumping into a pitfall. Then intentionally get killed by an enemy while in the pitfall. Jump out of the pitfall when Mega Man's death sound is heard. Megaman will be invincible as long as an energy booster is not collected. Although the use of the regular gun will be lost, the spark shot or the needle will work just as well.

Get Rush Jet immediately:

Use the following trick to get Rush Jet without having to defeat Needle Man. You must first defeat Shadow Man. Then in the next stage, pause game play, highlight Shadow Man's weapon, and press Right. No weapon will be highlighted, but you will see Rush's icon above the next symbol. Press Start and you will be using the Rush Jet, except with no energy. Collect a weapon capsule in this form and then use any amount of its energy. Pause game play and you will see the Rush Jet is freely accessible from this point forward. You can also do a similar trick to get the Rush Marine, but you need to defeat Spark Man. You can only get the instant access for it if you are in Gemini Man's stage, since the Rush Marine is only usable in water.

Protoman's whistle:

Press Start while Protoman whistles to hear the full tune. Note: You must press Start while Megaman is still controllable.

Status password

Top man A3 red, C5 red

Shadow man A3 red, C5 red, D6 red

Sparkman A3 red, C5 red, F4 blue

Magnet man A3 red, B5 red, F4 blue, F5 red

Hard man A3 red, C5 red, C4 red, F4 Blue, F5 red

Gemini man A3 red, B5 blue, C5 red, F4 blue, F5 red

Needle man A3 red, B5 blue, D3 blue, E6 red, F4 blue

Snake man A3 blue, B5 blue, C5 red , D3 blue , F4 blue

Gemini man revisited A3 blue, B5 blue, B6 red, D3 blue, E6 red, F4 blue

Spark man revisited A1 red, A3 blue, B5 blue, B6 red, D3 blue, F4 blue

Needle man revisited A1 red, A3 blue, B2 blue, B5 blue, C5 red, D3 blue, F4 blue

Shadow man revisited A1 blue, A3 blue, B2 blue, B5 blue, C5 red, D3 blue, E1 red, F4 blue

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