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Tommy Lasorda Baseball


Easy Out

When a left batter for the computer comes up, always throw the ball inside. He will automatically swing at the ball.

Invisible Players

For an invisible team, enter the password "Zb6jpqrnmGnYWQXaHuFFAB".

William Hill Poker
Singularity Patch
Sims3 - FOX Hair 005


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Final Fight
e you do your final ending combo blow, you will throw the enemy, delivering massive damage! NOTE: You can also start this combo with a jumping knee (jump and hold down, press attack) to deal even more damage! (This will not work for Haggar.)

Road Rash
a top bike and a large sum of money for each level. Level Password 1 00000 07DJ1 12G9A 1786E 2 00000 07O71 13IJJ 2N7SR 3 00000 07QF0 03JS3 37GL5 4 00000 083O0 12NIK 473FC

fe recharge power-up above a lava bed. Intentionally lose almost all your life. Jump into the lava and simultaneously use the life power-up. Game play will resume at the next level.