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Shane Warne Cricket 99


SUNSHINE-Play at beach

PENSIONS-World XI side

BIGBALLS-Bechball mode

BIGHEADS-Players with bigger heads

SUPERMAN - Hit ball for six

SOLIDOAK - Cannot get bowled

DROPBALL - Fielders cannot catch

NOWAYEAS - Opens all 10 classic matches

Songs of Araiah
By the Sea
Mario Game: Super Mario Breakout Fusion!
Mario Game: Super Mario Bros: Shine Expedition


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Robotron X
, Down, Up, Fire Right WAVE: Up, Fire Right, Down, Left, Fire Left SHIELD: Down, Left, Fire Left, Fire Right TIPS: Grab the humans in a certain order to get more points. If you grab Mom, Dad, then Mikey, every human after that will be worth double the amount of points. After grabbing any human start shooting the Hulks, because they're worth points until you get you next Free Life. Also try wiggling the joystick around and see what suprises start to happen.

Walt Disney World Magic Racing Tour
Mountain Railroad. Spin out Hold R1 and press Left or Right. Your car will go in a circle and the back tires will smoke. The smoke will turn green, then pink, and back to green. After the smoke changes three times the car will spin out of control. Splash Mountain track Win all nine first place pennants. Big Thunder Mountain shortcut When you go to Big Thunder Mountain, you will see Tiki houses moving around. Keep going until you get to the middle. There you will see a cave, which can be used as a shortcut. Haunted Mansion shortcuts After entering the mansion, drive through the fireplace with the green smoke coming out of it on the left to find a hidden passage. Drive through approximately halfway through the track and drive up the stairs. Turn right, then turn right again. Drive approximately halfway through the hall, then enter the small corridor to the left. Drive through the picture to find another hidden passage. Play as Jiminy Cricket Collect all the parts of the Firework Machine.

League." Select it and you will join into a league with the champions of all the countries. Unlimited Player Attributes: At Player Edit Screen enter L1, L2, X, Square, X. Editable Bankroll: At Club Transfers Screen enter Square, X, Square, L2, L1 Lighting Changes: At the in-game Option screen press Square, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, X, X, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle. Then you will be able to fiddle with the floodlights until you are satisfied.