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Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

Unlock Black Manta

Complete the game as Classic Aquaman

Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp: Launch Trailer
Musical Notes Flash Cards
Mario Game: Boo's Treat
Mario Game: SM3: Peace Conflicts Public Release 4
Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails


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SX Superstar
p like this, but it requires some skill, and big air. Get a new girlfriend: To get a new girlfriend, win three races in championship mode. Bigger air: To get bigger air, hold L as you go up the ramp. Release L (ideally when the gauge is full) at the lip of the ramp.

Baten Kaitos
and Pac-Man After enough time, Pac-Man (normal) will turn to his appearance circa Pac Land Namco Character Magnus 3: Pac Mania Pac-Man After enough time, Pac Land Pac-Man will turn to Pac Mania Pac Man. Namco Character Magnus 4: Momotaro (Peach Boy) Keep a Momo (Peach) magnus long enough and it will evolve into Momotaro. Unlock Namco Character Magnus 2: Pac Land Pac-Man After a while PacMan (normal) will turn into the Pac Land PacMan. Unlock Namco Character Magnus 1: Pac-Man Combine the following cards: Cherry + Strawberry + Orange + Apple + Melon = PACMAN

Animal Forest Plus
e East Green furniture in the South What does this do? For example, the yellow furniture increases the amount of money you receive. The other colors have similar benefits, so be sure to follow this basic rule when constructing your house. Bee Courageous You've done it before -- you've shaken a couple of trees to find some cash, and out comes a whole swarm of bees and does a "remodeling" job on your face... Painful. But did you know that you can actually catch the bees and make some money? It's a bit tricky as the bees move fast, but after you've shaken a tree and a bee's hive has fallen out, immediately switch to the butterfly net and turn towards the hive. Time it right and hit the button and you will catch a single bee, worth 4,500 bucks. Not bad, huh? There are three swarms of bees hidden on the map every day, so you can make some big bucks if you go bee hunting. Get Rich Quick with your GBA If you've got a GBA and the GameCube Link Cable, you can access an island to the south of Animal Forest + that lets you make money much more quickly. Collect as many pieces of fruit as you can carry, hook up your GBA, turn it on, and then go to the pier at the beach (all the way in the south). A Kappa will be waiting here in his boat (he only shows up if your GBA is switched on) and take you to the island. Once you're on the island, drop all the fruit you have collected and go back to the boat. Tell the Kappa that you want to leave and that you want to transfer the island to your GBA. Your GBA will turn on and you will have see your island, complete with all the fruit you have dropped. Move your hand to the door of your island animal's house and knock. Your animal will come out. Now grab a piece of fruit and put it right in front of your animal. It will eat the fruit and turn happy. After a few pieces of fruit your animal will drop a money bag of random size for each fruit you feed to your little virtual pet. Repeat this process until all pieces of fruit are gone (you can also direct your pet to shake trees to get more fruit), then put your GBA to sleep. Do NOT switch it off. Go back to the GameCube game. Once back in your town, leave the screen with the boat and come back. Talk to the Kappa again and the GCN game will be updated with the new data from the GBA island. Travel back to the island and collect all the money bags. Some bags contain as much as 30,000 coins! You should be able to pay off your house in no time now. Grow a Money Tree Did you know that besides growing fruit trees, you can also grow money trees? Yep, no joke. However, you can't just grow them anywhere. Find a sparkly glowing spot on the ground (the type that hints at a hidden treasure) and use the shovel to unearth the money bag. Instead of just pocketing the money and closing the hole, stand in front of it, go into your inventory and select the money bag. Now choose the "plant item in ground" option that you also use to sow seeds or fruit and put the bag back into the sparkly spot in the ground. A seedling will sprout, which will grow into a money-bearing tree. Nice, huh? Note: that planting a money bag just anywhere will not produce a money tree. It has to be planted in the sparkly special spot. Reset Follies Don't ever hit the reset switch when playing this game. If you do, the next time you play you will be chastized by Mr. Reset, an angry mole. He will lecture you on how there is no reset button in real life -- so you shouldn't use it in this game either. Mr. Reset's rant takes quite a while to get through, but that's nothing compared to what happens when you hit reset again... His complaints will get longer and longer and he will even force you to apologize (which requires you to manually enter your apology via the letter entry wheels). Not fun. So stay away from the reset switch unless you understand Japanese and want to read some funny stuff.

Madden NFL 2005
ingo! (+75% defensive interceptions) - J33I8F Michael Vick Gold Card - A49H6R Da Bomb (unlimited pass range) - B61A8M Da Boot (unlimited field goal range) - I76X3T Extra Credit (Points for interceptions and sacks) - M89S8G First and Fifteen (Opponent must get 15 yards for 1st down) - V65J8P First and Five (1st down yards set to 5) - O72E9B Fumbilitis (Opponents fumbles +75%) - R14B8Z Human Plow (Break tackle +75%) - L96J7P Lame Duck (Opponent lobs passes) - D57R5S Mistake Free (No fumbles or interceptions) - X78P9Z Mr. Mobility (QB cannot be sacked) - Y59R8R Super Dive (Diving distance +75%) - D59K3Y Tight Fit (Opponents uprights narrow) - V34L6D Unforced Errors (Opponent fumbles when jukes) - L48G1E Aloha Stadium - G67F5X Super Bowl XL - O85P6I Super Bowl XLI - P48Z4D Super Bowl XLII - T67R1O Super Bowl XXXIX - D58F1B 1958 Colts - P74X8J 1966 Packers - G49P7W 1968 Jets - C24W2A 1970 Browns - G12N1I 1972 Dolphins - R79W6W 1974 Steelers - R12D9B 1976 Raiders - P96Q8M 1977 Broncos - O18T2A 1978 Dolphins - G97U5X 1980 Raiders - K71K4E 1981 Chargers - Y27N9A 1982 Redskins - F56D6V 1983 Raiders - D23T8S 1984 Dolphins - X23Z8H 1985 Bears - F92M8M 1986 Giants - K44F2Y 1988 49ers - F77R8H 1990 Eagles - G95F2Q 1991 Lions - I89F4I 1992 Cowboys - I44A1O 1993 Bills - Y66K3O Special card unlocks In addition to the normal way to unlock a card, some cards require a specific task to be completed. Card 2: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Chase and Tackle drill. Card 30: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Coffin Corner drill. Card 38: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Ground Attack drill. Card 42: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Precision Passing drill. Card 52: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Swat Ball drill. Card 99: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Trench Fight drill. Card 104: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Clutch Kicking drill. Card 147: Earn a Gold in the All-Madden Pocket Presence drill. Card 195: Earn a Gold in the Ground Attack drill. Card 197: Earn a Gold in the Clutch Kicking drill. Card 199: Earn a Gold in the Swat Ball drill. Card 208: Earn a Gold in the Pocket Presence drill. Card 209: Earn a Gold in the Trench Fight drill. Card 210: Earn a Gold in the Precision Passing drill. Card 211: Earn a Gold in the Coffin Corner drill. Cheerleader and Pump Up Crowd Cards Successfully complete the "Game Situation" challenges in mini-camp mode. The Cheerleader or Pump Up Crowd Cards for the team used will be unlocked. Submitted by: Ilona Madden Cards and game cheats Get a gold rank in any event on the All Pro, Pro and Rookie levels in mini-camp mode. Extra push in tackles When you are a defender about to give a head-on-collision to the runner, press the [C-stick Down] to give extra push in your tackles, increasing the chance of a fumble. Easy tackles You can get numerous easy tackles with your MLB by using him during your kickoffs. Go to coaching strategies and find "Kickoff". Assign the third player from the left to be your MLB. Assign the first two players on the left as very slow CBs or FSs. When you kick off, kick the ball to the left side where your MLB is assigned. If you do not kick it too deeply, your MLB will be the first one downfield and will go unblocked into the return man. Note: If you have the roster space and some money, create a CB and FS and make all of their attributes zeros. You should have no trouble signing them to a contract. You can then use them on your kickoff squad and they will almost never make it downfield. With this trick, in addition to the tackles your MLB gets during the game, he will get one for every kickoff as well. Submitted by: Tabari Easy pass Go to the "I Formation" and select "Slants" as a route. The key receiver is "B". Wait one or two seconds then throw to the key receiver, who will catch the ball every time. Choose any pass play and select "Hot Route". Select your best receiver and press "Left Analog-stick Up". Run towards his side (behind the line of scrimmage) and tap "Left Analog-stick Up" while you tap the receiver's button. This works about 90% of the time. Signing players to low salaries This trick will allow you to sign any player, no matter how big their default salary is, to a three year low-salary contract. You must do this before starting a franchise. First, edit the player's attributes from whatever they are currently down so that their overall rating is exactly 75. Depending on the position, you should be able to achieve this by simply lowering one or sometimes two of their attributes. Make sure to make a note what the original rating was so you can store the value later. Once all players you are editing are at an overall rating of 75, release the players to free agency. After releasing each player (you may have to sign some "no-name" players to your roster to maintain roster requirements, but you can release those temporary players later), back out of the roster management screen to the main menu. Choose the option to "Continue without saving" (this may not be necessary). Reenter the roster management screen and select "Free Agents." Go to whichever team you want to sign the players to and start looking for your players. You should notice that their new requested salaries and contract lengths will be for three years at a very low salary (depending on the position). Once you have signed all of your players back (and released the temporary players), go back to editing the players and return them to the original ratings. Note: According to the manual, your players will become upset if they feel they are being underpaid for how good they are performing -- you will more than likely have to re-sign some contracts throughout the year, but with the cap room you will save. Note: This trick only works on contracts that have completely expired. During the off-season, instead of resigning your players, edit them. Change their position to something that will lower their overall ratings. For example, move a DT to a TE; or make your QB a WR. Then, resign the player. He will play poorly at his new position, making him extremely cheap. Not all player positions can be changed, but a lot of them can -- especially the higher dollar positions. After you resign the player, move him back to his original position. His overall rating will return without any negative affects. For example, it is possible to resign LeRoy Glover to a six year deal worth $1.5 million with no signing bonus at the age of 32, with an overall rating of 97 by moving him to TE. Whenever you have to re-sign a player in franchise mode, go to player management and edit the player's position to something that would lower his stats. Re-sign him, then change him back to his original position. For example, make your QB a WR, and sign him. This also works for free agents, but not for draft picks. You cannot edit draftees until they are signed. Submitted by: Dick Getting good players In order to get a team that will last three to four years of dominance, must start with a team with lots of long contracts in place (for example, the Lions). They have four or six, six and seven year contracts on the good rookies. Trade for other players with long contracts. The first person you need to trade is the tight end that makes $12 million a year. Kellen Winslow from the Browns makes a good replacement. Make sure to not build too good of a roster, as your players have personalities and will get upset if they do not start, get the ball, etc. However, a decent roll playing team with outstanding players at these positions will take it every time. QB, HB, WR, or a second WR will not hurt. With DE/DT OLB/MLB CB SS/FS, 80-85 on every other player is more than sufficient. Also, if you trade these players from the rosters before your franchise, you can then edit them to make them better. However, be careful not to go too high on all of them, as they will all want more money and cause major backroom problems. Use the following trick to get high draft picks every year. Each year after pre-season, simulate or play the games up until week 5. Check the standings to learn who has the worst record so far. Then, initiate a trade with the worst team. Offer the worst team your first round pick for their first and third round picks. They will usually accept. If they do not, find another team that is bad and offer the same deal to them. Once they accept, you can then usually offer both of your third round picks to another bad team for their first round pick. Then after the season is over, you will generally have two first round picks very high in the first round. You will be without a third round pick, but it is well worth it for the two first round picks. Use any roster. Take the thirrd string or very last player in your depth chart and edit the player. You can do anything you want with him and his salary will be the same, no matter how bad or good he is. If you find a great player as a free agent, you can sign him if you have a salary cap over $1 million. Just give the player seven years and your salary cap will get lower, but will not go under 0. First, do a Fantasy Draft with any team other than the Falcons. Once you finish the training camp, preseason, and five weeks in the regular season, look at the standings in the NFC East. You should see that the Falcons are 1-4 or 0-5. Trade your first round pick for their first round pick. This usually works. If not, trade with the next worst team. In franchise mode, create an offensive lineman that is 45 years old. Set his years in the league to 27. Put his stats all the way up, then sign him on free agency. Next, trade with any team and get any player or pick you desire. This works best with getting first round picks, but can also get a lot of good players. Because he is an offensive lineman, he will not have a huge impact on a team winning and will retire at the end of the season. In franchise mode, go to "My Team", then "Team Info". Scroll over to "Team Morale". Look under the other team's morale for unhappy players. Those player will be easy to trade for. Note: If you are starting a franchise with a created team, do not sign too many star players because you will be over the cap limit, and your players will complain about playing time. To have a good team, sign a QB, halfback, and wide receiver all with ratings of 85 to 99. For defense, sign a good middle linebacker, a good safety (strong or free), and a good cornerback, also all 85 or above. This will leave your team with a good offense and defense, and it will keep them under the cap limit. Start a franchise with the team that you want to be perfect. Then, go to "My Team" then to "Export Team". Export the team, then exit out of franchise mode. Go to "Features", then to "Historic Teams". Press [R] to go to "Saved Teams". Then, choose the players and edit their attributes so that they are at 99. Next, exit and go to "Play Now". Press [X]. Then, press [R] to go to "Exported Teams" and choose your team. Fantasy draft The following players are selected in the rounds after their name. Therefore, you can draft them in the previous round if you have a good draft pick. For example, pick #6 to 10. Roy Williams(FS): 7 Tony Gonzalez: 12 Deangelo Hall: 13 Ed Reed: 8 Larry Fitzgerald: 10 D. Akers: 21 Shane Lechler: 23 Rashaun Woods: 31 Jim Kleinsasser: 20 Clinton Portis: 2 Brian Urlacher: 2 Steven Jackson: 27 Roy Williams(WR): 8 Lee Evans: 15 Dante Hall: 15 Reggie Williams: 16 Justin Smith: 5 Julius Peppers: 3 For example, if Brian Urlacher is drated in the second round, you must draft him in the first. If Dante Hall is drafted in the fifteenth round, you must draft him in the fourteenth round. Note: These players are always drafted in the round given; choose wisely. Recommended players To get a good team in the future you must get good rookies. Note: If you start them, they will get great very quickly. Some such players are as follows. Larry Fitzgerald WR Eli Manning QB Sean Taylor FS Roy Williams WR Keniche Udeze DE Robert Gallery LT DeAngelo Hall CB Steven Jackson RB Bob Sanders FS Ben Roethlisbergr QB Faster player improvement Before playing under the All-Pro or All-Madden difficulty settings, play your franchise under the Rookie or Pro levels so you can increase stats for your players easily. This will give them more attribute upgrades throughout the season. The more yards your receivers or running backs get, the more points their ratings will increase. More effective running game First, make a tight end. His name, college, etc. is your choice. When you edit his appearance, make him 6'8", and 275 to 300 lbs. Then, make him have a muscular bulid in his body and arms. If you set his attributes ti above average or better (overall between 84 to 99), when you run a play that involves running towards the side the tight end is set, he will open holes and lanes that will enable you to gain 6 to 7 yards a carry. Easy deep routes You can make an adjustment to your route in create-a-playbook that can make throwing the deep route much easier and the game more fun. In create-a-playbook, if you have a normal streak, adjust the route so that it is going to the side of the receiver (if on the right side, adjust the route to the right; if on left, adjust the route to the left). It is like a fade, and make sure it is at the maximum vertical yardyage. In a game, it usually works best with a play action, but it also is effective in shotgun against a normal man on man with a safety over the top situation. You should wait about two to three seconds, then lob it. It works well when you have a top speed receiver such as Bethel Johnson or Dante Hall, or against a cornerback about 93-94 speed. Submitted by: Gaius

All-Star Baseball 2004
Press A and you can change uniforms. Once you change lineups or pitchers, this option is no longer available; it only works for that one game. Demote player without other teams claiming him off waivers: Go to the player editor and make all his stats to D- so that no teams would want to claim him off waivers. When you want to promote a player back to the Major Leagues, change his ratings back to his default settings. Easy points: Start a two player game, with only one actual player. Throw a perfect game, striking out every batter. Save the game in the bottom of the ninth inning with two strikes and two outs. Finish the game, collect your points, and save the options. Reload the game and repeat to collect the points again. Change to the team that you are facing and make them play poorly, allowing your original team to score a lot of runs. In the last inning, switch back to your team and claim your team's cheaply made points. Free balls: If you are down in the count or need a quick ball, pretend to lay down a bunt. Pull back while the pitcher is in his motion. This should result in a ball being thrown. Note: This only works up to two times in an at bat. Hint: Throw hard 4 seam fastball correctly: If you have a pitcher or created player that throws a hard 4 seam fastball, always place the pitching cursor below where you want the pitch to go. The pitch will automatically rise after the pitcher releases it. However, with other pitches (curveball, slider, changeup, etc.) the ball will end up where you put the pitching cursor. Restore pitcher's energy: Wait until your pitcher has low energy then pause game play. If your pitcher is still on the mound, go to "Save Game and Quit", then save the game. Restart the system, and when you go to the main menu, load the game. When you finish loading, it should automatically take you back to the game, and it should show your pitcher on the mound with the full green energy bar. View player's energy in franchise mode: When at the main menu in franchise mode, go to "GM Office", then "Roster Management", then "Disabled List". Look through your players to see which ones are tired (except pitchers). If a starting player is tired, you should bench and rest him for one game. Throw hard 4 seam fastball correctly If you have a pitcher or created player that throws a hard 4 seam fastball, always place the pitching cursor below where you want the pitch to go. The pitch will automatically rise after the pitcher releases it. However, with other pitches (curveball, slider, changeup, etc.) the ball will end up where you put the pitching cursor. Restore pitcher's energy Wait until your pitcher has low energy then pause game play. If your pitcher is still on the mound, go to "Save Game and Quit", then save the game. Restart the system, and when you go to the main menu, load the game. When you finish loading, it should automatically take you back to the game, and it should show your pitcher on the mound with the full green energy bar. Slide step Use this trick to do a slide step. When your pitcher is in the stretch, select a pitch, and before you press [Pitch], hold the Left Analog-stick. Easy win Start a game with and set the skill level on anything except "Manage Only". Pause gameplay go to "Controller Select". Switch the controller to the team that you want to lose. Then, go into "Team Management" at the pause screen. Change the pitcher and the fielders to the wrong positions. You can also put pitchers in as pinch hitters. Then, return to "Controller Select" and change back to your original team. The CPU may switch the players around, but you can put the wrong ones in again. You will not get any card points if you play the entire game with the losing team. Note: there is a slight chance of your game freezing if player positions are swapped too often. Created pitcher Height: 6'6" Weight: 203 + 4 Seam Fastball + Curveball + Slider + Changeup Stance and deliver are 3/4 low kick Have all stats up Pick off from the catcher When the ball is released, hold [L] and the base that you would like to throw the ball to. The catcher will then snap up and throw the ball to the selected base. Note: This only works when you are pitching. View player's energy in franchise mode When at the main menu in franchise mode, go to "GM Office", then "Roster Management", then "Disabled List". Look through your players to see which ones are tired (except pitchers). If a starting player is tired, you should bench and rest him for one game. Change jerseys in franchise mode Before playing in a franchise mode game, go to quick play, and on the team's options highlight "Change Uniform". Go back, exit quick play, load the franchise, and when you get to the play game screen on options, your pointer will be on the blacked out uniform part. Press [A] and you can change uniforms. Once you change lineups or pitchers, this option is no longer available; it only works for that one game.