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Dark Queen Of Krynn, The


Item and character duplication

This trick is best done at the main menu or at a Training Hall.

Save the game. Remove one member of your party, so you have five remaining. Create a new character , for example "Bob", and add him in. Remove all of his equipment.

Transfer all the equipment you want duplicated to Bob. Remove him, and quit the game fully -- do not save.

Reload that game, and you will be back to your normal six party members, with the items you intended to copy. Remove that character again, and add in Bob again, and he will also have those items. Trade those items back to the party, and your party will have their items, and the duplicates that Bob had.

Remove Bob and add in your other members, save, and you will be back into the game, with two sets of items.

The character duplication trick is far easier, but only if he or she has not been in combat and can be modified. Rename your character using the "Modify Character" command, then remove him or her. Quit without saving, and reload. Your renamed party member will be in the pool of character s, and your original character will still be in the party. This is also a nice way to gather up useful items from new characters in Dark Queen of Krynn, where some of them receive potent magical items not found in Death Knights of Krynn.

Starcraft 2 Map - (4) MCP-020 [ Meinhoff ]
CS Addons: hltv models
Sims3 - Tapout
Fun with Charlie for Windows
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Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel
rresponding function key during game play to display the corresponding menu. Cheat mode Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "config.cfg" file in the "gameusr" folder. Add the following line to the file to enable the console window. uset g_console "1" Begin game play and press ~ to display the console window. Type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Code - Effect cheat truck - Change truck type cheat truck 7 - Super fast truck cheat skill - Change skill rating cheat dmeet - Meet all drivers cheat contracts flow - Get licensed route at indicated skill cheat money - Get indicated amount of money cheat noticket - Disable speeding and overweight tickets

College Slam
unlock the hidden 'fraternity' teams. You will find the new teams under team select.

Aces of the Deep
e should now just be an empty green box, exit that screen (without putting the torpedo in another tube) go to the screen where you want to fire from, fire from the tube that you earlier selected. After you fire, put thatr torpedo back, and repeat.

Unreal Tournament: Game Of The Year
All weapons - loaded Flight mode - fly No clipping mode - ghost Disable flight and no clipping - walk Add indicated number of bots - addbots Advance to indicated map - open Broadcast message to others - say Change game speed (default is 1.0) - slomo First person view - behindview 0 Full ammunition - allammo Kill all indicated enemy type - killall Kill all opponents - killpawns Spawn indicated item - summon Spawn indicated opponent - summon Stop time - playersonly Third person view - behindview 1 Item names: Use one of the following entries with the summon code. cannon eightball flakcannon nali skaarjwarrior quad shot warheadlauncher enforcer doubleenforcer minigun2 pulsegun shockrifle sniperrifle ut_biorifle ut_eightball ut_flackcannon chainsaw rifle razorjack gesbiorifle minigun flakcannon dispersionpistol stinger automag asmd clip rifleround flakshellammo defaultammo Opponent names: Use one of the following entries with the killall or summon codes. warlord titan stone titan squid slith skaarj skaarjwarrior skaarjscout skaarjlord skaarjberserker skaarjassassin iceskaarj skaarjtrooper skaarjsniper skaarjofficer skaarjinfantry skaarjgunner queen pupae nali nalipriest mercenary mercenaryelite manta giantmanta cavemanta krall lesserkrall krallelite gasbag giantgasbag fly devilfish cow babycow tentacle brute lesserbrute behemoth bots skaarjplayerbot humanbot malebot maletwobot malethreebot maleonebot femalebot femaletwobot femaleonebot nalirabit horsefly blobelt biterfish bird1 parentblob horseflyswarm deadbodyswarm biterfishschool Aiming: With bigger weapons, such as the rocket launcher or flak cannon, aim at the feet to get a better shot. Escape from lava or falls: If you have the god code enabled and you fall into lava or off a cliff, you do not have to disable the code and die. Instead, enable the fly code and fly back up to land. Then, turn it off by enabling the walk code. Invisibility: Get killed or blow yourself up. When you see the stats, enable the loaded, allammo, and walk codes. You will be totally invisible, with no lines or anything else. However, you cannot pick anything up. Deathmatch champion: In any deathmatch level, once the game starts and you can fly around to view the level, enable the god code. Exit cheat mode and press the fire button to start the match. Once the match is started, enable the summon warheadlauncher, allammo, and fly codes. Exit cheat mode. If the Redeemer is not already out, press 0 and enjoy. You will not get hurt if you get shot by someone, or if you go in the explosion from your Redeemer. Note: this will work in CTF, Domination, and Assault. Note: If you enable the fly code before you press the fire button to start the match, you will not be allowed to do so. In deathmatch, when you enter a match and you get the "Press Fire to Start" message, fly around the level and look for a place that only you can get to, and only with the god or fly code enabled. When the match starts, enable the god or fly code , return to the spot you chose, and enable the summon warheadlaunche" code. Leave the Redeemer. If the level already has one, place another in your chosen location anyway, as sooner or later the CPU players are bound to grab the Redeemer provided by the level. Then, disable the god or fly code and start shooting. If you start losing badly, or someone else is closer to winning than you are, grab your hidden Redeemer (and, if desired, enable the allammo code) and fire away. Redeemer message: Get a Redeemer(warhead launcher) then fire a missile with the Left Mouse Button. Quickly enable the playersonly code and move to the missile. You can see the message "Adios" on the missile. Note: You may need to enable the 32 bit Revolution option to see this. Fun with flight: Wait until you die and enable the fly code to come back on the battlefield. Then, enable the walk code to walk normally. Nobody will be able to see you. Note: To come back as a warrior, you must be killed or commit suicide again; however it will not count as another kill or suicide. Also, when a match is finished with a view of your player, enable the fly code and watch him swim around the battlefield. You can still shoot, but it does not seem to do anything. Smiley face on bomb: Enable the loaded code to get all of the weapons. Then, enable the playersonly code to stop time. Next, select the flak cannon. Walk up to an enemy and press the Right Mouse Button to use the bomb-like shot. Look very closely at the bomb as it hovers in midair. You will be able to make out a small smiley face icon inside the shot.

World War II GI
ate Full map - ww2showmap No clipping mode - ww2clip Debug mode - ww2debug Mad cow mode - ww2matt