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Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring


Infinite Ammo:

While playing, quickly press X, B, Y, A, X, B.

Infinite Magic (Gandalf):

While playing, quickly press X, Y, A, X, B, X.

Infinite health:

While playing, quickly press Y, A, X, B, A, Y.

Infinite Ring Use (Frodo):

While playing, quickly press Y, B, A, B, Y, X.


On the level where you try to open the door but the platform is like 30 feet away and you can't run in time to get to the door before it closes, just stand on the platform and save. Then load the game . The platform will stay down and you can walk through the door no prob.

Stuck in building

In Bree while playing as Aragorn, get the bundle of hay for the dummies that you need to make. If you save the game in the building that you get the hay in, you will be unable to leave. The entrance will act like a wall. You will not be able to continue the game.

Sinking box

When you are in the Shire and have to find the Clanker, before you get it, go on the place where the bell is anyway. At the bottom left hand corner are some boxes. Pick one up, walk over to the stairs, and let go. The box will sink into the stairs.

Starcraft 2 Map - PK Love
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 for GBA
Mario Game: Flyguy Flight
Total Recall


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Red Faction 2
under the options menu. Gibby explosions: Enter White, Black, X, Y, White, Black, X, Y at the cheats screen under the options menu. Master option code: Enter White, White, X, X, Y, Black, Y, Black at the cheats screen under the options menu. All normal game options will be unlocked. Gibby ammunition: Enter X, X, X, X, Black, Y, X, X at the cheats screen under the options menu. Fat mode: Enter Black, Black, Black, Black, White, X, Black, Black at the cheats screen under the options menu. Directors cut: Enter Y, X, Black, White, Black, X, Y, White at the cheats screen under the options menu. Walking dead: Enter X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X at the cheats screen under the options menu. Wacky deaths: Enter White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White at the cheats screen under the options menu. Rain of fire: Enter Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y at the cheats screen under the options menu. Joke message: Enter Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, X at the cheats screen under the options menu. Super health: Enter X, X, Y, White, Y, White, Black at the cheats screen under the options menu. Unlimited ammunition: Enter Y, White, X, Black, Y, Black, X, White at the cheats screen under the options menu. Unlimited grenades: Enter Black, X, Black, Y, X, Black, X, Black at the cheats screen under the options menu. Rapid rails: Enter Black, Y, Black, Y, X, X, White, White at the cheats screen under the options menu. Bouncy grenades: Enter Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black at the cheats screen under the options menu. Funny message in multi-player mode In the multi-player level "Watch Your Step", jump off of a cliff and fall. If you look upward quick enough, you will be able to see a hidden message spray painted on the bottom of the level. The message is "SUCKS TO BE YOU". An easier way to do this is to play on arena mode and die to become an observer. While in observer mode, move under the platform and read the message.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
ll her what her sithmaster wants you to do but dont tell her about the poison then do the task she assigns for you. Then when you go to the tomb where you get the sith lightsaber and starmap return and say that your on that girls side if you did every thing right the sith mster well be weak and easily killed. then tell the woman that she must die then kill her. when you then go out of the tomb go to the sith academy then all the students will wont to fight you kill every last one of the sith scum and you will rack up a lot of exp. ( prferably have Juhani and Jolle in your party) 2) Any chances you get to double coss someone take it 3)Sell grenades they suck period 4) A good way to get money is do every single side quest and sell any weapons you never use 5) If your a Cart Onasi lover make sure he uses mellee weapons he rules with them submitted by: Talamund Beat Malak: The easiest way to beat Malak is to drain all of the life out of the jedi before you fight Malak the second time around then you must(this part is optional) equipt yor player with strength, stamina, and battle stimulants that is the easiest way to beat Malak. (PS) Don't waste your time using force powers on Malak most of time he resists it only use Drain life or Death field on the jedi or on Malak in an emergency. Defeat the Rancor on Taris Before the door leading into the room where the Rancor is standing there is a severed arm or a corpse, open it take the Datapad and Synthesized Odors, then go into the room, careful not to get too close to the Rancor as it will hunt you down and smash you with its enormous paws etc. and you will die almost instantly, instead go to the pile of corpses, and take whatever is inside (ah the life of the chosen one eh?) then open them again and place a Frag Grenade (you can do this by opening them then pressing 'X') after placing the grenade open them a place one of the odors that you took from the arm. The game will switch to a cinematic showing the Rancor running to the pile (with you safely back inside the doorway, picking up a corpse, eating it, then blowing up. hope this helps in your quest to save the galaxy. May the Force be with you. Magic Healing: Go to a area that is safe from combat (Not in combat or in a room) and pause and go to the map screen. Now hit the X button to jump back to the Ebon Hawk and be healed. Select Map again and hit X again to go back to where you where. Experience Doubled If you've discovered the secret bounty organization, then no doubt you will have been assigned a mission involving killing a slave trader named Zuulan as part of your initiation into the society. When you find Zuulan's speeder, select the option which sets off his alarm. Zuulan and his thugs come running, and no matter what conversation option you choose, combat is the end result (remember that you MUST BE ALONE for these missions). Instead of attacking your assailants, choose to "use" the speeder again, and this time select the option which affixes the frag mine to the hull of the craft. As a result of this, you will kill the Zuulan who comes running out to his speeder and gets blown away by your bomb, but at the same time, a second Zuulan and cronies is spawned very near by. Pick up the credits and equipment off of the dead Zuulan and then round the corner to engage in conversdation with the other Zuulan and kill him as well (an easy battle). You'll get twice the stuff and twice the XP, plus if you're a light sided character who needs the credits, you don't gain the extra dark side points for killing him! It's a win-win situation. Infinite Experience In the dueling room on Korriban, there's a computer that lets you fight prisoners. Once you get your computer skill to the level that allows you to use 0 spikes to Hack Into Security Cameras or Hack Into Sith Database Files, just select that choice a few times and when you exit the computer interface, you'll get a load of experience. Voice Change With your primary controller plugged into the first port, plug a second controller into the fourth port. At any time, you can use the second controller to change the pitch of the voice acting. Black Button: Lower pitch (Barry White) White Button: High pitch (like Michael Jackson) Watch Hidden Ending Plug two controllers into your Xbox. Outside the doors to the final battle with Malak (don't open them!), push down both triggers and press the Y Button on both controllers at the same time. You'll need a third hand or a friend to pull this off. Companion Killer On Dantooine during your Jedi training you will be sent to investigate someDark power emanations in the wilderness. When you find Juhani, you can turn her to the Light Side and have her join your party, or you can threaten to kill her. Do so and you will set off an interesting chain of events that not only lose you Juhani as a party member (since she's dead) but sends another Jedi member towards the Dark Side. Earn Different Endings Finish game on the Light Side (by doing good deeds and denying the Dark Side) to see the Light Side ending. Finish game on the Dark Side (by doing evil and accepting the Dark path) to see the Dark Side ending. Easy Heal Anytime you are in a safe area (not in combat or inside a room) you can instantly heal yourself. Go to the Map screen in the pause menu and hit the X Button to instantly leap back to the Ebon Hawk. Your party members will be magically healed. You can then select the Map screen and hit X again to jump back to where you just were. Extra Items On the Ebon Hawk, talk to each member of your crew. You can ask each one to make you specific items: Mission - Security Spike/Play Pazaak Canderous - Arenal stimulants HK-47 - Fighter simulation (shooting mini-game) Jolee - Medpack T3-M4 - Computer Spike Zaalbar - Grenades Juhani - Annoying accent and whining Bastila - Crazy visions Carth - Goatee styling tips Extra Sidequests Talk to the other members of your party often. Most have an extra side quest that can only be activated by talking to them at least 8 times during the game. Sometimes it takes even more. Bastila's, for example, has you searching for her mother on Tatooine and Carth's has you hunting for his lost son. Finding Party Members Bastila - Jedi Human - Taris Canderous - Mandalorian Soldier - Taris Carth - Human Soldier - Endar Spire HK-47 - Combat Droid - Tatooine (buy him in the droid shop) Jolee Bindo - Jedi Human - Kashyyyk Juhani - Jedi Guardian - Dantooine (don't kill her!) Mission - Tw'lek Scoundrel - Taris Zaalbar - Wookie Scout - Taris T3-M4 - Expert Droid - Taris Get On Stage Want to get on stage with the musicians in the Upper Taris Cantina? Of course you do. To manage this trick, walk against the corner of the stage and press the Black Button several times. This cycles through party members and will end up popping one of them on stage. Now sing a song for all the word! Infinite Dark Side Points When you arrive on Tatooine, you'll find a girl named Sasha who has stowed away on the Ebon Hawk. Keep on telling her to leave the ship as many times as you can before she actually leaves. You'll gain Dark Side Points each time you tell her to leave. If done enough times you'll reach the "Absolute Dark Side Level" (you'll know because the background has sparking fire behind your character). Infinite Dark Side Points #2 On Manaan, when you return to the surface using the submersible, you speak to Roland Wann from the Republic Embassy. He will ask you to keep your business together a secret at which time you can tell him a bribe would ensure your silence. Saying this will earn you a dark side point. You can then talk to him repeatedly doing the same thing and earning dark side points. Infinite Light Side Points This is a bug that should get you infinite light side points. When you first meet Rahasia you should tell her that you are not interested in finding the son. This will get you Dark side points. Then talk to her again and apologize and then say you aren't interested again. You should get light side points for this. Repeat the apologizing, and denying as many times as needed until you have full light side points. Bastila's Black Skivvies Dress Bastila in a Dark Jedi robe, then remove all of her clothing/armor and she'll be in dark, sexy Sith underwear. Big Battles Boss fights and many big fights can be seen on the horizon. When you know you are about to have a big fight, shoot up your party members with stimulants and activate your energy shields. The time limit of the stimulants is real time during convos. So when bosses begin talking, hit A repeatedly to quickly move to the battle, so your stimulants are still active during the fight. Using stimulants will greatly improve your chances of survival. Conserve Medpacs A lot of times, you'll find yourself using medpacs at the beginning of the game because your ability to take a bullet isn't that great. However, don't use your Medpacs on the Endar Spire, as long as you're in that situation, you cannot die. Don't bother wasting them when you don't have to. Dark Side Discount After arriving on the planet Taris (and getting a Sith uniform) don't go to the lower city just yet. Instead, go to the Equipment Emporium and if the Sith body armor is equipped some items are discounted. Economising Medpacs When in a tough fight, using medpacs from your Action Menu take precious seconds away from your attacks, making the fight that much tougher. Instead of using your action menu, just press start, go to your inventory, then utility items, and use your medpack from there. This way you aren't getting attacked while trying to select your medpack. Or you can go to the options menu and tell the game to pause every time you access your action menu. Heal By Leveling Up If you're in the midst of a fight and notice an "up arrow" icon over a character's face, pause during the battle and level that character up without having to use a Medpac. (Anytime you level up all of your health is restored). Leveling Up Be careful when picking your Force Powers and Skills when leveling up. Once you reach level 20 (combined levels of character class and Jedi class), you can no longer level up. Make sure you have everything you want before that final level up. Malak Boss Fight For the final fight against Malak, after you've taken down most of his health, the Dark Lord will begin draining power from captive Jedi. You need to destroy the statis chambers with the captured Jedi inside. Use Destroy Droid if you have it. Malak boosts his power with these, so run around the entire arena destroying them (including the two on the upper tier). Then use Force Wave to knock down Malak. You must use Force Immunity or suffer some serious pain. Use Force Wave, heal, Force Wave, Heal. Continue on this pattern until he is nearly dead. Then finish off with a sabre duel. Malak Boss Fight (Dark Side) I'm sure some of you Dark Jedi have figured this out already but for the newbies or those in need, here's a cool trick: During the final Malak battle, beat up Malak until he explains how he kills the Jedi in Stasis tubes. You can do the same! How? If you have either Drain Life or Death Field, beat up Malak until either he runs away to heal or if you need to heal, cast a Speed power (or just run from Malak but it helps with a Speed power), target a Jedi with a RED status bar, and cast. You'll get between 48 and 230 health, depending on what attack you use. This is one benefit of being a Dark Jedi! Quick Dark Side Points When you leave Dantooine and head to Tatooine, you'll find a girl named Sasha who has stowed away on the Ebon Hawk. Keep on telling her to leave the ship as many times as you can before she actually leaves. You'll gain Dark Side Points each time you tell her to leave. If done enough times you'll reach the "Absolute Dark Side Level" (you'll know because the background has sparking fire behind your character) Tach-nastics On Kashyyk, in the Shadow Lands, if you run into a Tach, "speak" to it, and it will do a little flip. Not very helpful, but kind of cute. Wave Your Lightsaber Around Once you get a lightsaber (or two) press Y at any time it is equipped but disengaged to make the light sword appear. Continuing to press Y will make it look like your character is attending a rave. Kill Good Guys on Tatooine After helping the men defend the Sand Crawler in the desert, put on Sand People outfits (taken from dead Sand Folk) and return to the Sand Crawler. The men will attack you, thinking you are enemies. You are free to defend yourself and kill them. Truly an evil act. Medpac Crisis On Manaan, if you choose to poison the big fish in order to kill it, you'll also poison the water. This causes a massive shortage in medpacs for the rest of the game, driving their prices sky-high. Perfect Fight At any time during a battle you can pause and save the game. When in a boss battle, be sure to save at least once. This way if the tide turns and you get jacked up, you can restart the fight midway through. Scare the Crap Out of People on Taris When you get the Sith uniform on Taris, put it on. Don't go to the Lower City yet. Instead, walk around upper Taris and talk to people. They're all scared of you now. Go and harass the people at the Clinic for more chuckles.

Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter
Act 3 Mission 5. Sabaoth Fighter: Achieve the bonus objective in Act 2 Mission 5. Advanced Freefall ship: Achieve the bonus objective in Act 3 Mission 1. Advanced Havoc ship: Achieve the bonus objective in Act 3 Mission 3. Advanced Jedi Starfighter: Achieve the bonus objective in Act 2 Mission 4. Advanced Zoomer ship: Achieve the bonus objective in Act 2 Mission 3. TIE Fighter: Achieve the bonus objective in Act 1 Mission 4. X-Wing: Achieve the bonus objective in Act 1 Mission 3. Slave 1 ship: Achieve the hidden objective in all missions. Mt. Merkan: Droid making a snowman On mission 6, Mt. Merakan, there are two landing platforms. Go to the one built on the side of the mountain. Get between it and the peak of the mountain. Fly over to the right side of the platform. Slightly to the right is a large pipe. If you are lined up correctly you will see a small white dot on the ground at the base of the mountain. Zoom in or fly over to see a droid making a snowman. Mt. Merkan: Easter eggs On mission 6, Mt. Merakan, after you destroy about 75%of the buildings and fire is coming out of the pipes, find the side of the mountain with two pipes coming out where one is above the other. The pipe on top has no flames. Look inside it to find three eggs. The Informant: Jango Fett's ship Jango Fett's ship can be seen during the first mission. At the beginning of the mission, look to the left of the nebula (your left). Jango Fett's Slave 1 will exit hyperspace, fly straight for a few seconds, then reenter hyperspace. Hidden objectives Mission 1: Destroy the spy ship. Mission 2: Allow no enemy craft to land on the beach. Mission 3: Destroy all walking Starfighters in the hanger. Mission 4: Destoy all Tractor Beam Towers. Mission 5: Destroy all enemies. Mission 6: Finish mission in under nine minutes. Mission 7: Destroy all three Trade Federation Freighters. Mission 8: Destroy all Landers and Super Freighters. Mission 9: Prevent all Hex Deployers from escaping. Mission 10: Lose no friendly Tugs. Mission 11: Destroy all Trade Federation Landers. Mission 12: Destroy all Turrets. Mission 13: Destroy all Bunkers. Mission 14: All Mere Transports must survive. Mission 15: All Mere Cruisers must survive. Hidden objectives for two player mode Mission 1: Complete mission in four minutes or less. Mission 2: Destroy all Trade Federation Carriers. Mission 3: Destroy all station doors. Mission 4: Destroy all Trade Federation Sub docks. Mission 5: Protect all buildings. Mission 6: Destroy all containers. Mission 7: Destroy all Sabaoth crafts. Mission 8: Destroy all defense barracks. Mission 9: Prevent all Drop Ships from landing. Misson 10: Destroy "Reavers". Mission 11: Destroy all Missile Frigate groups. Mission 12: Destroy Cruiser without using the orbital cannon. Mission 13: Lose no Clones. Mission 14: Finish mission in less then nine minutes. Mission 15: Destroy all turrets on Destroyers and Flagships.

Star Trek: Shattered Universe
n all missions: At the main menu, press R1, L1, Circle, Square, L1, R1, Triangle, Select. Unlock all user ships: At the main menu, press L1, Square, L1, Square, R1, R1, Circle, Select. Destroying starships: When you intercept a starship and are having trouble destroying it, fly up behind it. They all have phasers on the back, so pull up beside an engine. Concentrate your fire on that engine. If done correctly, you will not get hit while destroying the starship. [When attacking an "Akula" class starship, disable its shields, then go directly in the middle to the impulse engines and fire at the ship. This works almost all of the time. The only thing that could hit you are the fighters. Attacking the Orions: When attacking the Orions, you do not have to destroy both Orion starships. Just disable the shields on each ship, and they should warp out of there. Shoot Antenna: When you shoot the antenna array (blue sphere) on top of the space station they will no longer send in reinforcements. This is in level 3 renegade.

NHL Hitz 2003
urn. Unfair trades with trade logic on: To execute an unfair trade with the trade logic on, trade many times. You can trade a 70 overall player for a 71 or 72. Once that you have that player, trade them for a higher overall player. Once you work that player up to someone who is about 90, it is as if you traded your 70 overall player for the 90 overall player. Note: If this is done a lot, teams will be more unlikely to trade for good players. 100 overall player in franchise mode: Once you have completed franchise mode, play the Moscow Wolves until you have enough level 5 equipment so that one player can have it all. The player you assign the equipment should be your Captain. Go to your locker room, and select "players". Change that players play style to "Speedster". He will now have an overall rating of 100. Unlimited equipment in franchise mode: Any time that you play a world team in franchise mode, you will receive new equipment to better your players. If you play a world team more than once, you can continue to gain equipment. This works especially well when you have completed franchise mode, and max out your team.