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After Dark


Swimming toaster:

Note: This trick requires After Dark v4.0. Select the fish screen saver. Press [Caps Lock] after the screen saver activates. A flying toaster will eventually swim across the screen after the fish swim away.

Scared fish:

Note: This trick requires After Dark v4.0. Select the fish screen saver. Press [Tab] after the screen saver activates to scare away the fish.

Smiley face:

Note: This trick requires After Dark v4.0. Go to Messages 4.0. Select "Style" and choose "Foggy Screen". Go to "Custom" and type [Space]. The hand should draw a smiley face.

Alternate colors and backgrounds:

Note: This trick requires After Dark v4.0. Press [Caps Lock] after one of the following screen savers activates: "Super Guy", "Hula Twins", "Out 'n About", "Bad Dog", "Swirling Magic", "Mandlebrot", "Satori", "Nirvana", or "Tunnel".

Rock Scissors Paper battle:

Note: This trick requires After Dark v4.0. Select the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" screen saver. Press [Caps Lock] to display an option that allows you to select the rock, paper, or scissors in a game against the CPU.

Santa Claus:

Note: This trick requires Totally Twisted After Dark. Set the system date to December 25. Select the "Voyeur" screen saver. Santa Claus will eventually fly by in the background.

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NHL 97
it (shows when play stops) V-Visiting team scores goal 1-Two minute penalty is called 2-Four minute penalty is called 4-Five minute penalty is called 5-Penalty shot Try, this one too: EA Sports Team 1 & 2 Go to the credits screen type pioneer. Play an exhibition game and scroll down the list of teams and you will find the two teams

Ultima Online
ter: A good safe character is easy to create. The following character is good for money, fighting, and buying items. Since you only can have so much skills and stats, try the following: Skills: Blacksmith Mining Swords/Fencing/Macing (no archery) Tactics Parry Healing Anatomy 100 STR 100 DEX 25 INT Start at Minoc, which good for ores and Vesper is a good place of trade, and for when you become GM Smith. Start in Trammel. A pack horse is a good investment. You should have a Fisher who can get you a lot of food, which is important for skill gains. With all the money, buy some more shovels/pick axes and start a mage. Gaining skill: You gain more skill on a different server with less users of that skill. For example, if you are in Minoc's blacksmith and you are trying to gain smithing skill while everyone else is also doing so, you will barey get any. For faster skill gain, go in a dungeon. Raise tinkering and mining: Get a boat and two shovels and a tinkering kit. Go to the very northern part of the world where water meets mountain and start mining. You have shovels to get ore and a player run house nearby usually has a forge so you can smelt them and tinker more shovels. Recommended profession: The profession with the most pros and fewest cons is the Mule. A good skill table would be: Smithing Carpentry - Stone crafting Mining - Granite and sand Lumberjacking Tinkering Alchemy - Glass blowing Tailoring

Sims, The: Deluxe Edition
potions I know and what they do: Red - a love potion, makes a random person of the opposite gender fall madly in love with you, you may even get married in less then one Sim Day Yellow - reverses your personality (EG: if you were nice it makes you mean etc.) Blue - makes you feel refreshed, it will bring ur mood way up Bright green - (DON'T DRINK IT) makes your mood go all the way down Purple - turns you into a monster temporarily, everything you touch breaks Dark green - creates an "evil" clone, it will make a copy of you and possibly steal the person you love from you White - healing potion, GREAT for when you start coughing and sneezing (which means your sim is gonna die) Orange - turns you temporarily invisible if you don't want to drink the potion you make all you gotta do is delete the potion set before your sim drinks from it submitted by: Brianna Zombie sim Sometimes if you clean the magic lamp the choices will bewater or fire. Sometimes if you select fire something will catch on fire. Let your sim get close by making the go here signal DO NOT EXTINGUISH THE FIRE!!! When your sim dies the Grim Reaper comes and sometimes when you plea you will do rock paper scissors with him sometimes if you lose it will say the Grim Reaper is feeling generous to day but I wouldn't be happy because a zombie is born. Then your sim will be green. submitted by: anonomous Spirits When a person dies and someone is still living in that house sometimes you'll see the ghost of that person that died walk through the house. submitted by: Anonomous The Genie Lamp Buy the Genie lamp. Every once in a while, tell one of your sims to rub or clean it. The Genie will come out and grant you a wish(you choose which one) It's really helpful ;) Note; The Genie migh only grant you a wish if your sim's stats are healthy(notSure)) submitted by: Lance Vance Cheat mode: Press [Ctrl] + [Shif + C during game play to display a prompt in the upper left corner of the screen. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enter [Exclamation poin at the prompt to repeat the last cheat entered. Enter a [Semi-colon] between codes to enter multiple codes at the same time. Additionally, most of the codes will only work with the unpatched version of the game. Result - Code 1000 Simoleons (unpatched game version)- klapaucius 1000 Simoleons (patched game version) - rosebud Add new family history stat to the current family - hist_add Appends the route destination list to AllRoutes.txt every time a route is found - write_destlist Architecture tools automatically set the level as needed - auto_level Automatically import and load indicated FAM file - import Automatically load indicated house, no questions asked - house Check and fix required lot objects - prepare_lot Completely flush app to VM file when running Windows NT - flush Crash game - crash Create moat or streams - water_tool Create shrunk_text_#.bmp files - shrink_text Create-a-character mode - edit_char Display personality and interests - interests Draw all animation frames disabled - draw_all_frames off Draw all animation frames enabled - draw_all_frames on Draw colored dots at each person's origin - draw_origins Dump selected person's most recent list of scored interactions to a file - dump_happy Dump selected person's motive contribution curve to a file - dump_mc Enable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social interactions - debug_social End sim logging - sim_log end Floorable grid disabled - draw_floorable off Floorable grid enabled - draw_floorable on Force an assert for testing - assert Log animations in the event log window - log_animations Map editor disabled - map_edit off Map editor enabled - map_edit on Move any object - move_objects on No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded - tutorial off Prevent web browser crashes - browser_failsafe Preview animations disabled - preview_anims off Preview animations enabled - preview_anims on Programmer stats - tile_info Quit game - quit Read in behavior tuning constants from Tuning.txt - #import Rebuilds entire control panel/UCP from scratch - rebuild_cp Refresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose IFF files are writable - refresh_faces Rematch dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps for all user characters - refresh_textures Restore tutorial - restore_tut Rotate camera - rotation Routing debug balloons disabled - route_balloons off Routing debug balloons enabled - route_balloons on Run series of random operations on unhoused families - fam_test Save currently loaded house - save Save family history file - history Selected person's path displayed - draw_routes on Selected person's path hidden - draw_routes off Set event logging mask - log_mask Set free thinking level - autonomy Set game speed - sim_speed Set grass change value - edit_grass : Set grass growth - grow_grass Set lot size - lot_size Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulator - sim_limit Set time of day (unpatched game version) - set_hour Set z offset for thought bubbles - bubble_tweak Sets the neighborhood directory to the path - Sets whether menu items appear for in use objects - allow_inuse Show memory view window in debug builds of the game - memview Start sim logging - sim_log begin Swap the two house files and updates families - swap_houses Ticks disabled - sweep off Ticks enabled - sweep on Tile information displayed - tile_info on Tile information hidden - tile_info off Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard - visitor_control Toggle assets report - report_assets Toggle automatic object reset feature - auto_reset Toggle calls to PeekMessage within sim loop - sim_peek Toggle camera mode - cam_mode Toggle display of unavailable interactions in person control menus - all_menus Toggle music - music Toggle object compression in save file - obj_comp Toggle quaternion transformations - quats Toggle sound log window - sound_log Toggle sounds - sound Toggle web page creation - html Total reload of people skeletons, animations, suits and skins - reload_people Trigger sound event - soundevent Write out an RTE file every time a route is found - write_routes Write out behavior tuning constants to Tuning.txt - #export Restore your mood bars Make your sim sit down on a chair. Go to the cheat dialogue box and type in 'move_objects on'. Press F3 to go to the build mode. Click on the chair your sim is sitting on and delete it. Your sim will also be gone. Go to live mode and click on your sim's face to get him back with full mood bars. submitted by: Rohan Fast money When you put the cheat box up (shift+Ctrl+c) type in rosebud;: then keep your finger on Enter and you will see money go up by the second. (it can go up to 99million) submitted by: steve uva