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Frogger 2: Swampys Revenge


Killing snakes

You can kill the snakes by stepping on their backs. However, do not hit their heads.

Level secret

Collect all the gold coins on a level to unlock a secret for that level.

Cheat mode

Pause game play, then hold [Ctrl] and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code - Effect

[Down] [Down] [Up] [Down] [Righ [Down] [Up] [Up] - Unlimited lives

[Up] [Down] [Lef [Righ [Righ [Righ [Down] [Lef - Level select

[Lef [Righ [Lef [Lef [Lef [Up] [Lef [Lef - All characters unlocked

[Righ [Lef [Up] [Up] [Up] [Righ [Lef [Lef - Level skip

[Righ [Up] [Up] [Down] [Righ [Down] [Righ - Extras and bonus levels unlocked

[Lef [Lef [Up] [Lef [Down] [Righ [Righ [Righ - Temporary invincibility

[Righ [Lef [Righ [Lef [Up] [Up] [Lef [Righ - Turn coins into Mad Garibs

Star Empire
Football Manager 2010 Patch
Mario Game: Super mario surf
Sexy Party
Sims3 - A Top 05


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Omikron: The Nomad Soul
ou. Mix two Sham Testicles and nine Mouse Teeth in a Beshe'm. Invulnerability Spell For temporary invulnerability. Mix a Virgin's Blood and a Tear or Ether in a Beshe'm. Unmask a Demon Spell Forces a demon with a human appearance to reveal his demon form. Mix a Sham Horn and Dew Of Light in a Beshe'm. Get full attack: After you get to the Spell Shop (the one that the Monk leads you to), buy Attack +50 Potions. Go to the Sha'armet Tournament and use one. Note: You may want to save the game before doing this. Go into a fight and lose on any round. You can also win, but you cannot get it full if you do so. After you lose, check your stats. Some of your attack should still be up. Note: Do not try this with Dodge Potions, as it will take your Dodge down.

Lords of Magic
ells of all faiths Ctrl- Type: JACKPOT FOR 200 OF GOLD, CRYSTAL, ALE Type: MARATHON FOR 1000 MOVEMENT POINTS FOR SELECTED PARTY Type: PUFF FOR A DRAGON Type: HOCUSPOCUS ALL SPELL KNOWLEDGE PLUS 1000 MANA Tip: When the game first starts, send your hero alone into the surrounding caves, huts, etc. If you try to fight the battle manually, you will surely die. However, if you use autocalc, you will always win in level 1 or 2 buildings, and level 3 buildings might take a couple of tries (wait until you've gained a level to enter level 3). Unless you try a higher-level building, you will never die. This will gain your hero at least 2 quick levels and waste no troops. Tip: When a mage has two magical staves that boost defense, switching the staves makes the defense rating go up indefinitely. Tip: This code only works on "life" and warrior". Click on EASY several times and it will give you higher defense. Tip: Unlimited Defense Choose the Life Warrior, and when you get to the playing field, double click on him and move The Peacemaker artifact from his hand to his backpack. His defense will keep going up. Repeat this to build the defense indefinitely. This also can be done with the same artifact obtained when the life great temple is conquered with the Life Mage Lord. Note: This trick does not work with v2.02. Control Opposing Army Note: This trick works better with fast troops. When in a capital and attacked by an army larger than your own, just run away. If your troops can get away, and you do not get into any more fights until your turn, then you may be able to control the opposing army in a limited way. Although you will not be able to move the army, they will be on the bottom panel instead of your characters. Double click on them, and click the disband button. You can not disband Lords. It a Lord entered your capital, move in with an army. This trick can be used to win the game if the Lord who enters the capital is Balkoth with his unholy armies. Tip: The player must start creating a game with a custom champion, save the champion before starting the game and then "Alt" "Tab" back to Windows. Open a hex editor and browse for the saved champions file which will be in the "custldr" directory under the lomse install directory. Find the byte 00000320 and type the hex 6A01 8000. This will give that custom champion over 800,000 points to spend building the starting party so that all of your starting parties' units can be gods. After the edit save the file Alt Tab back to the game and load the custom leader to see the change. [send by:Mike] CNTL (Control - backslash) brings up the cheat dialog -- then type: "Jackpot" - gives you 200 gold, crystal and ale. "Marathon" - gives 1000 movement points to the selected party. "Puff" - gives you a dragon! "Hocuspocus" - grants you all spell knowledge, and gives 1000 mana to the selected party.

Urban Chaos
Fluorescent green graphics - cctv Level completed - win Level lost - lose Music select - world Play as Officer D'arci - darci Play as Roper - roper Return to saved waypoint - telr Save a waypoint on map - tels Set ambient light - ambient Set fog fade level - fade Toggle Crinkles - crinkles Level skip: Start a level, press [Esc] and press [Enter] + [Up]. The save screen will appear. Save the game, and it a map screen showing you that you have already completed the level will appear. Repeat this in every level to easily complete the game. Dancing Stern: Enable debug mode, then press [Shif + J. Stern will start dancing wherever she is. Press [Shif + J again to change her moves. Cheat mode (in-game): Enable cheat mode, then resume game play. Press one of the following keys during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Effect - Key: Create light - L Exit game - [F3] Explosive barrel - R Move forward 10 feet or onto ledge - G Pause - ' Rain ripples - W Random vehicle - E Slow motion - [Semicolon] Smoke trails - > Spawn weapons - [F12] Stealth debug mode - / Toggle clouds - [F11] Toggle enemy view - [ Toggle enemy view - ] Toggle enemy view - P View car paths - Q View coordinates grid - J View game statistics - [Ctrl] View pedestrian walking areas - I Create helicopter - O Create wild cat - A Create bodyguard for Darci - [Shif Select game effect - [Keypad 7] Execute game effect - [Keypad 5] Orange fog - [Keypad 3]

Rainbow Six
ads on all characters - bignoggin Full ammo, refill items - 5fingerdiscount Toggle victory conditions - explore Disable AI - obrainer Stumpy characters - stumpy God mode for selected person - avatargod God mode for team - teamgod Flatulent walking - silentbutdeadly or fastactionresponseteam Large feet and hands - clodhopper Invisibility - theshadowknows Team invisibility - teamshadow Wound yourself - wound Kill yourself - death Activate debug keys1 - debugkeys Debug commands: Enable the "Activate debug keys" code and press [F10] to enter debug mode. Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding debug function. Effect - Key: Screenshot - [F2] Enemy view - [F6] Suicide - [F7] or [F8] Return to normal view - [F9] Exit debug mode - [F10] Level skip - [F12] Adjust lighting - [ or } Toggle AI - A Third person views - V or B Adjust elevation - [Comma], [Period], or / Become a traitor: On some levels, there are drop-offs with ladders leading down to a lower level. If you have a teammate with you, face the hole, and get him in front of you. Then, push him in. You will see him try to get back up, or take the long way back, and eventually get back to you. Bring dead operatives back to life: If you are in a mission and some of your fellow operatives are killed, continue to complete the mission. When starting a new mission and the screen that asks if you want a default plan, do not select "Yes". Instead, click "No" and go on. When you reach the character selection screen, go down to the bottom right corner and you should see the "Save Plan" and "Load Plan" options. Click on "Load Plan" and select the one that reads "m**", where * is a number that corresponds to the mission (for example, m1, m2, m3, etc.). Look at the characters in the box that contains the ones selected for the mission. If you see one of the dead operatives in that box, do not remove him or her -- just start the mission. After this, you should have that operative with you alive and well.