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Ping Pals


View Credits

After cycling through the full credits, if you completely cycle through them again you will hear the "coin noise" and will be rewarded with 50 coins. This can be done multiple times.

New Items

You can change the system date on the DS to a different time or date in order to get new items in the shop. This works well for going back to a date that you missed, or forward to a date that you cannot wait for.

Money Glitch

You will need more than one person to do this glitch. If you or your friend that doesn't like their clothes and needs money, Than listen carefully. You buy your friends clothes to give them money. Then, you exit the game, WARNING! DO NOT SAVE! Don't save and turn off the Ds. When you go back on the game, your will have your money back and your friend have the money too! NOTE, once you've done this, you will never see the clothes again!

Save Coins on Hi-Lo

When you lose in Hi-Lo (get more than 4 off), if you quit the game, by going to the shop, starting a new minigame, or saving and quitting, before Snakey takes away your coins, you won't lose the coins you would have lost.

Easy Money

Watch the credits until they end, then wait until they finish again to get 50 Coins.

How 2 never lose at Hi-Low

Enter into Hi-low and resume your game as normal. Remember that 7 or 8 are picked most often. If you do lose though quit the game quickly before the guy takes ur coins.

Shantae background

Touch the Ping Pals logo exactly at midnight (00:00:00) when the chime sounds to unlock Shantae's background in the Backgrounds section of the Items Shop.

Ultra Rare money words

Type one of the following words in a chat room.

































CE - Chess Editor
Stone Cutter
Tory's Shop 'N Rush
Sims3 - OSSA - Outfit 002
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3


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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005
s - Earn 1500000$ Fantasy Specials - Earn 15000000$ Paradise Cover - Earn 2000000$ EA Sports Favorites - Earn 5000000$ Extra courses Legend Compliation #3 - Deafeat Ballesteros in legend tour. Legend Compilation #1 - Deafeat Hogan in legend tour. Legend Compliation #5 - Deafeat Nicklaus in legend tour. Legend Cmopliation #4 - Deafeat Palmer in legend tour. Legend Compliation #2 - Deafeat Player in legend tour. The Hustler's Dream 18 - Deafeat The Hustler in legend tour. Tiger's Dream 18 - Deafeat Woods in legend tour. End Tournament Early When you are on the first round of a particularly tricky tournament, you can save your game on the 18th hole and you will be sent to the end game screen along with the prize money! Afterwards, you can go back to Legend Tour and select to resume your game and you will be on the 18th hole of the next event. Complete it and get the prize money for that event as well.

Pokemon Dash
: Win the Hard GP. Special Cup: Win the GP. Time Attack mode: Win the first GP mode cup. Control ending sequence: Slide the touch screen to change the speed of the ending credits. Control victory screen: After winning a cup, use the touch screen to drag Pikachu.

Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends
ightbulb with your stylus then drag it to the dogs mouth. And they will EAT THE LIGHTBULB like a treat!Note: This was found in the Japanese version. I am not sure about the North American version. Unlock Jack Russel Terrier While on a walk, your dog may come across an Item called the Jack Russel Book. If you visit the kennel, you can now buy the single Jack Russel Terrier Unlock Welsh Corgi Collect 2000 Owner Points Unlock Pug Collect 4000 Owner Points Unlock Shetland Sheepdog Collect 8000 Owner Points Unlock Schnauzer Collect 10000 Owner Points Unlock Pinscher Collect 14000 Owner Points Unlock German Shepherd Collect 17000 Owner Points Unlock Japanese Style House (from Shiba Pack) 20000 Owner Points Unlock Toy Poodle 25000 Owner Points Walk without waiting 30 minutes! To do this trick, make sure you have an Asscessory on you. Select which dog you want to walk with. While planning the route for the dog, go through as many[?] blocks as possible. Once you have done that, make your way to the park, then back to your house. When your dog starts the walk, when it gets to the park change the accessory it's wearing into something else. After the game finishes saving, turn off your Nintendo DS. When you reboot you will notice that you have obtained all the items you did in the walk, and you can walk again with the same dog without the wait. Do this for present abuse! Dog or present? When walking your dog, if he/she comes upon a ? mark, he/she will bark once, or twice. Most of the time, one bark means a present, two barks means another dog. Easy way to find hidden presents When going on a walk, watch the top screen. When the dog icon stops moving, there is a hidden present coming up shortly. Be cautious, however, as this is also true when garbage is coming up, or your pup simply stops by itself. Get unlockable breeds easier. Do Bark Mode with a dog in a breed that you don't have.Example: Do Bark Mode with a Shih Tzu and after you do Bark Mode with that dog, you will be able to buy the Shih Tzu breed at the kennel.NOTE: This only works the first time with each different version of the game. So you can do this trick one time with Labrador & Friends, Dachshund & Friends, and any other version of Nintendogs.

Tennis no Ouji-sama 2005: Crystal Drive
Kantou Singles with Shishido Sakurai - Clear Area Doubles with Momoshiro and Kamio Tachibana - Clear Kantou Singles with Ibu Sengoku - Clear Junior Selection Akutsu - Clear Area Singles with Muromachi Dan - Clear Top Of Lefty with Ryoma Minami - Clear I-1 Higashikata - Clear Kantou Doubles with Sengoku and Akutsu Akazawa - Clear Area singles with Mizuki Shinya - Clear Iron Plate 2 (Doubles) Kisarazu Atsushi - Clear Area Doubles with Fuji Brothers Mizuki - Clear Open Cup Singles with Ryoma Kaneda - Clear Area MIX Atobe - Clear Iron Plate 3 Kabaji - Clear R-1 Tezuka Nationals Singles no miss - clear using Ryoma (you cannot lose a single point)