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To walk on air, jump and press C rapidly.


You probably know that the red poles can throw you long distances, but did you know they can heal you? Use the airwalk technique to position yourself over one of the poles, then drop straight down onto it. Each time you do this you will gain a half of your heart back and one of the segments on the pole will turn white.

Skip Second Boss

Here's how to bypass the second round boss. As you approach the last fall before the second boss, float to the ledge on your left, then jump from ledge to ledge until you see the sign that says you've cleared the round. Be careful, though; you must get the special item before you leave the level. If you fail to do this, you will have to go back to the level and find the item, plus you will run into the second round boss!

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l be reduced to zero if you do this. Level Select This trick is a bit complicated, but it does work. Begin a game. Press A to reduce the map. Move the cursor to the upper left-hand side corner of the screen. Move the cursor one space right and one space down. Hold B until a scenario number appears. Press Up and Down to pick a stage. You will begin the stage using the commanders you had when you entered the code. Magic Items Here's a list of magic items and some of their effects. Item Effect Great Sword = +2 attack Shield = +4 defense Wand = +2 attack Cross = +2 defense Amulet = +2 defense, increased influence area Warsong Big = + for attack and defense Dragon Slayer Bigger = + for attack Evil Axe Enormous = + for attack, big - for defense Orb Magic = takes half as much energy Secret Character Class I'm not sure how secret this is, but it's not mentioned in the manual. When a female Magic Knight reaches level 10, it can turn into a Ranger. The only problem is that a Ranger can't have soldiers of any sort. However, this isn't really a problem as she's EXTREMELY powerful. Sound Test To access the sound test, follow the Level Select instructions but enter the code on the normal map (don't reduce it.)