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Dragon Quest Monsters: Terrys Wonderland

Sky Dragon

Stand under the Sk yDragon above the farm before clearing C class.

Start from the left corner. When you move upwards, the Sky Dragon will move. Next, move down and move to the last rope on the right. Go up and the Sky Dragon will move again. Move down again and move to the rope starting from the left, the second rope and go up. You will reach him.


Breed a Yeti (pedigree) with a Puptripup.

Recommended skills

HellBlast: level 34

BigBang: level 36

Surge: level 23

GigaSlash: level 33

BazooCall: level 35

HealUsAll: level 28

MegaMagic: level 38

MultiCut: level 28

UltraDown: level 21


Breed am Akubar with a Rainhawk. It does not matter which one is the pedigree.

Finding Darkhorn

To find Darkhorn in the Labyrinth Gate, move up, up, up, left, down, down, left.


Breed a Durran with a DarkHorn.

Find the Princess of Moonbrook

Find the Lar Mirror on the ground near the wind tower. You have to press A on the ground. Go to the town of Hamlin. There will be a dog somewhere in the town. Use the Lar Mirror next to it and it will turn back into the Princess.

Different paths

Every time you enter a gate, you will be at a different path. Sometimes in the Beginner's Gate, you will have a path more than once.


Breed Baramos (pedigree) with DarkHorn.

DeathMore 2

Breed DeathMore (pedigree) with Armorpion.


Breed Greatdrak with MedusaEye.


Breed a Fangslime with any beast.

To get a Unicorn without using Fangslime, breed Gulpbeast (pedigree) with Drakslime.


Note: This game is also titled Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland.

Breed Hargon (pedigree) with Orochi.

King Leo

Breed Roboster with Gulpbeast.

Breed a Balzak (pedigree) with a Trumpeter. Note: This monster is very strong. It can learn Firebolt Quad-Hits and more.


Breed a Spotking (pedigree) with Centasaur.


Breed Iceman with Lavaman.


Breed a Sky Dragon (pedigree) and a Mad Knight.


Breed Esterk (pedigree) with Goldslime.


Breed a Fangslime (pedigree) with Eyeclown.


Breed a Deathmore transformed that knows Ultradown (as the pedigree) with a Mudou that knows Poisonair. That should create a Deathmore final form. Have it learn Demagic Bigbang and Focus. Then, mate it with a Watabou that knows Imitate and Chance. This will create Darkdrium that can learn Thordain.

Mirrudras 2

First, get two Metal Kings. You could breed two Mettables, but an easier way is to breed a King Slime and a Metal Drak. After that, breed the two Metal Kings to get Gold Slime. Get a Lava and Ice Man and breed them to get a Gold Golem. Breed the Gold Golem with a Centaur to get Durran. Get Sky Dragon and Orochi and Breed them to get Divinegon. Breed Durran and Divinegon and to get Pizzaro. Get a King Leo and breed it with Pizzaro to get Esterk. Breed Esterk with Gold Slime to get Mirrudras. Get a Spikerous and breed it with Mirrudras to get Mirrudras2.

Ultimate monster

Breed a monster with Thordian and another monster with Lightning. You can choose Whiteking and Tortagon. The out coming monster will have these two skills. Train it until it learns Hell Blast at level 34. After that, breed the monster with a Great Drak which knows White Fire and White Air. The out coming monster will have Hell Blast, White Fire, White Air, Thordian, Lightning and other skills it inherited. For the last few steps, you will need to find someone with Explodet and breed them. The out coming monster should learn Big Bang at level 36. You can now breed the monster until it change to the monster you like. After so many breedings, your monster should be overpowered. Train your monsters by defeating Metable. Make sure all monsters you breed are at full level to breed or or else they will not be strong. HealUsAll is also a good technique.


Get the slime monster from Pulio at the start. Name it slib and get a Dracky. Name it Rane and breed them. Make sure Rane (Dracky) is the Pedigree.


Breed a Kingslime with a Metaldrak or Metable with a Metable.


Breed DracoLord (pedigree) with Sidoh.


Get a Pteranod and then get a Copycat from the Boss. Breed them with Pteranod being the pedigree.

DeathMore 3rd

Breed DeathMore 2 (pedigree) with Mudou.


Breed Durran (pedigree) with Divinegon.


WonderEggs can only be bred across the Game Link Cable by breeding a Slime and a BigRoost.

Special monsters with special skills

Divinegon: HellBlast

RainHawk: MegaMagic

Slime (Slio)

Talk to him in the farm after clearing S class.

Hotblood personality

Win the Starry Night, and the book shop will be opened at the square. Buy a BeNice, Quest and a Smart book. Give it to a monster and it will be Hotblood. If not, try giving it another smart book.


Breed Servant (pedigree) with Greatdrak.


Breed Gold Golem with Centasaur (either can be pedigree).


Breed BattleWrex (pedigree) with Goopi.

Game: Dragon Quest Monsters: Terrys Wonderland. Platform: GameBoy Color. Type: Cheat / Cheat Code / Hints / Tips. Cheat ID: 6629. This cheat was added on Oct 1, 2002


Breed a Skelator with a Zapbird.

Breed a Deadnoble (pedigree) with a Whipbird.

Breed a Skeletor and a Blizzardy.

Pedigree with Parent 2

Skullgon with Spotking

Deadnoble with Kingslime

Boneslave with Great Drak

Skeletor with Whip bird, Zapbird, Metalking, or KingLeo

Clone monsters

If you have a rare monster, such as a Watabou, get a friend to trade with you. Make your rare monster (for example, Watabou) the pedigree, then make the second monster the same type as the Pedigree (for example, a Grass Monster). When they breed you will both get the rare monster, +1 and you will be able to choose what sex you want it to be.

Super monster

Note: This trick requires a link cable and a second game. Have a friend catch a level 1 monster with 0 exp. Use a link cable and have a battle. Submit the prize as the level 1 monster. Intentionally win the battle so your friend's monster will transfer to you. When the screen where his/her monster walks over to you appears, the game will misinterpret it for an egg with no experience at level 1. Hatch the egg to get a level 40 monster that can do 800 damage in a single strike. The monsters also transform into a monster from the slime family such as Wingslime and Treeslime. Do not breed it or give it seeds/nuts to raise its stats, or they will go down.

Always hit with Evilslash

If you have a monster with Bigtrip and a monster with Evilslash, you can make a powerful combo. Use Bigtrip followed by Evilslash for a good hit. Note: FunkyBird can dodge Bigtrip.


Breed Mirudraas (pedigree) with Zoma.


Breed Servant (pedigree) with Andreal.


Breed Pizzaro (pedigree) with KingLeo.


Breed a GoldGolem with a Kingslime or Metalking.


Breed Whiteking (pedigree) with Metalking.

Misty Wing

Breed a Dracky (pedigree) and a Golem.


To get Warabou, you must have a Darkdrium that is +100 and breed it with a Watabou that is +40 (all Leaf monsters must be in its family tree)/ Watabou must be named Wata and Darkdrium must be named Dark. Once they are bred, Warabou will appear out of the egg. He learns Hell Blast, Big Bang, and Mega Magic (plus all the moves that past monsters have learned). He gets max stats at level 20, but takes over 20,000 points a level to reach the next.

Catch monsters easily

The following trick is especially useful for getting monsters from the Foreign Masters that walk around in the Mystic World. Note: You must have a monster with Ironize. Buy Sirloins, Bookmarks, and a Shinyharp (not needed for Foreign Masters). Find a Foreign Master or a level with the monster(s) you want to catch. Use the Bookmark. Talk to the Foreign Master or play the Shinyharp until the desired monster appears. If you do not find the monster you want from a Foreign Master, reset the game and try again. Kill the monsters you do not want, then cast Ironize. Feed the monster Sirloins until you run out, then kill it. If done correctly, it should join you.

Steal monsters

Get into a match with another master in the Mystic World. You can steal that persons' monsters by giving them treats just as in a normal fight with wild monsters. There is no penalty for this. This does not work in the arena since that you cannot use items there.


To get Battlerex without fighting him, breed a Crestpent (Pedigree) with a Madknight.


Breed Dracolord (pedigree) with Wattabou.


Breed Jamirus (pedigree) with Rosevine.


Win Goopi's game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Then, go up the stairs and talk to the princess in the front of the room. She will ask to see a Wing Slime. Get a Snaily and then a Bull Bird. Put the Snaily as the Pedigree then breed them. After you get Wing Slime, go to her and then she will give you a Sirloin.


Talk to May in the restaurant after clearing A class.

Breed a Golem (pedigree) with a Digster.

Best monster of any family

To get the best monster of each family, breed a monster from a family you want the best monster to be in with a DracoLord.

Plant Family and DracoLord for RoseVine

Slime Family and DracoLord for KingSlime

Bird Family and DracoLord for ZapBird

Dragon Family and DracoLord =? GreatDrak

Material Family and DracoLord for Balzak

Demon Family and DracoLord for ArcDemon

Zombie Family and DracoLord =? Servant

Bug Family and DracoLord for Digster

Beast Family and DracoLord for DarkHorn

Easy experience

Defeat the Starry Shrine once the six new dungeons are opened Go to the Slime dungeon. Go to the floors past the 20th level to find Metables Defeat them to get 22,000 each.


Once you have completed the game and re-entered Greattree, you can go to the Travelers gates that were not accessible earlier in the cave. While competing in the coliseum, after each battle except the first, you will be offered a prize and the chance to continue.

Battling Sky Dragon

When battling Sky Dragon in the Gate Of Wisdom, tiptoe so you do not scare him.

Get Servant to join you

Give him a Sirloin, then give him a Rib and he should join you.

Warp hole pattern

Look very closely at the warp holes to see a swastika shape.


Breed a Unicorn with any Dragon.


Breed Phoenix with Blizzardy.

Breed a Blizzardy (male) with Phoenix (female). If you breed and it does not form a "?????", try using Phoenix and Blizzardy.

Breeding opportunities

Catfly, the fighter in the resturante, after E class/before clearing the gate of anger.

Iceman, Teto, after E class/before clearing the gate of anger.

Lizardman, Mick, after E class/before D class.

Deadnite, Mick, after D class/before clearing the gate of anger.

Eyder, Teto, after C class/before A class.

Rayburn, May, after clearing the gate of anger/before the A class.

Fangslime, MedalMan, after clearing the gate of anger/before the S class.

Yeti, Teto, after A class/before clearing the gate of reflection.

Metaly, MedalMan, after S class/before clearing the starry night tournament.?

Skeletor, Milayou, after clearing the starry night tournament.

Combining spells

BigBang: Explodet, WhiteFire, WhiteAir

BoltSlash: ChargeUp, Lightning

DeMagic: Surge, UltraDown

EerieLite: Curse, Radiant

Farewell: Sacrifice, Revive

FireSlash: Blazemore, ChargeUP

Focus: ChargeUP, SuckAir, Meditate

GigaSlash: FireSlash, BoltSlash, VacuSlash, IceSlash

Hellblast: Thordain, Lightning

Hustle: HealAll, SideStep

IceSlash: ChargeUP, SnowStorm

Imitate: Transform, Focus

Kamikaze: ChargeUP, Ramming

LifeDance: Hustle, Sacrifice

LifeSong: Revive, WarCry

Meditate: Guardian, StrongD

MegaMagic: Blazemost, Blizzard, Explodet, Firebolt, Infermost

MultiCut: ZombieCut, Vacuum

PalsyAir: SleepAir, PoisonAir

Paralyze: PoisonHit, NapAttack

RainSlash: BiAttack, SquallHit

Surge: Antidote, NumbOff, DeChaos, CurseOff

UltraDown: Surround, Defence, SlowAll

VacuSlash: ChargeUP, WindBeast


Once you win the tournament and open up the extra gates, each one will contain specific monster families except material and ???? family. Ambition gate has most of the bug family, Demolition gate has most of the plant family, Mastermind gate has most of the bird family, Control gate has slimes, Extinction gate has devils, and Sleep gate has zombies.

Extra money

When you get items such as Fire, Mist, Snow, etc. Staffs, sell them in shops out in Gates. You will get up to ten times the amount of money compared to the normal shops. For example, a Snow Staff will sell for 4,000G instead of 400G.

DracoLord (transformed)

Breed Dracolord with Divinegon.


Breed Hornbeetle (pedigree) with Deadnoble as the breeder. This monster can do up to 900 damage on a critical hit.

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