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Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban


Tour of the Paintings

Insert disc two then access [The Great Hall] and select [Sir Cadagon's Ques. While the introdution plays, press the [Lef arrow on your DVD remote. This will launch a bit called "A Tour of the Paintings".

jsi TicTacToe
Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed
cortez treasure


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Dumb and Dumberer
and highlight [Scottish], then press [Righ to highlight an egg and press [Enter]. From [All Access Pass], highlight [Lost & Found Departmen and press [Righ to highlight an egg and press [Enter]. From [All Access Pass], go to [Trailers]. Go [Down] to highlight [All Access Pass] and press [Righ to highlight the big egg and press [Enter].

Family Man, The
e Title Sequence From the [Main Menu], highlight [Play]. Press [Down] on your remote control to turn on the Christmas lights and press [Enter] on your remote control.

American Splendor
ications. Highlight Special Features on that page and press Up. the "A | S" on the coffee mug will be highlighted and if you click it you'll get a 1-minute clip about Robert Crumb. Clip 2: In Special Features, either highlight Play Movie and press Right, or highlight Main Menu and press Left. This will highlight the speaker and if you click on that you'll get a 1-minute clip about the Genuine Nerd Toby Radloff.