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Backyard Baseball
: When your player's picture appears, you can tell what kind of day he or she will have. If their background is orange, they will have a great day, green for an okay day, and blue for a bad day. Powered up players When playing as a team that is a real MLB club, choose a real player that is also actually on that team in real life. His stats will be boosted. Recommended team Choose this team for a season to win every game easily, including the World Series: Derek Jeter: SS Jimmy Rollins: 3B Pablo Sanchez: 2B Jason Giambi: 1B Mike Piazza: C Randy Johnson: P Barry Bonds: OF Ichiro: OF Sammy Sosa: OF

Wario Land 4
he console and then back on again and you will be able to re-use your 5000 coins to try again. Ruby Boss - Cuckoo Condor - Easier Win Use a Big Fist from the Item Shop to reduce him to 2 Health Points. Topaz Boss - Aerodent - Easier Win Use Large Lips from the Item Shop to reduce his Health Points. Extra Hard Mode Finish the game on the hard difficulty setting. Start a new game, and the super hard difficulty setting can now been selected. Wario Karaoke Enter the sound room and highlight the "Exit" option. Press Select + Start + R + [L] + Up to unlock Wario Karaoke. Alternately, get gold crowns by collecting over 10,000 coins in all levels to unlock the Wario Karaoke (music test) option. Wario Karaoke control Press Up or Down to change the pitch of the song. Press Left or Right to change the tempo of the song. Press L or R to toggle between a green CD, yellow CD, or just the lyrics. Change enemy's color In every level there are ninja-looking enemies with spears. Pound the ground and they will change colors (red, yellow and blue). You can also do this to harmless enemies. Slower music Crouch down on the ground to make the music slower. Faster music Press [Down] on a hill and the music will go faster. Cheerleader On the first mini game, when you have scored 9 points you will get a cheerleader going across the screen. When you score 21 points, you get three cheerleaders, two holding one on their shoulders. Hall Of Hieroglyphs: Easy money To get more money to spend on mini-games, play the Hall Of Hieroglyphs level and collect every coin, defeat every enemy, and get every diamond. Palm Tree Paradise: Purple tube diamond To claim the diamond in the purple tube, knock out the scientist then pick him up. Throw him on to the switch to activate the steps by holding [Up] + [B]. When he flashes, release the buttons. Then, climb the steps and grab the diamond. Pinball Zone: Easy coins Note: this secret only works in pinball zone. Go to the gorilla with the bone on the left side. Turn your back to him and press [B]x2, which allows you to ram. You will find 10 cent coins in the first two blocks. Wildflower Fields: Hidden Sunflower Go to Wildflower Fields. When you get to the part with the chlorophyll, enter the door at the top of the stem. You will see the head of the Sunflower. Take a worm and throw it into the middle of the head. It will shrink and some coins will appear. Do this three more times and you should have gained about 2000 coins. Hidden passage On level 2 in the diamond world, go to the top of the screen on the very left of the level. There is a hidden passage that leads to the key.

Sigma Star Saga
the eyes on the bottom of the screen she dies, and is out of the last cut scene. Submitted by: Codec Scarlets Endings Whether Scarlet appears in the ending or not depends if you pick up the Virus while on earth the second time or not. You can find it in the room above the one where Zart and Tierney were working. You cannot return here after you have left, so decide what ending you want here.Only available in New Game + Submitted by: Codec Final Boss trick The final battle with the overlord can be very difficult. However, there is one trick to beating him. Equip a gun type that can shot at a down-left angle. Then simply fly right in front of his forehead, the only place none of his attacks can reach.