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Justice League: Injustice For All


Damage immunity:

Pause game play, then highlight the "Resume" option and press Select, Start.

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Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland
ock the "Meta-Knight" option at the mini-game menu. Ball ability: The Ball ability may seem useless at first glance, as it is only a form of moving around a level. However, while Kirby is flashing as a ball, he is invincible and does a ludicrous amount of damage to enemies in his path. This makes it possible to destroy King Dedede in five hits. However, you will be vulnerable momentarily when you hit the ground. Jump into Bosses at such an angle that you will not land "inside" them. Which Powers You Can Use Underwater Sword: Slash at your foes underwater Hammer: Break blocks and send a giant hammer upon your foes Parasol: "Pop" your foes when they hit the top of this umbrella submitted by: Barf6 Random ability If you successfully inhale two enemies that give you an ability at the same time, you will be given a chance to select any ability. However, it is too fast to select from and automatically stops then gives you a random ability (if you do not press anything). Defeating Tornado Magician When facing the Tornado Magician, stay in the bottom left corner. You will only get about 2 damage from him if you are skilled. You can deliver a lot of damage when you are barely even moving. Get 100% quicker On every level (not room), there will be at least one switch to unlock a new part of the area. You will know if you did not get a switch in that room if the door is red with a yellow star. Most of the levels guard their switches with things that can only be destroyed with the "Hammer" ability. You can only see The boss with the brown bullets once; there are other ways to get Hammer. Very few levels have Bonkers the Monkey (the Boss that is a monkey with a hammer), and he can give you the needed ability. First, complete every level and do not pay attention to the switch at that level if one exists. When you defeat the Nightmare Wizard, there will be a story about how King Dedede did not want to harm anybody. Then, go back to level 7-2. There will be a black rectangle with white lines in the middle at the top. You will go straight to Bonkers, but he will be stronger. Defeat Bonkers and suck him up. Go back to the levels you did not get switches on. Note: You may have to go to Bonkers more than once. Seeing in dark areas When in the dark areas (where enemies are nearly, if not completely impossible to see), look for ghosts. If you find one, copy its ability (Light) and use it. If you cannot find a ghost, tilt the screen away from you for a similar effect. Defeat The Wheel Go to the level that has bombs that fall from the top. Suck up a bomb up and get Crash. Go to the door, and battle The Wheel .Before the life meter gets full, use your power. He should have one hit remaining. Use Mike or Crash on Bosses to lower their life. Underwater weapons You can use the sword and hammer underwater. The UFO underwater is much slower, but is useful. The sword and hammer just use the spin when swimming. Easy lives If you need a lot of lives for a Boss battle go to "previous" doors and look for sub-games in other levels. The ranks are as follows. If you do well, you should get about 18 or 19 lives. First place: 3 lives Second place: 2 lives Third place: 1 life Fourth place: Nothing Museum trick If you you have unlocked all the stages in a level, try to defeat the Boss. Go to the museum and swallow any enemy if you do not have an ability yet. Remember to only jump once; jumping twice will cause Kirby to pop the enemy, then you will have to leave and return again. Go to the Boss level, and when you enter, press [Selec to throw away the ability. However, try to make it hit The boss. They will get some damage, making it easier to defeat them. Defeating the Bomb Brothers Use the following trick to defeat the Bomb Brothers at the same time. Stay in the middle with Spark, Frezze, and Neddle and hold [B]. Note: If they move on different times, this will not work. See Meta-Knight's face Defeat Meta-Knight, then quickly hit him. You should see his face. It should look like Kirby's face, only blue. Level 1: UFO Get to the point where there is a waterfall with rocks. You may notice that there is a black hole under the first rock. It is really a door. Go under the first rock, but do not fall down too far or you will die. Inside will be a UFO. Level 1-1: Get Throw Enter the first level. Jump over the first beam that you see. There will be another beam coming toward you. When it is almost to you, suck it up along with the one coming after it. You need to suck them both up in the same breath. Press [Down] to get your power. Do not press any buttons to select a power while it is spinning. When it stops spinning, you should have "Throw". Note: If you accidentally kill the first beam, go to the right until you can no longer see where beam one was standing. Then, return to where you started and the first beam should return. Level 6-3 Fight through the first part. Fight Bonkers, open the gray block, and go to Sir Kirbill. Break the bomb block immediately underneath. It should be a crack. Go in it. Defeat the sword man, but first lose your hammer. Quickly suck up the laser ball, then go to the top left corner where its the darkest and exit. Defeat the flame kid and shoot a laser to the slant to the top right corner. Quickly get into the cannon and blast off. The switch is there. Level 7-2: Extra lives In level 7-2 (Rainbow Resort stage 2) in the first room, fly onto the ledge exactly over the door. Fly straight up to the top of the screen and you should see a black rectangle covered in vertical lines. Fly in front of it and press [Up] as if it was a door (and it is). Once inside, you should have skipped a some Bosses and be at Bonkers the monkey. After defeating the Fire Lion, you will enter a room with five extra lives. Level 7-5: Extra lives In the last area there is a cannon. Suck up a Blowfire and get the Burning Ability. After that, stand near the stairs in front of the fuse. Jump and activate burning, causing you to light the fuse. When you hit something, wait for him to rebound. When he gets higher from the rebound, press [A] again. Then, jump in the cannon quickly to get five lives. Level 7-6: Hidden room Go to the room with the final door that ends the level. Do not go through it. Just a little higher than the door you will see a moon. Go up to it and press [Up] to enter the hidden room.

CT Special Forces 2
e - 0801 Find Secret Agent - 0821

Yu-Gi-Oh! Destiny Board Traveler
will go first, but sometimes the computer players will move more than 3 spaces, ending their turn (since they don't have a creature to sacrifice) Then your chance goes up to 33.3% of being next. submitted by: Colin Characters Enter these codes at the title screen: Yami Yugi: R, LEFT, B, RIGHT, Up and R, RIGHT, DOWN, A Kaibaman: DOWN, B, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, R, Up and R, A Yami Bakura: L, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT and B, R, DOWN, DOWN, A Grandpa: L, RIGHT and B, RIGHT, B, R, LEFT, DOWN, A