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Mortal Kombat


Fight as Goro:

Successfully complete the game. When "The End" message appears, quickly hold Up/Left + Select + A until the title screen appears. Press Start to began a new game.

Fight against Reptile:

Play the game until reaching the Pit. Achieve a double Flawless victory without blocks and perform a fatality to end the match.

Alternate introduction sequence:

Hold L + R before the Acclaim logo appears. Continue holding the buttons until it disappears..

Move players off the screen:

Start a two player tournament battle with any of the fighters. Fight until one of the characters is one throw away from defeat. Allow the time run down until one second is remaining. Finish off the fighter with a throw (stand next to the opponent and press B). In the next round, either character may be moved off the edge of the screen.

Johnny Cage: Fatality:

Stand next to your opponent and press Forward, Forward, Forward, Y. Johnny will kick through the opponent.

Kano: Fatality:

Stand next to your opponent and press Back, Down, Forward, B. Kano will rip out his opponent's heart.

Liu Kang:

Stand anywhere and hold Block, then rotate the D-pad in a full circle towards your opponent. Liu will do an uppercut.

Raiden: Fatality:

Stand next to your opponent and press Forward, Forward, Back, Back, Back, Y. Raiden will electrocute the opponent.

Scorpion: Fatality:

Stand about three characters spaces away and hold Block, then press Up, Up. He will then burn his opponent.

Scorpion: Easy victory:

Select Scorpion and keep repeating his "Harpoon" move.

Sub-Zero: Fatality:

Stand four character spaces apart and press Forward, Down, Forward, Y. Sub-Zero will freeze the opponent and break him to pieces.

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Super Castlevania 4
move all the way to the left to find some power-ups. Collect 99 hearts, a triple boomerang, and the best whip, then carefully return to the stairs to enter the next level. Bonus rooms: Levels 3-1, 6-2, and 9-2 have bonus rooms that contain a large amount of power-ups. passwords: Go to continue, leave the name blank, then press Start. The password layout is a grid consisting of four columns and four rows. Refer to the columns and rows as numbered 1, 2, 3,and 4. 1,1 is the top-left corner; 1,4 is the top-right corner; 4,1 is the bottom-left corner; etc. Above the grid are three pictures: a potion, a heart, and an ax. Refer to P for Potion, H for Heart, and A for Axe. Main Hall (first level of the castle) 2,1 P 2,2 P 3,2 P 4,1 P 4,2 A 3,4 A Dungeon (third level of castle) 2,1 P 2,2 P 3,2 P 4,1 P 4,2P 3,4 P Clock Tower (fifth level of castle) 2,1 P 2,2 H 3,2 H 4,1 A 4,2 P 3,4 H 1,4 H Bridge (sixth level of castle) 2,1 P 4,1 H 4,2 H 3,4 H 1,4 A Dracula (last level) 2,1 P 2,2 P 3,2 P 4,2 H 4,3 A 1,4 P

the Club and ask the bartender for some Iced Tea, but do not drink it. Go to the angry patron and give him the tea. Talk to him and he will mention "Grinder". Ask him about Grinder to learn "Lone Star". Go to the fencer, who sells grenades, and ask about "Lone Star". You can now get the badge for 150.

rect code entry. A level selection screen will appear. Ten continues: Press B, A, Y, A, X, A at the option screen. The screen will shake to confirm correct code entry.

Stunt Race FX
: Press Up, Left, Down, Right, X, Y, B, A at the "Push Start" screen. Radio control: Complete all four Stunt Trax courses, then press Up at the course selection screen. Control intermission sequence: Pause the game. Control the animated car by pressing L and R (brake), Y (accelerate), and Select (reverse). StarFox power-up: Race on the Night Cruise course. Hit the wall under the StarFox sign. Go to the left or right side of the median on turn four without hitting it. StarFox will fly overhead and drop a power-up. White Land track warp: Select the "Free Trax" option, the 2WD car, and the White Land track. Press Jump near the Stunt Race FX sign near the beginning of the race to go to the upper part of the track. CPU control: Select the "Battle Trax" option and choose cars for both players. Start the race and do not use either controller. The CPU will take over each car after three seconds.