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Starsky & Hutch


Cheats File

First Make a Text File in the game directory named : LOCAL.INI Then after you done that you can type the cheats in the Text File one cheat each line:

Unlock TV Specials


Shows HUD


More speed


Maximum visual range


Disables some civilian traffic


Car becomes a monster truck


Disables all sound


Disable gun icon


Disables skid marks


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Master of the Skies: The Red Ace
e character.ini and start the game. Now you will have an extra cheat menu in the goodies menu, to activate the cheats.

Big Mutha Truckers 2
GE - Open All Bridges PJ - Pay Off Next Juror BIKERS - More Bikers COPS - More Police NOCOPS - No Police

Windows Solitaire
ame was not completed, double click on the circle which previously held the cards. All cards will return to their original position at the cost of 100 points. Extra move and points: Use the following trick to get an extra move. For example, if you have the Ace of Spades (black) in the ace piles and the Two of Spades (black) up on the draw deck. You have a Three of Hearts (red) on a pile. If you move the Two to the Ace, you will get 10 points. If you move the Two on top of the Three you will get 5 points. If you move the Two to the Three then move it to the Ace, you will get 15 points, which results in an extra 5 points.