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RBI Baseball 2


Play against Team Tengen:

Enter one of the following passwords to use the corresponding Team against Team Tengen.

Team Password

Toronto F00MB6AP

Detroit R00MB6AP

Minnesota SI0MB6AP

Cleveland V00MB6AP

Boston J00MB6AP

Seattle SA0MB6AP

California SU0MB6AP

Oakland SE0MB6AP

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chips: Press Select, A, B(2), A, B, A(2), B, Up, Down, Select(2), Start.

Magnum Kiki Ippatsu
-1. You will find the key by shooting at crates in levels 5-1 through 5-7. If you uncover the key, shoot it and your score will be displayed in gold instead of the usual white. Now when you defeat the Boss in level 5-8, you will be able to open the door to the true final boss, El Nino.