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Advanced War Strategy: Strong Style


Increase polygons on Battle Screen

To increase the number of polygons on the battle screen, press Down (2), Up (2), Right, Left, Right, Left, R, L, Z, Y, X at the title screen.

Blade Kitten
The Defender II
Great Secters Da Vinci
Mario Game: Mario's Mansion 3


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Galaxy Fight
pop up after the closing credits roll and tell you to "Highlight VS Mode and press and hold L + R + Y, then press Start. Bonus-kun (the punching bag), Yacopu (the bunny who morphs into your character), Felden and Warou (the old man) become selectable. Unfortunately, there's no way to save this! So if you turn the game off, you'll have to do it all over again next time you play.

Andretti Racing
+ L + A to bring up the cheat menu. Code - Effect wyred - Wire-frame mode phatcars - Very fat cars pressstart - A new opponent