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Easy Money

For easy money, press Shift and type "FUND". You'll receive $10,000 every time you do this.

Nascar Racing 4
The Magician's Handbook II: BlackLore
Karoshi 2.0
Vacation Isle: Beach Party


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It Came From the Desert
ecord the ants' noises. ICE AND THE HELLCATS It's been said that the most effective way to eliminate the problem posed by these pesky critters is to drive at them at full speed right in the middle of the road. This game of chicken will run them off the road, and allow you to pass. DAY 3 HINT Make sure that you're home on the morning of Day 3 (at about 8-9 am). At that time, you'll receive an unannounced visit from a stranger who will give you a useful tidbit of information.

appear confirming that the cheat has worked. If so, not only will you have a vast amount of dosh and be able to see the whole map, but you can also enter the enemy colonys and reports and muck around with them.

Yogi Bears Big Clean Up
owing keys: F1-F5 Warp to corresponding level (1-5) 1-8 Gain object 1-8 TAB Open all exits