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Wallace And Gromit In Project Zoo


Extra level

After you rescue the baby, go to the area where the elephant has knocked down the doors. To the left of the doors leading to the next part of the jungle is a water chute. Jump into that water chute and go into the hole. You will reach a extra level.

All guns

Press Z, A, B, Y, R, X to unlock all guns with unlimited ammunition.

Kill enemies

Most enemies can be destroyed with Gromit's hand to hand combat moves. Use them instead of your weapons. You might need to stockpile ammunition for other tasks.

Octave Security puzzle

When Wallace and Gromit get to the Octave Security in Act 4 part 1 of the Warehouse level, shoot the large padlock on the big gates with the turnip launcher. Afterwards, when Gromit walks up to the large keyboard on the floor of the room, the keys on the keyboard demonstrates the sequence of notes/keys that Gromit should stand on. It is quite fast and a light comes on above the keys, but not necessarily above the key that Gromit needs to stand on. Also, there are three notes, then four, and finally five. When Gromit stands on the first three correct keys, the next sequence will be quickly be demonstrated, and the same happens with the third and final sequence. There are eight keys on the keyboard. The first sequence is 1 2 4. The second sequence is 5 3 6 5. The final sequence is 4 6 7 5 3. Wallace and Gromit can now go through the doorway to the next level.

Submitted by: Zaniel

Beat Feathers McGraw

When Wallace and Gromit leave the Ancient Temple level (Act 1 part 1, after Wallace invents the shoes with the springs), go to the room where you fight Feathers McGraw. To begin the fight, run around the room when Feathers runs into the wall. When this happens, a gadget will be shown on top of Feathers' vehicle. Also, it is impossible to double jump with your shoes with the springs. Instead, jump again, then on the second jump, he will jump higher after he hits the ground. After you get on top of the gadget on the machine, butt bounce on the gadget. Note: You will have a limited amount of time to get on top of the machine before you butt bounce on the gadget. When this happens, you will see bolts appear from him. Keep doing this until you defeat him.

Submitted by: Zaniel


To save Archie and Wallace from the Diamond-O-Matic, do the following things. First, go into the factory. Afterwards, you will get the remote control. Note: The remote control is only usable when you see a picture of a remote control. You will have to ride the diamond carts. Once on the carts, torpedoes will begin shooting you. Use your turnip shooter to destroy the torpedo makers. You will not make it all the way up when the track is high, however an elevator will. Get off the cart and go to the button. The button will help raise the gate of the elevator, but robots will come after you. Kill them if needed on the button. However, since you are on the button, the production of the robots will not stop. Once you are on top from the elevator, you will see Archie on a diamond cart. Enable your porridge shooter and aim it at a spinning gadget. This will raise the burner to keep Archie from burning. Do the same thing with the others to save Archie from that part of the factory. You will then run into an obstacle course. Cross it if needed. Note that the obstacle courses will happen after rescuing Archie in a certain area. You do not have to worry about the obstacle courses in the factory. In some part s where you meet Archie, you will have to shoot, push, or press certain objects to save him from burning or from freezing. Note: In the part where you have to press a button, the combination is odd. The buttons are not in order as they are arranged. The combo is 1, 3, 2. Press the first, third, and second button to keep Archie from freezing. To save Wallace, the tasks are simple. Usually you must save Wallace from certain enemies when you are up close. If your farther away Wallace appears when he is fixing certain gadgets. If an enemy touches Wallace, it will disturb him and he will die, even if you hit him. Once you have completed all the stages in the factory, you will run into Feathers McGraw. Wallace will be held captive by Feathers, and you must defeat him and his machine. In the first part, when he jumps shoot him in the butt. Do this a few times, and this time you will have to shoot him in the eyes for a few times.


When Wallace and Gromit get to the the maze (where the guards are located) in Act 4 part 1, go to the box at the end of the hall in the maze. It will have a paw print. Go into the box. You will notice a guard walking back and forth in his area. There are two guards, and three buttons. When the guards are not looking, press the button. If the guards see you, they will shoot you, even if you are in the box. For this reason, if you block his pathway he will shoot the box that you are in and you will have to start again, and the buttons will be stationary. Also, if they cannot see you, you can run, and not sneak. Note: Once you are pressing the button, at the end of the maze there will be a light blue cube. You will raise the cube if you press the button. Press all three buttons in order to escape from the guards.

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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
tory mode as Cell Android 17 - Defeat Android 17 in story mode as Picollo Android 18 - Defeat Android 18 in story mode as Vegeta Android 19 - Defeat Android 19 in story mode as Vegeta Cell - Defeat Cell in story mode Frieza - Defeat Frieza in story mode Hercule - Beat the adept mode of the World Tournament Nappa - Defeat Nappa in story mode Raditz - Defeat Raditz in story mode Recoome - Defeat Recoome in story mode Teen Gohan - Defeat Cell as Gohan in story mode The Great Saiyaman - Beat the advanced mode of the World Tournament Trunks - Beat Perfect Form Cell Complete Vegeta - Defeat Vegeta in story mode Yamcha - Beat A Cold-Blooded Assasin Zarbon - Defeat Zarbon in story mode as Vegeta Alternate costumes Press [Y] to select a fighter at the character selection screen. Alternate level appearance Press [Y] instead of [A] when selecting the Cell Ring, Valley, and other levels for a different appearance. Unlimited wishes This trick requires two memory cards. Copy your saved game onto another memory card. Use the copy of your saved game to make your wishes, then send your Breakthrough Capsules to the designated fighters on your original file. Then, recopy your original file after deleting the used copy of your file. Repeat as many times as desired until all your fighters have breakthroughs. Note: An error might occur which prohibits you from copying Dragon Ball Z Budokai games if this is done excessively. Alternate fight controls You can actually fight by using the [C-stick]. You can do the normal commands just by pressing the [C-stick] in a certain direction. Punch: Press "C-stick Left " Kick-Press [C-stick] "Up " Block: Press [C-stick] "Down " Energy (Ki): move [C-stick] [Righ Taunts Taunting (press [P] + [K] + [G] + [E] ) will lower your opponent's Ki gauge by 1. Attack boost Add a Senzu Bean with Sayian Heritage. Your attack will be boosted after the Senzu Bean is used. A normal bean takes up 3. Power-up Hold [B], then press [Back], [Back] and hold it down. Easier combos If you are doing a combo that your having trouble with (for example, the Super Kamahamaha ( [K]x2, Right + [K], [K], [E] ), hold the D-Pad and press the rest of the moves and it will put in the arrows. For example, hold Right and press [K]x2, [K]x2, [E]. Increased damage If you equip two of the same ability, you will do a lot more damage. For example, if playing as Vegeta use the following: Final Flash x2, Big Bang Attack x2, Super Sayian, Super Vegeta, 1/3 Senzu Bean. Your attack for Final Flash and Big Bang will be higher. Real voice after transformation A character's voice will remain the same, even after transformations. Do a special attack to hear their real voice, such as Perfect Cell's Spirit Bomb. More authentic dialog at beginning of the fight To have dialog that has to do with story mode or the series Dragon Ball Z, pair these two fighters together: Krillin and Android #18, Frieza and Goku, Vegeta and Goku, Android #16 and Goku, and Trunks and either Androids #17 or Android #18, Piccolo and Teen Gohan. If you pair these fighters as indicated, you will hear different dialog pertaining to the story mode, or the relation between the characters. Certain character pairs may also have different dialog at the end of the fight. Note: Great Saiyaman always says the same thing no matter what, but it always has to do with "Justice" or "Evil". Tennis This trick requires two memory cards. To play a game of tennis, customize two characters with Gero's Auto-Deflect Back capsule. Select them both and go to a duel. Have them both on "Custom". Back up so that you as far away as possible, or for a greater challenge get closer. Have one of the players shoot a blast. Deflect it back to each other repeatedly, and continue as long as possible. CPU counters if you guard most of the time, the CPU will eventually do a Power Punch or Power Kick. Double K.O. When in tournament mode with both you and your opponent have low life and both of you kill yourself, the game will announce a Double K.O. and both of you will lose. Hidden area You can destroy Kami's lookout with Goku's Spirit Bomb or Hercules' Present For You. After you destroy it, you will fight in an area with a lot of dirt and a few mountains. On the island stage, hit your opponent into the rocks once or twice. They will shatter and you will fall into a cave-like stage with waterfalls in the background. Field transformation When playing as Trunks in practice mode, go to the grass land and use his burning attack. You will fight in a hole that Trunks made with his attack and the trees will be burned to a crisp. Alternate background When you start the game and "Press Start" appears, remain idle and a FMV sequence will start. When the title screen appears, the background will be different. There are four different backgrounds. Press "Reset" on the Gamecube at the title screen. When the game restarts, the title screen will be different. Repeat this to cycle through the four different backgrounds. Besides the four backgrounds in the startup menu, and two different start up title songs, there is the normal background that has the actual Dragon Ball Z title screen from the show. There is also one that has to do with each main villain played against in the game.

Strike Force Bowling
Unlock all other cheats Unlock Cosmic Bowling Level Score a 180 or higher in a Tournament Game Unlock Dark Beach Level Bowl 2 or more under par in golf mode Unlock Dark Castle Level Win a tournament Unlock Dark Chinese Bridge Level Get a hole-in-one on Hole One in Golf Mode Unlock Dark Egyptian Level Compete 17 challenges in Challenge Mode Unlock Dark Old West Level Accumulate $100,000 in overall skins earnings Unlock Haunted Pirate Ship Level Get 4 strikes in a row in Open Play or a Tournament Unlock Mars Level Gets 6 skins in a Skins Match on Difficult or Expert Mode Unlock Night Ship alley Throw four consecutive strikes in either Open Play or Tounament mode. Unlock Robot Bowler Pick up a 7-10 split in Practice Mode Unlock Skeleton Bowler Get a hole-in-one on Hole 13 in Golf Mode

Star Wars: Jedi Outcast
code at the cheat screen. Unlimited ammunition: Enter BISCUIT as a code at the cheat screen. Invincibility: Enter BUBBLE as a code at the cheat screen. You cannot get hurt, unless you jump off the edge of a cliff into oblivion. Lasers, bombs, enemy Force moves, and lightsabers cannot hurt you. This works in both multi-player and single All FMV sequences: Enter FLICKY as a code at the cheat screen. Easy kills: If you have Saber Defense to the top in Force powers, it is easier to kill enemies with lightsabers. Defend their blows and sometimes they will get hit and get killed. When you get to the harder levels, you will find out that Dessan (Dark Jedi) had followed you to the Valley of the Jedi and was giving his fighters the power of the Force and created fake Jedi. You will have to fight these people throughout the game. If you do not want to waste your time fighting them, then use Force Speed. You will move incredibly faster than your opponent and can attack them while his lightsaber is going too slow. After you get Force Grip, use it and Saber Throw to kill the "fake" Jedis. This take longer as you progress in the game, but it still works. To kill opponents faster, change your lightsaber mode to red (strong). Defeating Blue Reborn: Trap him in a corner then keep slashing him. This tactic may not always work, but it will make him weaker. Push away projectiles: You can use your Force Push ability to push away almost any enemy projectile (laser blasts, rockets, metallic bolts, etc.). Note: This can be done from a sizable distance. For example, a Stormtrooper could be firing at you clear across the other side of the room and you can still push away the blasts. Force Jump: At the top of your jump, use non-Force jump. Note: This does not always work and may only work in some levels. Defeating Desan: Use Force Speed to move faster, then attack him with as many blows as possible. Hide behind one of the pillars in the four corners of the floor. Desan will throw his lightsaber at you, but it will cut through the rock pillars and will fall on him, killing him instantly. Note: Use the invincibility beam in the center of the room first so his saber does not hit you. Defeating Stormtroopers: Push them using Force Push, then run up to them close enough that you touch them. Then, push them. Note: This will only work if they touch a wall. When you are fighting Stormtroopers or Swamptroopers, use Force Push, then throw your lightsaber at the fallen enemy. This almost always kills them instantly.

Batman: Vengeance
tarangs At the main menu, press L, R, Y, X. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Infinite Handcuffs At the main menu, press X, Y, X, Y, L, R(2), L(2). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Infinite Batlauncher At the main menu, press Y, X, Y, X, L, R, L, R. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Unknown At the main menu, press L, R, B, Y, L. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Get All Weapons & Max Ammo At the Plant Electrocution Level 2 slide down toward the holes in the ground and go in the 2nd hole. Make sure to glide into the hole and glide toward the lighted area. Pick up the items (key). Get the grapple and use it to get out of the hole and finish your slide. The key you got was for the door beside the vines behind the glass. Now go in and fight the plant man and get a envelope that has a 'C' on it. When you finish the game this will activate the cheats. Envelope A Go to the Rooftop Battle level. When the clowns chase Mary, you will go up to the rooftops. Grapple hook up to her roof and beat up the white clown. Go up to the next roof, where you are on a little balcony. Jump across, then go in to see a thug run across a hall with the girl. Follow and he will jump off the roof. Follow, look down, and drop to lowest edge. Walk along to left until at the corner the grapple icon appears Grapple over, go in the door and pick up Envelope A. Envelope B Go to the Bridge level. Knock out the thug at the start of the level. You should see the glowing item on the left when you start. Climb the ladder and jump/glide around the crate onto the other crate. Then, glide onto the platform with the letter. Envelope C Go to the Plant Electrocution 2 level. You will start the Plant Electrocution 2 level by sliding down towards some holes in the ground. The second hole is not fatal. Fall into it and glide (to avoid minor damage). You will see a lit area. Glide down there and pick up the item you find inside. Use the grapnel to exit, jump out of the hole, and finish the slide. The item you picked up should be the key do the door right beside the vines behind the glass. Go inside and fight one of the "Plant Men". You will find an envelope that has a "C" on it in the room. When you finish the game, you can activate this cheat for all weapons and infinite ammunition. Envelope D Go to the SWAT Chase level. You will enter the elevator shaft. Ride the elevator all the way down until it stops. Get off the elevator and wait for it to rise again. After it rises, jump down to the bottom and use first person mode to find the control box. Use a Batarang to disable it and the door behind it will open. Stay clear of the elevator and wait for the correct time to get in the open room. Inside the room is "Secret Key 2." Get out of the room and ride the elevator up to the top. At the top there is a door that is supposed to be locked. The key opens the door, and inside is an envelope with the letter "D" on it. Finish the game and the cheat will be unlocked. Envelope E Go to the Gasworks level. You will reach a room with two levels, each floor with two goons on them. First, take out the goons. Then, look around on the lower floor until you see a sewer pipe with boxes in the sewage. Carefully glide down and land on the first box. Jump over the next few boxes and pick up the envelope with an "E" on it. Finish the game and the cheat will be unlocked.