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Blair Witch Volume 3: Elly Kedward

Cheat mode

Press [F10] during game play, then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code - Effect

iamawimpforthis - 100 Bullets

getintomybelly - All Weapons

bighead - Big Head mode

blank - Black, hot pink, and gray objects

sunofgod - Charge Radiance Emitter

instantcrash - Crash game

mediumrare - Crossbow

itisdarknow - Darker color scheme

dark - Darker graphics

hellfreezeover - Disable enemy AI

gibnplenty - Dismemberment mode

goodtimesman - Dynamite

combatisscary - Easy combat

isuck - Easy difficulty

puzzlesarescary - Easy puzzles

smileynomore - Elephant Gun

burnyourassoff - Flamethrower

flameonastick - Flaming ammunition

givemefaith - Full health

thedogfarted - Gas Mask

irule - Hard difficulty

iworkforgod - Invincibility

nod3d - Invisibility

vampbeware - Lith Bullets

demonbeware -Mercy Bullets

icansee - Night Vision Goggles

recharge -Recharge flashlight battery

bigstickofdeath -Shotgun

wwbeware - Silver Bullets

time - Slow down or speed up time

snowstorm - Snow after some time

t2000 - Terminator 2 skin texture

meetmypaltommy - Tommygun

thunderstorm - Weather is raining

goneawhile - Unknown

raise - Unknown

nukefart - Unknown

oldhat - Unknown

step - Unknown

Wedding Dash 4-Ever
Bleach: Blade Battlers Secret Movie
Nostalgia Baseball
Mario Game: Blooper Nest


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Deer Hunter 4
Enable all codes - dh3super Flight mode - dh3skyhook Gun sighted in - dh3sightin Hunter never tires - dh3homegym Irresistible to animals - dh3beacon Large deer - dh3monster Lightning - dh3zeus More gore - dh3f13 No animals - dh3plague No clipping mode - dh3truck No noise - dh3damper Rainy weather - dh3water Set time to noon - dh3noon Snowy weather - dh3ice Stop slope effect - dh3climber Thunder - dh3thor Travel to nearest animal - dh3find View bullet paths - dh3tracers View deer on map - dh3showme View info on active view models - dh3vmwatch View info on nearest deer - dh3deerwatch Walk on target range - dh3caddyshack Play as a Deer Create and name a hunter. Scroll through the hunters twice. On the second time through you will see two deer that can be selected. Hint When playing online, don't shoot other hunters you'll get a five-minute penalty. You won't be penalized for using the most expensive weapons, so grab those high-caliber rifles and leave the bow and arrow to the kids. The bleating sound of a call attracts buck in spades. Keep your eyes peeled. Turning down the tree density in the Options menu makes it easier to spot deer. Locate high areas to set up the tripod stand. Driving your truck around spooks the deer, so try to stay on foot.

Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force
ange Spawn People Press the ~ button to bring up the console then type npc spawn (add name) to spawn that person in front of you. There are more than I listed: npc spawn janeway - Spawns Janeway npc spawn klingon - Spawns Klingon npc spawn malon - Spawns Malon npc spawn tuvok - Spawns Tuvok Full ammo Type give ammo in the console. Cheats for single player All codes must be entered from the Quake 3 console. Press the tilde key (~) to open the console. God mode - god 999 health and armor - undying No clipping - noclip All weapons - give weapons Level Map name The Rescue borg1 Incursion borg2 Tactical Decision holodeck Condition voy1 Unavoidable Delays voy2 Hazard Duty voy3 Defense voy4 Hazard Ops voy5 Data Retrieval stasis1 Deep Echoes stasis2 Encounters stasis3 Renewal voy6 Union voy7 Departure voy8 The Visit scav1 Dangerous Ground scav2 Conflicting Views scav3 Conflicting Views - Part 2 scav3b Disorder scav4 Infiltration scav5 The Hunter scavboss Fallout voy9 Proving Ground borg3 Information borg4 Covenant borg5 Infestation borg6 R and R voy13 Visual Confirmation voy14 Offense voy15 The Breach dn1 Command dn2 Primary Encounter dn3 The Skirmish dn4 Defensive Measures dn5 Transit train Attunement dn6 Array dn8 Invasion voy16 Decisions voy17 External Stimuli forge1 Matrix forge2 Onslaught forge3 Visual Magnitude forge4 Dissolution forge5 Command Decision forgeboss Epilogue voy20

Lamentation Sword
d weapon Seethesilverlining - Brighter display Showmetheworld - Reveal entire card and opponent positions Thefierceunknownpower - 99 99 Magic Thegreathealthpower - 99 99 Health Thehealthyspiritpower - 99 99 Intelligence Theoriginaldexteritypower - 99 99 Dexterity Therealmusclepower - 99 99 Strength ThesoulHunter'sholyPower - 10 99 Power Youcansaymoneyiseverything - 10000 Extra money