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Wing Commander Academy


Cheat mode:

Start the game with the WCA ESRT -k command line. Then, press [Al + [Delete] during game play to destroy the targeted ship.

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Lands of Lore 3
it, you can let yourself into the sewers. You'll have to fight a few rat men and the occasional thug, but you'll find the Thieves' Guild down there. Tip 3 ----- If you're a mage, buy yourself at least one cold spell before you head into the volcanic caves. It pays off. If you're a thief, a cat's ring is a wise investment!

Kings Quest 8: Mask of Eternity
concollide - disable no clipping mode teleport - Teleport anywhere on map-may crash game god - god mode bump - disable collision detection give ???? 100 - give certain items, for example give mushroom 100 - would give you 100 mushrooms Type one of these or guess your own for the ???? in the 'give ???? 100' above silvercoins - money mushrooms - mushrooms crystals saredwater elixeroflife invunerable strength - strength potions clarity - reveal potion invisible - invisibility potion Other Items: item0= Dagger item1= SmallAx item2= BroadSword item3= Mace item4= LakeSword item5= SkelKingSword item6= BattleAx item7= WarHammer item8= Pike item9= LongSword item10= FlameSword item11= TempleSword item12= SmCrossbow item13= AzrielHammer item14= SmCpndCBow item15= ShortBow item16= LongBow item17= CrossBow item18= CpndCrossbow item19= FlameBow item20= IceCrossbow item21= WeeperEyes item22= DemonRocks item23= SkelBow item24= SlmSlime item25= WitchBolt item26= Lava item27= Fists item28= Icycle ;Armor item29= LeatherGloves item30= LeatherArmor item31= LeatherBoots item32= ChainMailShirt item33= ChainMailGloves item34= ChainMailSuit item35= PlateMail item36= BronzePlate item37= FullArmor item38= Helmet item39= TempleArmor item40= GodArmor ;Health & Magic items item41= Mushroom item42= SacredWater item43= Crystal item44= ElixerOfLife item45= Clarity item46= Invisible item47= Invulnerable item48= Strength ;Inventory item49= RingOfDeadHero item50= Ashes item51= Candle item52= SilverCoins item53= MagicMap item54= RopeAndHook item55= RingOfLight item56= KeyToDeathMaze item57= Mold item58= BrokenShield item59= RustedBrokenShield item60= HearingHorn item61= AntiPoisonFlower item62= GreenMushroomPiece item63= Rock item64= IronLock item65= OakRoot item66= LodeStone item67= CrystalPyramid item68= BlackDiamond item69= AmberGlow item70= BasiliskTongue item71= FireGem item72= PipeCap1 item73= PipeCap2 item74= DragonKey item75= RockKey item76= BlueAdamant item77= JailKey item78= DecipheringAmulet item79= Paddle item80= Feather item81= GoodSkull item82= BadSkull item83= RoundKey item84= SquareKey item85= Ladle item86= hmhand item87= Mask1 item88= Mask2 item89= Mask3 item90= Mask4 item91= Mask5 item92= Piece1 item93= Piece2 item94= Piece3 item95= Piece4 item96= Scroll item97= LadyBell item98= RustedLock item99= KeepKey item100= StoneOrder item101= MetalShaft item102= TruthKey item103= LightKey item104= OrderKey item105= MarbleTablet0 item106= MaskMedalian item107= Grail item108= Mask3B item109= Piece5 item110= UniHorn item111= SpellPage item112= Mask1A item113= Piece1A item114= DarkPyramid item115= ShardFuse item116= MarbleTablet1 item117= MarbleTablet2 item118= MarbleTablet3 item119= GriffRoomKey item120= GriffCageKey item121= ClockShaft item122= HookDown item123= HookUp item124= SpinningMask item125= Orcbow item126= Spear item127= IceShard item128= IceLever ;Lucreto's scepter item129= LucretoFire ;Connor starts with no weapon or armor item130= NoRanged item131= NoArmor item132= BirthdaySuit item133= Logo1 item134= Logo2

Star General
for the money to appear). note: The longer you hold the CTR+Shift+F2 combination the more money you will get. You will not see the money untill you go to planet view.