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Double Dragon Secret Charakter


SECRET CHARACTERS: At the character select screen, put the cursor on BILLY,

wait 3 seconds, move it to MARIAN, wait 3 seconds, move

it to CHUNG FU, wait 3 seconds, move it to JIMMY, wait 3

seconds. Then you have SHUKO and DUKE.  

R.A.M: Saving TPS
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Arc The Lad
ilent (disables enemy's magic use) Refresh (cures status) Ten No Sabaki (hail of explosions) Resurrection (revives dead party members) Divide (steals HPs from enemies) Poco Ikusa No Kodaiko (raises attack levels on party members) Arajishi Daiko (laser attack on enemies) Hero Hero Rappa (huge stone notes drop on enemies) Ieyashi No Tategoto (replenishes party member's HP) Noroma No Bass (decreases enemy's dexterity) Idaten No Okarina (raises party member's dexterity) Tosh Oukarai Bakuzan (three deadly slashes to enemy) Juubakuken (paralyzes enemy) Shinkuuzan (Illusion attack for enemy at two squares away from Tosh) Koenzan (Shadow attack to inflict deadly) Gogen Explosion (massive explosion against enemies) Dream Knock (casts "sleep" on enemies) Diamond Dust (hails of ice thrashes on enemies) Wind Slasher (cyclones thrash against enemies) Heat Wall (creates a fire barrier against enemies; see Hints) Thunder Storm (summons lightning bolts) Teleport (teleports) Iga Shingan Hoo (casts "rock" on enemies"; see Hints) Taimakoodan (releases lasers against enemies) Senbuugekishuu (releases a flaming kick to hit all enemies around him) Ryuusenbaku (summons winds to lift enemies and thrashes them on ground) Kishin Ryuueiha (throws ground lightning bolt) Metsushuu Reppa (energy wave attack) Chongara Keraku (three elves who heal members) Monfree (creates tiles for passage) Fuugin (wind demon; see Hints) Raigin (thunder demon; see Hints) Hemogee (transforms enemies into trolls) Odon (morphs into enemy)

Wild Arms
ave the second person to attack use a Heal Berry. * Have the third person swap any item you have one of with the Heal Berries, then attack as normal. Note: The 255 Item trick is great, as long as you don't win before the above steps are completed. If you do win beforehand, you will not only not recieve 255 of the switched item, you will lose it completely! Fun Things to do in Surf Village -------------------------------- Throw the chicken that starts near Tony's house. If you threw the right one it will turn into a Light Shroom (cures Flash.) Bomb or Punch Tony's dog to get him to chase after you. Use Cecilia's Magic Wand to talk to the horses for funny messages. Almost every tool makes the guard at the entrance of the village talk to you. How to get the Chrono Rune -------------------------- After getting the Courage Guardian, go to the Wind Altar in Baskar village. Zephyr will finally answer you. Have Cecilia use the wand on Chief Baskar's dog and then go to Adlehyde. If you paid money the whole way through the game to the kid in the mayor's house, he'll ask for 100,000 gella. After paying leave and re-enter and talk to the new guy in the pub to get "Dispellado". Now, at the odd rings north of Baskar, use Dispellado on the stones in this order: NW SW SE NE W S E N. The Illusion Temple will open and you can get the Chrono Rune. After doing this, go to the Pub in Milama Village for a funny conversation between Jack and a waitress. Runes ----- This is a complete list of all the runes scattered throughout Filgaia and their attributes. Earth Water ------ ---------- Location: Guardian Shrine Loc: Secret Library Vit: +21 Sor: +20 Dfp: +10 Mrg: +10 Fire Wind -------- -------- Loc: Guardian Shrine Loc: Guardian Shrine Str: +25 Res: +12 Atp: +20 Pry: +1% Thunder Summit ---------- ---------- Loc: Sweet Tooth Loc: Mt. Zenom Res: +24 Vit: +53 Pry: +2% Dfp: +21 Flash Triton --------- ----------- Loc: Wandering Garden Loc: Vortex Str: +25 Pry: +1% Vit: +53 Vit: +21 Sor: +41 Res: +12 Dfp: +21 Atp: +25 Mgr: +20 Saint Heavens ------- ---------- Loc: Saint Centour Loc: Island SE of Photosphere Str: +50 Str: +25 Mgr: +20 Atp: +50 Sor: +41 Pry: +1% Res: +12 Atp: +25 Ice: Hades ------ -------- Loc: Island N of Photosphere Loc: Destructed Dungeon(?) Str: +50 Atp: +50 Sor: +83 Vit: +21 Dfp: +10 Mgr: +41 Vit: +21 Pry: +1% Res: +12 Star: Sword ------ --------- Loc: Photosphere Ruins Loc: Ancient Alter--In Mts. W of Giant's Cradle Str: +25 Atp: +20 Str: +101 Vit: +21 Dfp: +10 Atp: +101 Sor: +20 Mgr: +10 Res: +12 Pry: +1% Castle Life --------- ------- Loc: Adlehyde Town Loc: Forest Prison Vit: +87 Str: +50 Dfp: +43 Vit: +43 Atp: +50 Dfp: +21 Chrono Love -------- -------- Loc: Illusion Temple Loc: Rudy's Dream Sor: +104 Str: +12 Atp: +12 Mgr: +52 Vit: +43 Dfp: +21 Sor: +62 Mgr: +31 Res: +6 Courage Hope ----------- ------- Loc: Arctica Castle Loc: Zephyr Temple in Baskar Village after getting Love and Courage Str: +50 Dfp: +10 Str: +50 Atp: +50 Vit: +21 Pry: +2% Vit: +43 Dfp: +21 Res: +36 Sor: +20 Mgr: +10 Atp: +50 Res: +10 Pry: +1%

Panzer Bandits
ered successfully. It seems the code cannot be input too slowly. If the chime doesn't ring the first time, just try again. This cheat needs to be entered every time the game is loaded; the bosses cannot be saved to the memory card unless the game is first beaten with the main 4 characters and then with each boss individually. 2) To select different character colors in the versus mode, simply hold either L1, L2, or R2 while selecting a character. Every character has three colors plus their respective default schemes.