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GameBoy Advance (Hardware)


Adjust screen size:

Press L to make your screen wider and R to return it to normal when playing a Game Boy or Game Boy Color Game

Pause loading

Press [Star + [Selec at the introduction screen after the first sound (swoosh). The Nintendo logo should disappear as it makes the Mario pause sound, and the system will pause (lock). Then press any button after the second sound (ping) to bring back the Nintendo logo with another sound, and the Game will continue to load. Note: This only works for Game Boy Advance games.

This feature is intended for use when you link to another multi-player Game Boy Advance Game that requires only one cart, without leaving your system with no Game .

To return the Nintendo logo after it disappears, press [A] + [B].

In- Game reset

Press [A] + [B] + [Star + [Selec during Game play to reset most Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games. Some games also require the shoulder buttons to be pressed simultaneously with the standard reset configuration. For example, to reset Pinobee, press [A] + [B] + [Selec + [Star + [L] + [R]. Other games, such as GT Advance and Iridion 3D have no reset option.

Note: Do not use this while the Game Boy Advance is linked to a Game cube or it may cause data loss.

Some games do not allow a soft reset. You can instead do a hard reset by holding [Star + [Selec + [B]. This will reset the entire machine and return you to the Game Boy Advance logo.

System suspend

Pause your Game , then press [Selec + [R]. Your Game will still be active, but the Game Boy Advance will be in suspend mode to save power. Press [Selec + [L] to return to normal operations.

Loading sound

With a Game inserted, turn on the Game Boy Advance and repeatedly tap [Star + [Selec. You will hear a sound from the SNES.

Game Worm Cam: Animation

You can create a small animation that lasts for a minute and make it appear on your screen. When your turning on the Game . press [Up], [Down], [R], [L], [Selec and go to the editor. You will have an option to make the little video.

Wireless Adapter: Use with Game s that have multi-player with only one cartridge

Some Game s such as the Classic NES series will allow multi-player Game s using only one Game cartridge that can be shared with multiple Game Boy Advances. To use this feature with the Wireless Adapter, press [L] or [R] on the Game Boy Advance with the Game and adapter. Select "Linked Play" from the menu that appears. The wireless connection options should appear. Select "1P" from the menu. The Wireless Adapter will enter transmission mode and wait for a connection from any other Game Boy Advance with a Wireless Adapter. Power on any other Game Boy Advance with a Wireless Adapter (but no Game cartridge). A menu that will allow you to select the Game that is being shared will appear. Choose the title and that Game will be transmitted from the other Game Boy Advance. The Game Boy Advance without a cartridge can also continue playing the Game in single player mode after the wireless connection is canceled.

Wireless Adapter: Chat

Turn on the Game Boy Advance with only the Wireless Adapter inserted, with no game. A menu with "English" or "Japanese" options will appear. Select "English" and you will be able to make chat rooms and chat.

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