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Mario Party 5

Super Duel Mode Secrets

In order to unlock the locked Battle Games, you must complete the game at the highest available difficulty. In order to unlock a new Battle Game, such as Flag Competition, you have to complete the hardest level of the game before it (in this case, complete Battle Competition at hard to open Flag Competiton). To unlock Donkey Kong as a driver, beat him in any Super Duel competition on hard difficulty. There are also some locked machine parts. If you beat DK in any hard Super Duel competition, you unlock the DK Body, DK Engine, DK Tires, and DK Weapon. If you beat all three game s in all three difficulties, you unlock the Skolar Body, Skolar Engine, Skolar Tires, and Skolar Weapon. After you purchase all 44 machine parts, Bob-omb Wall and Bowser Punch become unlocked.

Unlock Bowser's Nightmare

To unlock Bowser's Nightmare, beat the Story Mode.

Unlock Frightmare

To unlock Frightmare, beat Bowser's Nightmare in Story Mode.

Unlock Hard Difficulty

To unlock the Hard difficulty setting for an indiviudal game type, beat the game on Normal.

Unlock Intense Mode

To unlock Intense Mode, beat the Story Mode on Normal.

Unlock Mini Games

Once you play a mini- game in Story Mode or Party Mode, it becomes unlocked. In Mini-Game Mode, to play Mini-Game Circuit, you have to have unlocked one four player game , one 2 vs. 2 game , one 1 vs. 3 game , and one duel game . In order to play Mini-Game Decathlon in Mini-Game Mode, you have to have unlocked Chomp Romp, Dinger Derby, Flower Shower, Ground Pound, Hydrostars, Later Skater, Leaf Leap, Night Light Fright, Triple Jump, and Will Flower.

Button Mashers: Easy win

Hit all the buttons at the same time during the mini game and you will win every time . You must do this for the entire match.

Rain Of Fire: Avoid the flames

Run up to Bowser. Keep running until the CPU loses. Note: This does not always happens.

Shy Guy Showdown

When Shy Guy holds up a sign, quickly pause game play to see what he is holding up. When this is done correctly, you will win.

Super Duel: Easy points

You will get a point for each mini- game you play in super duel mode. Play in party mode and have a game for 50 turns. Make all characters CPU controlled and leave. Let the CPU play and they will get points without you doing anything. You will get 50 points to spend in super duel mode.

Go to mini- game mode and select free play. Then, go to the categories you need points in and play any game desired. For every mini-game you play you will earn one point in that category. You can do this as many times as needed.

Super Duel: Points for your vehicle

The more mini games you play in any kind of mode besides free play, the more points you will get towards the type of any games you win. Note: Battle points are the hardest to get.

Super Duel: Final two weapons

Buy all parts for your car in Super Duel mode to unlock the last two weapons. They are Bowser Punch and Ba Bomb Wall. They each cost 30 battle points.

Super Duel: Effective battle weapon

Buy Bowser Breath and the fastest thing you can see (choo-choo, engine, body, and wheels recommended). Put them on a vehicle and it will be strong, fast, and effective.

Ice Hockey, Beach Volleyball, Card party

At the choose your mode screen, go to Malmar the star with the bow on her head then select what you want to play. Note: In Beach Volleyball, you can choose your ball and how many pints you need to win.

Unlock mini-games easily

Enter party mode and once on the board, press Start then press [A]. Go to "Controller", then press [A] again. Press [A] to turn your character into CPU control. Press [A] again to change your difficulty setting and the other CPUs.

Defeating Bowser

Use the following trick to defeat Bowser at end of story mode. Bowser starts by sending lots of fire-breathing Koopas after you. To defeat them, jump on their heads. However, make sure that they are not about to breathe fire or you will lose a heart point. This is followed by three fire rings that can expand, contract, or spin in any variety, and you must jump over them. After that, Bowser breaks out of the screen and begins to attack you by jumping on you, running into you, or breathing a lot of fire. You can avoid all those attacks by running around him in circles, but do not get too close or his spikes will hurt you. Notice the blocks that he jumps on will start to break; after he jumps on the same one three times, he falls through. Finally, he drinks a potion to make him huge. The red fireballs he throws out of his right paw can be picked up once they cool off. However, if you wait to pick them up after he starts to shoot fire, they will be reactivated and you can pick them up and throw them at him by pressing [B] button, by jumping and throwing on the little circle in front of the ledge near his nose. Do this five times, and you will succeed.

Mini-game points

For every mini-game that you play, you can gain 1 point. The categories played in are 4-player, 3-vs-1, 2-vs-2, and battle.

4 Player-Body

Mushroom 00 points

Star 05 points

Heart 05 points

Choo-Choo 05 points

Egg 07 points

Spiny 07 points

Lakitu Cloud 10 points

Boo 10 points

DK 15 points

E. Gadd 15 points

Skolar 20 points


Mushroom 00 points

Star 05 points

Wiggler 05 points

Goomba 05 points

Spiny 07 points

Super Wiggler 10 points

Lakitu Cloud 10 points

DK 15 points

E. Gadd 15 points

Skolar 20


Mushroom 00 points

Star 05 points

Wiggler 05 points

Goomba 05 points

Ztar 07 points

Choo-Choo 07 points

Super Wiggler 10 points

Goomba-Trio 10 points

DK 15 points

E. Gadd 15 points

Skolar 20 points


Mushroom 00 points

Seed Machine 05 points

Bob-omb cannon 05 points

Bullet Bill 07 points

Pokey Tower 07 points

Piranha Plant 07 points

Bowser Breath 10 points

Mr. I Laser 10 points

DK 15 points

E. Gadd 15 points

Skolar 20 points

Bowser Punch 30 points

Bob-omb Wall 30 points

Team names for each combination

Mario and Luigi: Mario Bros.

Mario and Peach: Cutest Couple

Mario and Yoshi: Famous Combo

Mario and Wario: Alter Egos

Mario and Daisy: Nice Couple

Mario and Waluigi: Pseudo Bros.

Mario and Toad: Best Buds

Mario and Boo: Old Acquaintances

Mario and Koopa Kid: Uneasy Allies

Luigi and Mario: Mario Bros.

Luigi and Peach: Green Escort

Luigi and Yoshi: Green Bros.

Luigi and Wario: Unloving Bros.

Luigi and Daisy: Steady Sweeties

Luigi and Waluigi: Unlikely Bros.

Luigi and Toad: Good Pals

Luigi and Boo: Scare Pair

Luigi and Koopa Kid: Friendly Enemies

Peach and Mario: Cutest Couple

Peach and Luigi: Green Escort

Peach and Yoshi: Regal Friends

Peach and Wario: Royal Pain

Peach and Daisy: Lordly Ladies

Peach and Waluigi: Anti-Couple

Peach and Toad: Royal Family

Peach and Boo: Royally Spooky

Peach and Koopa Kid: Friendly Enemies

Yoshi and Mario: Famous Combo

Yoshi and Luigi: Green Bros.

Yoshi and Peach: Regal Friends

Yoshi and Wario: Food Fanatics

Yoshi and Daisy: Royal Ride

Yoshi and Waluigi: Unhappy Dino

Yoshi and Toad: Cute Buddies

Yoshi and Boo: Scary Dino

Yoshi and Koopa Kid: Dino Cousins

Wario and Mario: Alter Egos

Wario and Peach: Royal Pain

Wario and Luigi: Unloving Bros.

Wario and Yoshi: Food Fanatics

Wario and Daisy: Mismatched Pair

Wario and Waluigi: Wicked Bros.

Wario and Toad: Mushroom Stinkers

Wario and Boo: Spooky Spoilsports

Wario and Koopa Kid: Bad Baddies

Daisy and Mario: Nice Couple

Daisy and Luigi: Steady Sweeties

Daisy and Peach: Lordly Ladies

Daisy and Yoshi: Royal Ride

Daisy and Wario: Mismatched Pair

Daisy and Waluigi: Awkward Date

Daisy and Toad: Royal Pals

Daisy and Boo: Haunted Flower

Daisy and Koopa Kid: Grudging Allies

Waluigi and Mario: Pseudo Bros.

Waluigi and Luigi: Unlikely Bros.

Waluigi and Peach: Anti-Couple

Waluigi and Yoshi: Unhappy Dino

Waluigi and Wario: Wicked Bros.

Waluigi and Daisy: Awkward Date

Waluigi and Toad: Tall 'n' Small

Waluigi and Boo: Scary Screechers

Waluigi and Koopa Kid: Cheap Chaps

Toad and Mario: Best Buds

Toad and Luigi: Good Pals

Toad and Peach: Royal Family

Toad and Yoshi: Cute Buddies

Toad and Wario: Mushroom Stinkers

Toad and Daisy: Royal Pals

Toad and Waluigi: Tall 'n' Small

Toad and Boo: Scaredy Toad

Toad and Koopa Kid: Little Guys

Boo and Mario: Old Acquaintances

Boo and Luigi: Scare Pair

Boo and Peach: Royally Spooky

Boo and Yoshi: Scary Dino

Boo and Wario: Spooky Spoilsports

Boo and Daisy: Haunted Flower

Boo and Waluigi: Scary Screechers

Boo and Toad: Scaredy Toad

Boo and Koopa Kid: Pure Evil

Koopa Kid and Mario: Uneasy Allies

Koopa Kid and Luigi: Friendly Enemies

Koopa Kid and Peach: Friendly Enemies

Koopa Kid and Yoshi: Dino Cousins

Koopa Kid and Wario: Bad Baddies

Koopa Kid and Daisy: Grudging Allies

Koopa Kid and Waluigi: Cheap Chaps

Koopa Kid and Toad: Little Guys

Koopa Kid and Boo: Pure Evil

Bomberman Multi
Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar
Myth Xaran
Blaze Union: Story to Reach the Future


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Extreme G3
er "Press Start" appears at the title screen. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: This effect lasts for only one race and must be re-enabled before the next one. Always win XG career mode races Press R, L, Z, L, R, Z, R, L, Z after "Press Start" appears at the title screen. A message will confirm correct code entry. This allows you to win a race no matter if you quit, lose, or die. Note: This effect lasts for only one race and must be re-enabled before the next one. Win next race Press L + R + Z, L + R, Z, L + R + Z after "Press Start" appears at the title screen. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: This effect lasts for only one race and must be re-enabled before the next one. Win all races Press L + R, Z, L + R + Z after "Press Start" appears at the title screen. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: This effect lasts for only one race and must be re-enabled before the next one. Double prize money Press L, R, Z, L, R, Z, L + R after "Press Start" appears at the title screen. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: This effect lasts for only one race and must be re-enabled before the next one. Extreme lap challenge Press L, R, L, R, L, R, Z, L + R at the main menu. A message will confirm correct code entry. This unlocks an oval track for maximum speed. Note: This effect lasts for only one race and must be re-enabled before the next one. All teams and tracks Press Lx2, Rx2, Zx2, L + R + Z after "Press Start" appears at the title screen. A message will confirm correct code entry. Note: This effect lasts for only one race and must be re-enabled before the next one. StarCom team Successfully complete the game in XG Career mode. Alternately, successfully complete the game and win every trophy to unlock the Robotic team, StarCom. Super boost To make your bike go the fastest that it can ever go, make sure you have the Rear Blasters weapon. Then, activate your boosters by pressing [A] + [X]. Then, use your Rear Blasters at the same time by pressing [A] + [X] + [Y]. By doing this, you will boost much faster. Note: To get the best results, also enable the "Unlimited shield and turbos" and "Unlimited ammunition and StarCom team" codes.

MVP Baseball 2004
eason with one pitcher To play every game with one pitcher play one game, then, before starting the next game, edit anything about the pitcher by going into Team Management > Rosters > Create/Edit Player > Edit Player. Open that player's edit screen, edit him and save the changes by pressing Start. His stamina will be completely full. Extra MVP points (This must be done from the Play Now! Option) In order to receive lots of MVP points, simply do this: 1) Begin the game on Rookie, preferable against a AA team. 2) Play through the game, making sure to get lots of hits, stolen bases, etc. 3) Make sure the starting pitcher completes the game. 4) When your opponent is down to their last out, go into game options and switch the difficulty to MVP. 5) Get the last guy out to get lots of MVP points. Barry Bonds: Go to "Edit Player" and select Jon Dowd of the San Francisco Giants. Change his number and name to Barry Bonds #25. His name will be annoucned when he comes to the plate for San Francisco, and all of his statistics are already in the game as "Jon Dowd". Get any player: To get any player on your team in dynasty mode, create an outfielder with the best stats. Sign him as cheap as you can for one year. You can trade him for any player (for example A-Rod, Mark Prior, etc.) Cheap perfect player: Create a player with all desired information. Leave his attributes exactly as is. Then, go to "Free Agents". Sign that player to a long cheap contract. Then, go to create/edit again and change the player's attributes to make him perfect. Bad player warning: Do not create a player named Erik Kiss. If you do, every time he swings he will break his bat and send a little dribbler to the pitcher for a sure out. Also, you cannot bunt with him; it will just go foul. Unlock Classic Stadiums Stadium Location Description MVP Points Needed Crosley Field Cincinatti, OH Home of the Reds, 1912-1970 = 2500 Points Astrodome Houston, TX Home of the Astros, 1965-1999 = 2500 Points Tiger Stadium Detroit, MI Home of the Tigers, 1912-1999 = 3000 Points Griffith Stadium Washington, DC Home of the Senators, 1903-1961 = 3000 Points Shibe Park Philadelphia, PN Home of the Athletics, 1909-1954 = 4000 Points Sportman's Park St. Louis, MO Home of the Cardinals, 1920-1966 = 4000 Points Polo Grounds New York, NY Home of the Giants, 1911-1957 = 5000 Points Forbes Field Pittsburgh, PA Home of the Pirates, 1909-1970 = 5000 Points Unlock Legendary Players Hal Newhouser Tigers 1939-1955 = 2500 Points Robin Roberts Phillies 1948-1966 = 2500 Points Richie Ashburn Phillies 1948-1962 = 2500 Points Ralph Kiner Pirates 1946-1955 = 2500 Points Bob Lemon Indians 1941-1958 = 3000 Points Phil Rizzuto Yankees 1941-1956 = 3000 Points Hoyt Wilhelm Giants/Orioles/Red Sox 1952-1972 = 3000 Points Larry Doby Indians 1947-1959 = 3000 Points Mel Ott Giants 1926-1947 = 3500 Points Brooks Robinson Orioles 1955-1977 = 3500 Points Rollie Fingers Athletics/Padres/Brewers 1968-1985 = 3500 Points Juan Marichal Giants 1960-1975 = 3500 Points Gaylord Perry Giants/Indians 1962-1983 = 3500 Points Tom Seaver Mets/Reds 1967-1986 = 4000 Points Jim Palmer Orioles 1965-1984 = 4000 Points Joe Morgan Astros/Reds 1963-1984 = 4000 Points Pee Wee Reese Dodgers 1940-1958 = 3500 Points Bob Feller Indians 1936-1956 = 3500 Points Whitey Ford Yankees 1950-1967 = 3500 Points Early Wynn Senators/Indians/White Sox 1939-1963 = 3500 Points Eddie Mathews Braves 1952-1968 = 4000 Points Warren Spahn Braves 1942-1965 = 4000 Points Jimmie Foxx Athletics/Red Sox 1925-1945 = 4000 Points Roy Campanella Dodgers 1948-1957 = 4500 Points Lou Gehrig Yankees 1923-1939 = 4500 Points Honus Wagner Pirates 1897-1917 = 4500 Points Walter Johnson Senators 1907-1927 = 4500 Points Cy Young Red Sox 1890-1911 = 4500 Points Satchel Paige Indians/Browns/Athletics 1948-1953, 1965 = 4500 Points Ty Cobb Tigers 1905-1928 = 5000 Points Babe Ruth Red Sox/Yankees 1914-1935 = 5000 Points Jackie Robinson Dodgers 1947-1956 = 5000 Points Billy Williams Cubs 1959-1976 = 2500 Points Al Kaline Tigers 1953-1974 = 2500 Points Ferguson Jenkins Cubs/Rangers 1965-1983 = 2500 Points Phil Niekro Braves 1964-1987 = 2500 Points Lou Brock Cardinals 1961-1979 = 3000 Points Catfish Hunter Athletics/Yankees 1965-1979 = 3000 Points Luis Apraricio White Sox/Orioles 1956-1973 = 3000 Points Harmon Killebrew Senators/Twins 1954-1975 = 3500 Points Orlando Cepeda Giants/Cardinals 1958-1974 = 3500 Points Rod Carew Twins/Angels 1967-1985 = 3500 Points Willie Stargell Pirates 1962-1982 = 4000 Points Mike Schmidt Phillies 1972-1989 = 4000 Points Robin Yount Brewers 1974-1993 = 4000 Points Willie McCovey Giants 1959-1980 = 4500 Points Reggie Jackson Athletics/Yankees/Angels 1967-1987 = 4500 Points Yogi Berra Yankees 1946-1965 = 4500 Points Nolan Ryan Mets/Angels/Astros/Rangers 1966-1993 = 4500 Points Bob Gibson Cardinals 1959-1975 = 4500 Points Unlock Throwback jerseys The Throwback jerseys can be unlocked with the indicated number of MVP points. Anaheim Angels 1986: 250 Atlanta Braves 1974: 500 Baltimore Orioles 1971: 500 Boston Red Sox 1903: 1000 Brooklyn Dodgers 1941: 750 Chicago Cubs 1954: 750 Chicago White (Black) Sox 1919: 1000 Chicago White Sox 1983: 350 Cincinatti Reds 1970: 500 Cleveland Indians 1975: 500 Detroit Tigers 1906: 750 Houston Astros 1986: 250 Kansas City Royals 1985: 250 Milwaukee Brewers 1982: 250 Minnesota Twins 1977: 500 Montreal Expos 1981: 350 New York Giants 1954: 750 New York Mets 1986: 350 New York Yankees 1927: 1000 Oakland Athletics 1972: 500 Philadelphia Athletics 1921: 1000 Philadelphia Phillies 1980: 500 Pittsburgh Pirates 1916: 750 Pittsburgh Pirates 1979: 500 San Diego Padres 1984: 350 Seattle Mariners 1981: 350 St. Louis Cardinals 1934: 750 Texas Rangers 1976: 500 Toronto Blue Jays 1992: 250 Washington Senators 1913: 1000 Big hitter: Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named keegan paterson, jacob paterson, or isaiah paterson (case-sensitive). The player will have a very large bat. He will hit a home run or a hard line drive every time you make contact, no matter what his stats. Huge cap: Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named john prosen (case-sensitive). Move EA Trax window: To move the EA Trax window around the screen, move the C-stick when the white song introduction window appears. Home Run King: Create a player with the name: keegan paterson. ( watch the case-sensitivity ) he has an oversized bat that allows you to hit really far homers or really hard line drives everytime. He can have horrible stats and still hit home runs every time. MVP Point Limit: You can only hold 50,000 MVP points at a time. Once you reach that amount, spend them. Otherwise, any points you earn afterwards will not be given to you because you're full. Simulate to Earn MVP Points : In Dynasty Mode you recieve MVP points periodically for accomplishments. Assemble a team you feel is good enough to simulate to the playoffs (hint: Yankees). Simulate the season up to the second to last game and then save the game. Once you have it saved, simulate the last game and move into the playoffs. Generally, you recieve anywhere between 5000-9000 MVP points for making the playoffs. Save the points onto your profile when prompted, and then exit the Dynasty mode without saving. Repeat the process and you'll notice that every time you simulate into the playoffs you're saving the points and not your progress. Do this about 20-25 times and you'll have enough points for all the rewards.

Ultimate Fighting Championship: Throwdown
ace in Career Mode: You must win the silver belt with that fighter. Unlock a Fighter's Dicipline in Career Mode: Simply win a gold belt with that fighter. Unlock Bruce Buffer: Win gold & silver belts with each fighter in the middleweight division. Unlock Card Girl: Win silver belts with each original fighter. Unlock Mario Yamasaki: Win gold & silver belts with each fighter in the light heavyweight division. Tank Abbot: Complete the game with Dan Severn.

NFL Blitz Pro
eam: Win tournament mode to unlock the dog players.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus
M R D S L - Lose Shuriken S L S D R D L - Nightmare M R L M R M R - Pizza Paradise D R S L L S R - Poison D R M S R L R - Self Recovery M L D S R D M - Squeaking L D R M R L M - Super Defense Power R D S R M R L - Super-Tough S S S M R D D - Toddling D S L R D R M - New Nexus outfit for Donatello L M R M D R D - New Nexus outfit for Leonardo M L M R D R M - New Nexus outfit for Michelangelo R M S R M D R - New Nexus outfit for Raphael M R M D R M D - Challenge Code Endurance - stamina restore no longer available D S R D M R M - Cheat Code Health