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Kidou Senshi Gundam Z: AEUG Vs. Titans


Ride a plane

First choose VS mode and make no computer just 2 players.then choose G-Defenser as you and GMII as the player 2 then choose the background you like,start the game,when the game start, turn off G-defenser engine(by pressing R2),then land on the ground.After that,use the GMII to fly on the G-denfenser(you must be on the back of the plane).Then press X button and fly as high as you can.

Note:choose the background have less building,

choose a smaller mobile suit as player 2

submitted by: sam

Quebeley mobile suit:

Reach level 9 and defeat Quebeley after getting a "Daijou" rank.

EX mode:

Successfully complete mission mode as AEUG and Titans.

G-Defender mobile suit:

Successfully complete arcade mode with the Super Gundam.

Psycho Gundam mobile suit:

Defeat Psycho Gundam in any arcade mode level.


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Transworld Surf
Square, Down, Square, Left, Square, Right, Square, Left, Square, Up. Full special During gameplay, press Select, Square, Up, Square, Down, Square, Left, Square, Right, Square, Down, Square, Up. Master code During gameplay, press Select, Square, Up, Up, Square, Down, Down, Square, Left, Left, Square, Right, Right, Square, Up, Square, Left, Square, Down, Square, Right, Square, Up, Up, Square, L1. Cheat mode: Press Select, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Up, L1. No HUD: Press Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Right. Alternate colors: Press Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Left. Paddle faster: Press Select, Up, Down, L2, Left, Right, L2, Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Down. Disco lights: Press Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Right. Full special: Press Select, Up, Down, L2, Left, Right, L2, Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up. Surf on a shark: Press Select, Up, Down, L2, Left, Right, L2, Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Down. Easy floating: Press Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left. Perfect floater balance: Press Select, Up, Down, L2, Left, Right, L2, Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left. Invisible surfer: Press Select, Up, Down, L2, Left, Right, L2, Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Up. Invisible board: Press Select, Up, Down, L2, Left, Right, L2, Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Down. Green surf: Press Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Left. Level Select: Play in Pro Mode and press Select, Down, Right, Left, L1, Down, Right, Left, L1. All goals completed: Press Select, Up, Left, L1, Up, Left, L1. Change view: Press Select, Right, Left, Down, Up, L1. Use analog-sticks to change view. Disable cheats: Press Select, Select, Select, Select.

Final Fantasy X-2
the aeons got killed at the end of ff 10 submitted by: Paul Changing dress/job: During a battle, press L1 during your characters turn and a plate will appear. Choose your desired dress and press Action to activate it. For Yuna, once you get the Special Dress, you can use it during battle. During Yuna's turn, press L1 then R1 to the change to the Special Dress. In-game reset: Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play. Skip intermission sequences: Pause game play during an intermission sequence, then press Square to skip the current scene. Story level 2: Easy money: Clear off O'aka's debts by buying 100,000 gil worth of items from him on the airship. After you have cleared the debt, O'aka will start selling you items very cheap. Buy 99 of the items he sells, then fly to another location and sell them at over twice what you bought them for. For example, buy 99 High Potions from him for 50 gil each (total cost of 4950 gil). Then, fly to the Calm Lands and sell the High Potions for 125 gil each, for a total of 12375 gil. That is a quick profit of 7425 gil. 500+ points in Dancing Mini Game As soon as the mini game starts,regardless of what the game tells you to do, keep pressing Triangle,Circle,X and Square simultaneously as fast as you can until the mini game ends.You'll easily score 500+ points Alternate Ending To get this ending, Let the Final boss fire its cannon. This process takes about 30 Minutes of doing nothing but waiting for him. The speech must go on 7 times before the cannon fires. Awesome Damage Here's a quick and useful hint. Get a Cat Nip Accessorie which does 9999 damage when your hp is low. Then equip it to a gunner and have your party attack the gunner before hand. Then go to almost any boss and make sure the gunner knows trigger happy level 3. Then in a boss fight, use trigger happy and 9999 * 20 damage to the boss or how ever fast you can press r1. Besaid Key Instead of wasting the time to get the several hundreds of dollars to buy the key in chapters 1 & 2. Wait until Chapter 3 while your saving the tourists trapped in the button of the gorge and you'll recieve the key free of charge. Easy Way to build levels Here is an easy way to build AP and EXP while sleeping!!!! Start by equipping one character as a White Mage and choose 2 other characters that do strong physical attacks. Go to an area where the enemys don't do more damage to you in one hit then the white mage heals them for with pray. Also make sure the enemies don't cast and spell that will give you a negative status (poison, darkness, ect) or if they do that you have equipped an accessory that will protect you from that status. Once you have done this take a toothpick and put it so that it holds done the X button and another toothpick to hold down the analog stick and walk away. (Make sure you are running into a wall or some places that will make your characters run in place) If done correctly your characters will automatically enter a fight defeat the enemies and return to the map screen. Leave it like this overnight and you will awake to find your characters have gone up in levels and learned new skills in the dressphere that they have equipped. To make the process go quicker equip one character with the Lure Bracelet (cause more random encounters) and the Lady Luck dressphere and learn the skill Double Experience. Easy Win Against Aeons In order to win the battles against most of the aeons easily, just go into the battle with all three of your characters as an Alchemist. You get the Alchemist dressphere by clearing out the fiends in the area that Clasko chooses for his chocobo ranch. Once you're in the battle, just use "Mix" and mix two elemental Gems of the type that the particular aeon is weak against. Have each character to this and the aeon should go down before they can even really get off any good attack on you. Ifrit - Ice Gem Ixion - Water Gem Shiva - Fire Gem You can get these elemental gems by winning battles against various fiends that like to use attacks of those elements. Assuming you've been battling all around Spira, then you should have a fair amount of each of them in your stock. Finding the Cactuars IF you are having problems with finding all of the cactuars you have come to the right place.Well the first one that you have is: 1/Lobivia Its location is in the Oasis section of Bikanel Desert. 2/Toumeya Toumey is located sunbathing on the beach of Besaid Island beach past the port. 3/Lobeira Inside the treasure room where you found the second half of the crimson sphere in Leblanc hide out. 4&5/Areq & Arroja Know this two bros are located in the Calm Lands right before you enter Mt. Gagazet. 6/Islaya This cactuar is located in the northern part of the Thunder Plains, should be the ninth one. 7/Ciapa On the highest point overlooking Kilika Port and Kilika Wood, look for a place to climb onto a ledge along the eastern path through the woods. 8/Erio On the snowy Mountain trial of Mt. Gagazet. 9/Bartschella With Dona on Kilika island. 10/Frailea Inside the Cactuar Hollow. Fool Proof Sphere Break Win Every Time To win at sphere break every time you play all you need is the four basic coins you get when you first start playing and an Iron Giant coin. Iron Giant coins can be won by playing the guy right behind the little guy you get your first coins from(he cannot be played until Chapter 2). Once you have the Iron Giant, practice against the little guy and multiply it. Then when you want to win just use an Iron Giant and three other coins whose numbers are 1, 2, and 3(Three of your four first coins are worth these values). Now, since the Iron Giant has Multiplier Echo on it, whatever the number of the core sphere is, make it x1. Example: Core Sphere=7, your total=7 Core Sphere=4, your total=4 Since you have 6,1,2,and 3 as your main coins, you never even have to use a border coin! 1=1, 2=2, 3=3, 3+1=4, 3+2=5, 6=6, 5+2=7, 6+2=8, 6+3=9. You've got all the number covered! Just keep sphere breaking x1 and by turn 13 you will be over 80 for your Quota!!! Getting The Accesory Invincible Ask the cameraman in Kilika on Chapters 1,3 and 5. After talking with him on Chapter 5, he will take you to the Youth League new base. There, you will find the accessory 'Invincible'. Moreover, ask a boy there and he ask you to leave you by bribing you 5 Georapella Coins, which has Quota Multiplier Echo4! Luck made easy Anyone familiar with the lady luck dress sphere knows what its capable of.....if your lucky. Well try this trick; When you the reel starts spinning pause the game, un-pause and pause again until whatever symbol you want is in the first row, then un-pause the game and tap the confirm key, the desired symbol should land on the third row. Repeat process for the remaining two reels. It takes a little practice to get the timing right but in no time you'll be hitting 7's every try. As an added bonus pausing the game pauses enemy movement as well. So this process isn't suicide in a major battle. Quick Break Sphere tips Here are some quick tips on Break Sphere. -Never do less then two out coins on a break -Don't give up when you get three 1's in a row -If you aren't really good at math, get a peice of paper out and write down the numbers you have, this will help you by giving you visual. -Try to avoid using up a turn without getting any outer coins. Rare Items made easy As always Rare items like mega-elixers and even mega-potions are hard to come by. Heres a great way to attain 99 of them without spending any gil. Lady luck's dress-sphere has an ability called random reels, The triple 7's in this reel bribes your enemy's while giving you between 20000-30000gil. (Getting triple sevens is easy if you utilize my other posted trick) With this ability in tow, go to the farplane, the earthworm will give up 3-16 mega-elixers, omega-weapon will leave 20-30 three-stars (or a ribbon), the elder drake (in bevelle cloister) will leave 80-90 mega-potions, and other enemies will leave other equally tasty goodies (specially if they oversouled) as well. All while making you filthy rich. Have fun! Strike for 9999 Damage In Chapter 5, go to Bevelle. As soon as you enter the area where the priest guys are, go to the chamber on the right. Save it and step onto the glyph. Then follow the directions until you get to Cloister 40. Defeat the Black Elemental and you will get a bunch of Bracers and the Cat Nip accesory. Equip it to a Gunner that knows at least Tigger Happy Lv.3 . When her HP get down into the yellow color range, use it. Each time you hit R1, it does 9999 damage!(It doesn't have to be a Gunner. Gunner are just the most usefull with it. Dark Knights "Black Sky" would also apply) Tonberry During Chapter 1 while your in the area Mushroom Rock Road and following the Leblanc goons, you'll encounter Tonberry's. Not only do they have 9999 HP, they can inflict severe damage to characters with low levels. Don't bother battling this characters, simply escape because it's not worth battling them. V-V-V-VEGNAGUN Vegnagun trouble?...Need help?Ya gonna need: 1:Rikku's special dressphere 2:All of the Machina Maw abilities, or at least break dmg. limit and Vajra,+ all the smasher and crusher abilities 3:Equip Rikku with the Unnering path GG, and have the samuria and warrior dresspheres in it Once you get into the battle, spherechange into Rikku's special dressphere and have her use vajra each turn, using crusher's offense move to raise the amount of damage it does, and using smasher to heal when needed. Follow these instuctions, and you'll beat him in no time.This is also good for any boss, unless your at a low level. Story level 5: Defeating Shiva: At the beginning of story level 5, talk to Rikku's brother. He will ask you five things. Choose the first option twice and you will go to a hole inside Shiva's temple. Keep going down and you will find Shiva. She is quite weak, but there is one thing she can do. She will use Heavenly Strike on you. When that happens, your character will be frozen and will not be able to move for about four turns. Try to level up a lot and use Haste because she is very fast. Have someone cast Shell and Protect so that the damage will be reduced. When that is done, keep hacking at her until she dies. Story level 5: Defeating the Magus Sisters: Focus all your attacks at the little one first, because she has the lowest HP. If you kill her first, then they will not be able to perform their Overdrive. Next, go after the tall one since she has a strong attack. Do not forget to cast Shell and protect on yourself. Just keep hitting them until they die. To defeat them easily, level up and have a high HP. Then, focus your attacks on the fatter sister so they cannot use Delta Attack. As long as she is alive, they can use that attack. Then, attack the taller one. Heal if necessary. Finally, attack the smaller one. It may be difficult, but it is effective. Story level 5: Defeating Anima: All he does is attack and Pain. If you cannot defeat him by healing and hacking, level up and try again. Get Baralai's Sphere Baralai's Sphere can be found in Guadosalam beyond the locked door that everyone talks about. How do you do it? Examine the door in very Chapter. During Chapter 5, Tromell Guado will let you inside, if you were able to finish the mission on Mount Gagazet during Chapter 3. Unlock Extra Ending First you'll have to meet with Maechen at Guadosalam in Chapter 3. You'll find him when you meet up with Logos and Ormi in the same area. Next you have to get the "whistling" scene with Yuna at the end of Chapter 3. When you're alone in the Farplane, move Yuna around and continually press the X button. You'll hear whistling. That means you have activated the event. Next thing you have to do is get an Episode Complete in Luca during Chapter 5. All you have to do there is visit the location where Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle. Next, get an Episode Complete in Besaid. Finally, once you have defeated Shuyin at the end of the game, keep tapping the X button to get your just rewards! Easy Healing If you need to heal up, change your characters into White Mages, because they have the lowest HP in the game. You can use regular Potions or low level white magic spells to cure them. Revert them back to their original classes and they'll be at max health. Good Level Up Spots Good places to level up during the game are the Leblanc Syndicate's headquarters early in the game, Cid's secret dungeon during Chapter 5 for mid level characters, and the Depths of the Farplane for high level characters. Quick Fix If an enemy hits you with Stop, cast Haste or use a Chocobo feather on them. They'll be back to normal, and they will also have Haste cast on them. Quick Kill Equip the Cat Nip accessory and use the Trigger Happy ability when the wearer of Cat Nip has their health below half. You know this happens when their HP indicator turns yellow. The Cat Nip accessory allows any item, attack or spell to deal 9999 damage no matter what the circumstances. Since Trigger Happy allows you anywhere from 10 - 20 hits depending on what level you have it at, you can pretty much kill any enemy in the game using this strategy. Just remember, enemies are also affected by this tool. How to kill Angra Mainyu Okies, so the really hard boss Angra Mainyu can really be nasty. Here is a way to kill him. First protect the party with shell, and protect. Next ( if you want ) Change into Rikku's Machina Maw and then set up haste ( ablilty is called Booster ) and other helpful spells with her. After you are ready, keep pummelling him with Vajra, and other attacks with the left and right missile pods. After a while, you SHOULD have beaten him. :) submitted by: Angra Mainyu Obtaining the Cat Nip accessory! First you must be in Chapter 5, if your in then great!, second go to the airship and select Bevelle and you'll see no mission there but there is one! Go to Bevelle and go to the entrance, an clip will come and you'll meet the Kindergartens. Follow them, to do this you must go inside the entrance and turn right keep goin' and you see another path go inside. Now go to the sphere where situated on the ground, you'll watch a clip (of someone telling you something!?). All you have to do is get through every cloister up untill cloister 20 or 40 at 20 or 40 you'll eventually fight an elemental fiend fight it win the battle open the chest you'll find Cat Nip and other accessory. Note. Get through all the cloisters up untill cloister 99, and you'll fight the bloodiest boss you never thought of , gu's name is T???A!, founder of Yevon! P.S Have the Cat Nip accessory on to beat him! Good Luck!!!!! submitted by: Aynul (Eienstein) The Ultimate Ap. Arena This is the best place for all those much wanted abilities that you desperately want to learn. Once you have helped save the Cactuar-Nation Marnela will award you with a gift... not saying anything. Once you have recieved this token of appreciation go and talk to the Cactuar that is planted outside the rogue Cactuar cave. Beside the Great Haboobs Containment stone, she will lift the seal and allow you to venture into the cave and battle the Rogues. Each battle with them awards 10Ap but watch out for their killer move 10,000 needles. This arena should have you mastering those abilities in no time. submitted by: Michael Connor SPECIAL DRESSPHERE HIDDEN ITEM LOCATIONS FLORAL FALLAL - YUNA - The first key item you’ll need to get for Yuna’s Floral Fallal is called Twilight Rain, which can be found in a treasure chest at the bottom of the waterfall in Besaid. This will enable Yuna to learn the ability "Break HP Limit". - The second key item you’ll need for Yuna’s Floral Fallal is called Aurora Rain, which can be found in a treasure chest in the Chamber of the Fayth at the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. This will enable Yuna to learn the ability "Break Damage Limit." MACHINA MAW - RIKKU - The first key item you’ll need for Rikku’s Machina Maw is called Machina Booster, which can be found in a treasure chest just outside of Youth League Headquarters at Mushroom Rock Road. This will enable Rikku to learn the ability "Break HP Limit." - The second key item you’ll need for Rikku’s Machina Maw is called Machina Reactor, which can be found in a treasure chest in the Ruin Depths, the secret chocobo dungeon at the Calm Lands. This will enable Rikku to learn the ability "Break Damage Limit." FULL THROTLE - PAINE - The first key item you’ll need for Paine’s Full Throttle is called Victor Primoris, which can be found in a treasure chest on the Mi’ihen Highroad. You’ll need a chocobo to get to it. Take your chocobo to the section of the Calm Lands two screens north of the Travel Agency and you’ll find a feather on the ground. Stand on top of it for around 10-15 seconds and you’ll be asked if you want to jump. Select the yes option and you’ll jump to an upper ledge and obtain a regular treasure. Now here’s the tricky part: Go back to the spot where the feather was and stand there another 15-20 seconds. You’ll be asked to jump again. Select the yes option and your chocobo will jump downward this time. This is where you’ll find the Victor Primoris. This will enable Paine to learn the ability "Break HP Limit." - The second key item you’ll need for Paine’s Full Throttle is called Corpus Invictus, which can be found in a treasure chest inside the New Cave on the Thunder Plains. This will enable Paine to learn the ability "Break Damage Limit." P.s. Aynz will always help out the final fantasy gamerz out there. This cheat works! submitted by: Aynul Dressphere Locations: Part II Hello, me again. Right here is the second part to my unfinished Dressphere Locations so don't go anywhere. ALCHEMIST: If you go to Mushroom Rock Road on chapter 2 you will be greeted by the Youth league and be congragulated on choosing there side. One of them will ask Clasko to escort you to HQ, he will get all frustrated and run away. Locate him outside the Travel Agency in Mi'hen and speak to him, he will ask if he can board the Celsius. Let him on and fly to the Calm lands, he will get off and go to the chocobo ranch. Once at the ranch he will ask you to take care of the fiend problem take out the fiends and the reward is what you seek. CHAPTER 3---LADY LUCK: Fly to Luca and you will hear about Sphere Break, win 3 games and then you will have to challenge Shinra. Take it easy and use the item ability cards to win a TREASURE HUNT Garment grid which can only be won from him. Once defeated Shelinda will award you with the Shpere. BERSERKER: In chapter 1, if you let O'aka onto your ship away from the debt collectors he will ask if you can pay off his debt (Find him in Macalania Woods). Do this and on chapter 3 he will jump off the ship and return to the Macalania Travel Agency. The place will be overun with fiends, win 6 battles and then enter the Agency. An injured Al-bhed will hand over the sphere. TRAINER: In chapter 1 Go to Mt. Gagazet and talk to Khimari, then leave. In Chapter 2 go back and talk to him again he will give you the sphere. SAMURAI: When the temples become overun with fiends go to Kilika temple, and before you enter the last door to the fayth look down in the area to your left the sphere is lying in a gutter. CHAPTER 4---There are no obtainable Dresspheres in this chapter. So take this time to train and stock up on items. CHAPTER 5---MASCOT: If you complete all of the Hot spots in Chapter 5 apart from Bevelle you will get the sphere from the Celsius bridge. Happy Hunting! submitted by: Michael Connor Nooj's Sphere In Chapter 2 give the spere to the youth leauge, then enter the battle tornoment in chapter 5. Then go to the youth leauge HQ, and go to the balcony, talk to the girl and she will give you Nooj's Sphere submitted by: alex To see Rikku naked At the very end when you get to pick what hole you can go down pick the one at the top.then when you go down fall of the edge and the screen goes black for a minute. Then you yuna comes out with pain and then rikku comes out naked. It works submitted by: The Fanny Master Defeating the Angra Mainyu When you are digging in Bikanel you will notice that Picket alerts you that an unidentified object is approaching this object is a fiend known as the Angra Mainyu the Cacti-nemesis. He is solid and although he dosen't inflict much in terms of damage his health and Def. are way above normal. With a staggering 333444Hp he is no smalll fry, that is nearly the same as the Ruby and Emerald weapons off FF7. All you need to do is equip one or more of you characters with cat-nip and use Trigger-happy (Lv3 a must) or one of the mixed ingredients you get from the Samurai sphere it's a bit like sunburst but better. Keep using this tactic until it finally topples, but watch out for it's Unatural Selection ability which immediately ejects you from the battle. The rewards are great the exp. is through the roof and the Ap. is about 20-30 so happy battling. submitted by: Michael Connor location of every dressphere Read all of the Dresspheres before you end a chapter because some dresspheres require you to talk with people in earler chapters and you cannot go back. There are 17 dresspheres in all. 3 of them are specal dresspheres the rest are regular dresspheres that everyone can use. There is the Gunner, Thief, Gun Mage, Warrior, Alchemist, Samurai, Dark Knight, Berserker, Songstress, Black Mage, White Mage, Lady Luck, Trainer, and Mascot. Specal Dresspheres include Yuna- Floral Fallal, Rikku- Machina Maw, Paine-Full Throttle. Dresspheres in Chapter 1 Gunner, Warrior, Songstress, Thief, Black Mage, White Mage, and Gun Mage. Gunner- You start the game with it. Warrior- You start the game with it. Songstress- You start the game with it. Thief- You start the game with it. Black Mage- After you complete the mission on top of Mt. Gagazet and you watch the sphere, Shinra will give you the Black Mage Sphere. White Mage- Before you do the Zanarkand mission do the Besaid mission. In the cave when you recover the sphere you will get the White Mage Sphere. Gun Mage- Before you do the Zanarkand mission do any thing elese you need to do in the chapter for other Dresspheres and go to the Moonflow, Talk to a little peguin man named Tobli. He will ask you to find his supply wagon. It is located between Djose Temple and the Moonflow. Help the wagon get back to Tobli and he will give you the Gun Mage Sphere for your help….Now that you have done every thing you need to you can do the Zanarkand mission. Dresspheres in Chapter 2 Floral Fallal, Full Throttle, Alchemist, Machina Maw , and Dark Knight. Floral Fallal- Djose Temple road, as your going down the road there will be an orange glowing ball on the ground to the right of the screen. Full Throttle- Macalania woods (the area where you get the first Ject sphere in FFX for those of you have played ffx) for those of you who haven’t played it I would recommend playing it. ok when you come off of the road that is in the sky and you come to an intersection of 4 paths it’s the one going up and to the right. Keep talking to Tromell to get the Full Throttle Sphere. Alchemist- Calm lands old monster arena. You need to let clasko on the ship in Chapter 1. Talk to him on the mushroom rock road in Chapter 1. In Chapter 2 enter the Calm Lands and if you have Clasko a video of him running to the old monster arena will start you must follow him. Fight all the feinds in the arena then after you beat the final boss (3 blue elements) you will get the Alchemist Sphere. Machina Maw- located in the Bikanel Desert in the Oasis by the water. Dark Knight- Located in Bevelle in a chest to the left right before you fight Baralai. Dresspheres in Chapter 3 Lady Luck, Berserker, Trainer, and Samurai. Lady Luck- In Luca beat Shinra in sphere break. Berserker- Macalania agency beat 6 feinds in a row to get the Berserker Sphere. Trainer- Mt. Gagazet, you must talk to Kimahri in Chapter 1 and 2 for him to give you the Trainer Sphere. Samurai- Kilika Island, In the temple right before you go through the last door theirs an orange Sphere on the ground in the big open pit area. Dresspheres in Chapter 4 None. Dresspheres in Chapter 5 Mascot. Mascot- Airship Celsius, complete all of the hot spots except Bevelle and you will get the Mascot Sphere when you return to the bridge from the last area you complete. Now I will tell you where every one of the cactuars are. Lobivia- Bikanel Desert, Oasis. Toumeya- Besaid Island, Beach. Lobeira- Guadosalam Chateau, Ormi’s room. Areg and Arroja- Calm Lands, Gagazet Entrance. Islaya- Thunder Plains North, near tower 9. Chiapa- Kilika Island, Hidden Overlook. Erio- Mt. Gagazet, Summit. Bartschella- Kilika Port, Dona’s House. That’s all of them. I hope this cheat helps you find all the Dresspheres and Cactuars. submitted by: Bryan Easy way to deafeat all Aeon's The easiest way to Kick.. it's..(well you know the rest) Is to teach Paine the Skill Assult this will cast basically all the stuff that you may need for a warrior stat's (Hint hint) This will kill shiva in about 3 turn's of each character (Pay attention to paine's health while doing this) Also watch out for the Aeon's over drive's (Word to the wise Delay attack/Buster will stop the Aeon's Limit break's Oblivion Diamond dust Hell fire Thor's hammer ect. submitted by: Leviathan SoH Invincible (Accessory) In Kilika there is a guy with a camera on the dock in the second section talk to him in chapter 1,3 and in 5. in chapter 5 when you talk to him he will ask u if you wanna check it out by sending you by ferry on the youth league headquarters in Kilika there will be a yellow X indicating a location where a chest holds Invincible the accessory that allows you to break damage limit. submitted by: Aaron K. Memories Ever wanted to watch the films over again ? ... well this is your lucky day because you can! all you have to do is go to luca on your airship search around untill you find a weird shaped building go inside and speak to the lady at the counter ( you have to buy the films or music spheres ) and click on go to sphere hall or somthing like that and watch one of your films you seen so far! note ( my best one is 1000 words its wicked i recommed it to all of you final fantasy fans out there!! submitted by: Final Cloud get YRP in a hot spring On chapter 2 on mount gagazet you can get the gang in the hot spring ! all you have to do is keep on going up and you will soon find a ledge the same colour as the stone round the spring . go onto the ledge and watch the cutscene submitted by: paul 99% or 100% On completion of chapter one After your fight with YSLS-ZERO you can choose between Youth League Or New Yevon. Choose New Yevon and you can only complete the game 99% and if you choose Youth League You can complete the game 100%. The choise is yours. Submitted by Panda. The four Ciphers cheat On Besaid Island where you have to find Wakka just keep running until you see a box on the left of the screen that looks like a calculator. Runto the box and press X. Enter the code 3224 and the doors will open. Submitted by panda Who is the unknown guy If you look at the dossiers on the celsius you will find an unknown person ( you will learn more about him near the end of the game ) but after you meet the tidus look-a-like the image changes and the unknown person is tidus Do you want proof ? then just look at his glove and any other thing tidus has different because they are the same as before. that one IS tidus submitted by: Paul Gun Mage's Blue Bullet Want to master the Gun Mage's DSP but don't have all Blue Bullet's abilities? Here are all of the Blue Bullets abilities. Fire Breath (Bariivaruha) In Chap.3,4&5 at Thunder Plains, Calm Lands & Mount Gagazet. Seed Cannon (1.Leucophylla 2.Cephalotus) 1.In Chap.3&5 at Besaid, Calm Lands, Mt.Gagazet & Bevelle Tower Floors 24-26 2.In Chap.3&5 at Besaid, Mi'hen & Bevelle Tower Floors 30-32. Stone Breath (1.Tomb 2.Monolith 3.Dolmen 4.Epitaph) 1.In Chap.3&5 at Djose, Calm Lands & Bevelle Tower Floors 27-29. 2.In Chap.5 at Farplane & Bevelle Palace Floors 61-64. 3.In Chap.5 at Besaid, Kilika, Mushroom Rock, Djose & Farplane. 4.In Chap.5 at Fiend Colony & Bevelle Palace Flooors 75-79. Absorb (1.Protochimera 2.Haizhe 3.Baralai 4.Flan Azabache 5.Jahi 6.Cindy 7.Vegnagun) 1.In Chap.1,2,3&5 at Kilika, Bikanel & Mt.Gagazet. 2.In Chap.1,2&5 at Macalania & Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19. 3.In Chap.2. 4.In Chap.5 at Ruins Depths & Bevelle Tower Floors 65-69. 5.In Chap.5 at Farplane & Bevelle Palace Floors 75-79. 6.In Chap.5 at Farplsne (boss) 7.End of Chap.5. White Wind (1.Big Bully Cap 2.Coeurl 3.Queen Coeurl 4.Mycotoxin 5.Ms.Goon) 1.In Chap.5 at Bikanel & Bevelle Tower Floors 50-59. 2.In Chap.1,2&5 at Besaid, Calm Lands & Bevelle Tower Flors 7-9. 3.In Chap.2,3&5 at Besaid, Kilika, Mihen, Guadosalam & Calm Lands. 4.In Chap.3&5 at Mihen, Mt.Gagazet & Zanarkand. 5.In Chap.1 at Zanarkand. Bad Breath (1.Malboro 2.Great Malboro) 1.In Chap.3,4&5 at Besaid, Thunder Plains & Bevelle Tower Floors 24-26. 2.In Chap.5 at Farplane & Bevelle Tower Floors 70-74. Mighty Guard (1.Haizhe 2.Garik) 1.Chap.1,2&5 at Macalania & Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19. 2.Chap.3 at Mt.Gagazet (boss) Supernova (1.Ultima Weapon 2.Paragon) 1.Chap.5 at Ruin Depths & Bevelle Palace Floors 47-49. 2.Chap.5 at Bevelle Bottom Floor. Cry In The Night (Mega Tonberry) Chap.5 at Bevelle Palace Floor 41. Drill Shot (Baralai) Chap.5 at Mushrom Rock (Den of Woe) Mortar (Gippal) Chap.5 at Den of Woe. Annihalator (Experiment) Chap.5 at Djise Temple. Heaven's Cataract (1.Kukulcan 2.Gucumatz 3.Chac) 1.Chap.2&5 at Bevelle & Bevelle Tower Floors 16-19. 2.Chap.3&5 at Mushroom Rock, Thunder Plains, Bikanel & Zanarkand. 3.Chap.5 at Bevelle Tower Floors 80-84. 1000 Needles (Cactuar) Chap.5 in Cactuar Cave. Storm Cannon (Ironside) Chap.3,4&5 at Kilika, Thunder Plains & Zanarkand. Blaster (Coeurl & Queen Coeurl) See White Wind

Full Spectrum Warrior
a code. Then, create a new profile and begin the game. Note: This effects gun, but not grenade ammunition. U.S. Army version: Enter HA2P1PY9TUR5TLE as a code. Then, create a new profile and begin the game. Concept FMV sequence: Successfully complete the game. Prevent deaths: When you start your objective, and a few of your men die, the game prompts you to press X to load from last save. Then it asks you to press Circle to begin a replay at last save point. Press Circle and you can fast forward the replay. Just before your men die on the replay, press Start. Scroll down the pause menu and select "Jump into replay". Then, stop your men from entering enemy territory. Submitted by: Codec Marking enemies: This trick will help you through most of your missions by marking your enemies. Press R2 to bring up your GPS at any time then press Square. You will hear a woman's voice, and after about a minute she will mark the targets on your GPS. Be very careful, as there are some people that she cannot find. Submitted by: Codec