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Need for Speed 4: High Stakes

Click the photo mini- game

Select the "Credits" icon after the game loads and use the option to change the display from text to photographs. Then, repeatedly click on the pictures as they appear until a "Click The Photo" mini-game begins.

Cheat codes

Enter the following codes at any menu to activate the function for any race: All tracks - TRACKS

All cars - CARS

Bonus car - ACAR

Bonus car - BCAR

Bonus car - CCAR

Bonus car (Hot Pursuit mode) - DCOP

Bonus car (Hot Pursuit mode) - ECOP

Bonus car (Hot Pursuit mode) - FCOP

Drive as traffic cars (Arcade mode) - TP XX( XX= 00-15)

Upgrade engine (Arcade mode) - GOFAST

Upgrade automatic transmission (Arcade mode) - MONKEY

Low gravity (Arcade mode) - MOON

Super human opponents (Arcade mode) - MADLAND

Extra money (Career mode) - GATES

Free purchase (Career mode) - BUY

No upgrades (Career mode) - UP0

First upgrade (Career mode) - UP1

Second upgrade (Career mode) - UP2

Third upgrade (Career mode) - UP3

Unlock all tiers (Career mode) - ALLTIERS

Unknown - OUTMYWAY

Unknown - RESETY

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