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Streets Of Valhalla
Green Day: Rock Band
StarCraft II
Mario Game: Koopa: A Winter's Tale


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Madden NFL 2002
and choose to be the home team. When the other team is selecting, continuously press [L] + [R] until the referee announces the results of the coin toss. 99% of the time, it will be the opposite of what the other team picked. Submitted by: Cmaster Have receivers wide open Call a passing play, preferably a Slant play. Hike the ball and display the passing options. Run your quarterback to the right (do not press [X]). When you are almost at the sidelines, press [R] he will often be wide open. Touchdown sounds Press one of the following buttons when you score a touchdown to make sounds while the player is celebrating. Blow horn: Press [B]. Whistle: Press [A]. "Pow!": Press [R]. "Whew": Press [L].

Super Mario World
e left to recieve a 3-up, then walk right and float down from the gap. Try to float onto the other side of the two orange tubes. Next, fly right. This space is also high, so try to fly very high. There is a gap in this wall, too. Enter the gap and enter the green tube. You will now be in a bonus room. Play the game to try to earn bonus lives. submitted by: Alexa Yoshi's Island 1: 3-up Begin the level as Caped Mario (Luigi doesn't work as well). Work your way to the mid-way point. Then, fly by holding the 'B' button to run. When Mario's arms are stretched out, hit the 'A' button without letting go of the B button. Press the Up and Right Arrows to fly higher. Try to fly as high as you can. Soon, you will see a moon. Grab it to recieve a 3-up. Note: You can only get this once. To recieve it again, quit and restart the game. submitted by: Alexa Donut Plains 4 - Extra Lives When you have completed Donut Plains 4, go back, break the wire at the midpoint and save. Just beyond the midpoint is a valley with a winged Fireball you need to spin jump or otherwise kill. Bump the blocks above and Yoshi will hatch from an egg. Now hit “start” and “back” and repeat, this time with Yoshi of course, and this time the egg will be a 1-UP that will roll nicely towards you. Repeat as desired. submitted by: Kudo Super Mario Brothers remix If you sit at one of the levels in Special World for about 5 minutes, you'll start to hear a Super Mario Brothers remix. 50+ extra lives Go to the secret level Vanilla Secret 2. Go all the way to where the Gray switch appears. Carry it back to the mid-way point of the level, step on it, and then run all the way to the left. All the koopas at the beginning will become Gray Coins, which will give you points and lots of 1-ups, 2-ups, and 3-ups as you collect them. Re-enter Castles and Fortresses you have already beaten When you beat a castle or fortress, you normally cannot enter it again. Go to the castle or fortress you want to play again and Press L+R at the same time In-game reset: Hold Start + Select + A + B during game play. Easy mode: Press Select at the main title screen for an easier game. Play as Luigi: Press R at the world map. Ending bonuses: Successfully complete all 96 goals to get another color scheme for the world map, alternate enemies, a new introduction sequence featuring Yoshi, and other changes. You will also be able to start at any location on the map. Press Select at the main screen, then select a level at the status screen. Press A to start at that level instead of moving to it on the map. Retro stage: Clear all the five levels on Star Road by finding the hidden keys and locks in all of the levels. When you do this on the fifth level, a warp star should appear on the hill in the middle of the map. This will take you to the Special Zone, where you can play on 8 retro levels. Blue Switch Palace in World 5: Pass the half way mark. If you lost your Cape Feather, Fire Flower, and/or Mushroom, press Start and choose "Save And Quit." Then, head back to Super Mario World. Once there, go to Yoshi Island 4 and pick up the Mushroom and Fire Flower. Go to Donut Plains 1 and pick up a Feather. Go to start and press back on both of these levels once you have them all. Return to Forest Of Illusion 2, and you will be at the halfway mark. As soon as you find a Rip Van Fish sleeping on the bottom of your screen, pass that sleepy fish. There is a good chance that you will get hurt. You will find a key. Pick it up and head for the nearby key hole. You will complete that level and a path will show you where the Blue Switch Palace is located. Chocolate Island 1: Extra life: Carry the Jumping Spring located near the goal to the goal as you pass through it. The spring will turn into a 1-up Mushroom. Chocolate Mountain 2: Easy completion: Have a Yoshi and run through the first part until you reach the warp pipe. Enter it (you should have blue Yoshi). You will ow be at a place with hills and flying turtles. Eat a turtle, then fly to the top of the screen. Keep flying until you bump into the wall. Then, go left and enter the warp pipe as you can. You will be at a place with Chargin' Chucks that throw baseballs at you. Go to the end of that to find a key and keyhole. Donut Plains 1: Get Caped Mario or Luigi fast: Jump on the first red caped Troopa. Once you get the Feather, do not step on the shell-less Troopa. Return to where you saw the caped Troopa. It will be there again. Step on it to get another Feather. Donut Plains 1: Chased by birds: From the half-way point, go forward until you reach a blue pipe coming out of the ground. Go inside this pipe. Once there, you will notice a stage with many coins in the air. First, hit the big coin in the beginning of the stage to reveal a counter telling you how many coins there are. You must collect all of the coins in this level. You can do so by gliding through the air with caped Mario or Luigi. Once you get all 600 coins, you will get three lives and a flock of colored birds. Anywhere you move in that stage, the birds will follow you, even in the air. Donut Plains 1: Quick completion: As you begin, run to the first caped Koopa and stomp on it. A Feather will appear. Get it to get the Cape and fly -- run, then leap but keep holding B. You will soar high into the sky. Then, press the D-pad in the opposite direction that you are facing. Keep pressing the D-pad in that direction until you reach the tape. Donut Plains 2: Secret exit: Duck into the second green pipe, then press R to smash down and reach the shell. Toss it up at the highest yellow block to reveal a vine to Green Switch Palace. Donut Secret 2: Extra lives: Unleash the Starman at the start of the level at the top of the vine. Get it then run very fast to the right. Near the end will be another block, all alone. While still invincible, hit the block and another Starman will appear. Plow through the long line of enemies. They will produce points, then extra lives. Forest Of Illusions: Extra lives: Enter the first level of Forest Of Illusions and go through until you reach the block with the changing power-ups. Hit it when it changes to a Feather, and grab it when it changes into a Star. Run through the next part, hitting as many enemies as you can. You will receive about at least 15 lives. Exit and repeat as many times as desired. Forest Of Illusions 4: Extra lives: Complete the level, then go into it again. There will be a cloud with a Koopa holding a 1-Up Mushroom. Get the Mushroom, press Start, then select the "Back" option. Repeat this to get as many extra lives as needed. Forest Secret Area: Extra lives: Go to the Forest Secret Area with a super cape equipped. Jump onto the first set of flying blocks and move in between the first and second block. When you are there, start spinning (press B rapidly). You will eventually hit a red turtle that will keep hitting your cape as you spin, giving you points and eventually lives. Note: The position of Mario may have to be adjusted slightly to get all 17 of the lives. Ghost House 1: Top Secret Area: Two Feathers are required for this trick. Go to the first Ghost House, then run and jump while you are Caped Mario. Fly to a ledge. Run forward then run back toward the entrance. Jump to reach the ledge. Run right and you will fall and find four yellow blocks and a door. Break the four blocks to get extra lives, then go through the door. Go through the goal and you will go to a happy hill and the Top Secret Area. You can get one Yoshi, two Fire Flowers, and two Feathers here. You can return here as many times as desired.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
ge's place. They have lots of goodies there! Werewolf Lupin After you have rescued Buckbeak, go to the lake and wait a few seconds and Hermione will howl and Lupin will come. In order to defeat him you must keep Buckbeak alive, and you keep Buckbeak alive by turning it invisible using the fumos spell. Dont waste any of your sp because none of your spells does very much damage.Notice that lupin only goes after Buckbeak. Submitted by: Halden Secret chests Complete your collection of wizard cards to unlock the five secret chests on floor five. The first chest contains the Tea Leaf mini-game, which is playable from the main menu. The second chest gives you four or five good cloaks. The third chest gives you a Golden Snitch and levels up your party by one. The fourth chest gives you Spellotape A Charm for Hermione. The last chest levels up everyone in your party by two levels. The rewards can be used again each time you start the game over. Easy experience To gain a group of levels at once, you must be at Hogwarts. Go up to the seventh floor. Make sure you have about 1,000 Sickles. Buy as many Cards (Chocolate Frogs) as possible. Check your Folio Universita. Go to the card combo called "Extra Exp". If you have nine of each of the cards needed for that combo (except for the far left one, which is a rare) proceed to a battle with a few very easy enemies, or possibly a Boss. You will want to have all three people with you. Use Harry to use your card combo, Hermione to use Fumos Duo or Uno, and Ron to heal. Once you cannot use the card combo anymore, defeat the Boss or enemy. Submitted by: Halden Force opponent to miss When in battle, and your opponent is attacking, keep pressing [B]. Your opponent should miss about 75% of the time. Harry Potter Wizard card Successfully complete the game to get the Harry Potter Wizard card. Use the card in battle to teach everyone in your party all possible spells and spell levels. Tea Leaf mini-game Get all of the Famous Witches And Wizards Collectors Cards and go to the fourth floor. Five chests will be inside. One of them contains the Tea Leaf mini-game. Wizard Cracker Pop-It mini-game After about three quarters of the way through the game, you will attend a dinner. You will play this game at this point. After you play it, the game will be unlocked on your mini-game menu. Buckbeaks Hippogriff Guide mini-game After getting all five Monster Book Of Monsters, go back to Hagrid's hut. Hagrid will let you ride Buckbeak. After you ride him, this mini-game will be unlocked. Ridikulus Boggart Challenge mini-game At some point you will attend Professor Lupin's Defense Against The Dark Arts class. You will face against a spider, Snape, a snake, and a mouse. After this, the mini-game will be unlocked.