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Rocket: Robot on Wheels


Secret Cave In Whoopie World

In Whoopie World go to where Paint Misbehavin' is and jump off right next to the edge and hold B. You should hook on to a ball with your tractor beam, then jump into to the cave next to it for a ticket.

Secret Entrance in Clowny Island

I have some good news and bad news . The bad news is that you can't get in BEE-WARE. The good news is, there is another way. Go into the dunes and once you go down the ramp go right. You'll find a stick with bees on it. Go in it.

All vehicles

While playing, pause the game and hit Up, Down, Z, R, Left, Up, Down, Left, and then Down twice.

Starcraft 2 Map - The Last Hope beta
Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for Genesis
Mario Game: Lakitu Shooter
Big 8 Solitaire
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa


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International superstar soccer 64
the team selection screen and you'll see a another group of teams, the All Stars.

Madden 99
nd Browns

Forsaken 64
B(2), R, Up, Left, Down, C-Up, C-Left when "Press Start" appears on the opening screen. The phrase "Got it" will be spoken and a message will appear to confirm correct code entry. Infinite weapon energy Pause game play and press L, Z, Left, Right, Down(2), C-Down(2). Infinite secondary weapon Pause game play and press B(2), Z, Left(2), C-Up, C-Left, C-Right. Skip Begining Press the reset button when the white writing appears at the start and the next time through you can press A and it will skip credits. Invincibility Press A, Z(2), Up, Left, Left-C(2), Down-C when "Press Start" appears on the opening screen. Psychedelic mode Press A, R, Left, Right, Down, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down when "Press Start" appears on the opening screen. Paused opponents Pause game play and press R, Z, Right(2), C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Down. Wire-frame mode Press L(2), R, Z, Left, Right, C-Up, C-Right when "Press Start" appears on the opening screen. Level skip Press A, R, Z, Up(2), C-Up, C-Down(2) when "Press Start" appears on the opening screen. The phrase "Missions Open" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Any level and battle mode may now be accessed. Infinite Solaris missiles Pause game play and press B, L(2), Z, Up, Down, C-Up(2). Infinite Stealth Mantle Pause game play and press Up(4), Right, Down, C-Left(2). Infinite Titan missiles Pause game play and press A, B, L, Up, Up, C-Up(2), C-Left. Invisibility Pause game play and press A, Z(2), Up, Left, C-Left(2), C-Down. Instant kills Pause game play and press B(3), L, R, Left, Down(2). Fast start Press the reset button when the first screen appears. When the game restarts, press Start to skip the series of opening screens. Extra characters There are eight bonus characters in the game: Septre, Ex-Cop, Jo, Nubia, Cerbero, Mephistofun, HK-5, and Dr Nepenthe (Nutta). Find and kill them during normal game play or on one of the eight battle mode levels. The corresponding character may now be accessed on the Biker selection screen. Battle mode Successfully complete the game and save to a controller pak. Load the saved game and press B to return to the selection screen. Battle mode contains three options, one for each of the three main levels. Change ships between missions Use the following steps to change your ship between missions in single-player mode. After starting a single player game, enter multi-player mode. Choose the desired ship, then press B to exit. Select single player mode from the main menu, and answer "No" when prompted about a new game. Game play will resume with the ship that was selected in multi-player mode. Hints & Tips Easy Manmek kill Attack from directly above. Medium difficulty path Complete level 1 in less than 2:30 to reach the medium difficulty path. Easy kill in Multi-player mode Use the Titan bombs for an easy kill. They are usually in the same three or four spots per level. Just stay clear once they are used. Hard difficulty path Achieve the following tasks to reach the hard difficulty path: Complete level 1 in less than 1:40. Begin game play on the "Catch The Orb" medium difficulty level. Kill the third bounty hunter without collecting the false golden matter orb. After killing him, take the real orb that he leaves. Return to the start to play in the hard difficulty path. Begin game play on the "Power Down" medium difficulty level. Reach the end of the level, hit all three switches, kill all enemies, and shoot the center of the unarmored reddish eye. Note: Destroying the eye while it remains armored will keep you in the medium difficulty path.

Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction
es, Ace, Sedusa, Buttercup 33%, 0%, 100% Blossom, Billy, Ace, Mojo, Ace 33%, 0%, 100% Blossom, Billy, Buttercup, Mojo, Bubbles 33%, 17%, 0% Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Sedusa, Ace 33%, 17%, 100% Blossom, Bubbles, Billy, Sedusa, Mojo 33%, 33%, 67% Blossom, Billy, Billy, Mojo, Blossom 33%, 33%, 83% Blossom, Bubbles, Bubbles, Sedusa, Blossom 33%, 50%, 83% Blossom, Billy, Bubbles, Mojo, Buttercup 33%, 50%, 100% Blossom, Bubbles, Sedusa, Sedusa, Sedusa 33%, 67%, 50% Blossom, Billy, Fuzzy, Mojo, Mojo 33%, 83%, 67% Blossom, Bubbles, Mojo, Sedusa, Billy 33%, 100%, 17% Blossom, Bubbles, Princess, Sedusa, Fuzzy 33%, 100%, 33% Blossom, Billy, Mojo, Mojo, Fuzzy 33%, 100%, 33% Blossom, Billy, Princess, Mojo, Sedusa 33%, 100%, 50% Blossom, Fuzzy, Blossom, Princess, Ace 50%, 17%, 0% Bubbles, Fuzzy, Princess, Princess, Buttercup 100%, 100%, 100% Combo move Press B(2), A to do a combo move that does more damage to an opponent. Throw objects Approach an object and press the C-Down to pick up the item. Hold B to throw it at an opponent. Note: Hold B longer to increase the damage to your opponent. Flying kick Press A while flying. Laser Eye attack Collect three Chemical X vials to set your Chemical X meter to full. Press R to execute the Laser Eye attack.