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Dragonheart: Fire & Steel


Camelot : X K 6 D L J T C X T 6 T B X H Battlefield : P J X W K L 3 4 W H K 4 T Z S Caer Einonoch 1 : X T G J C 4 G 4 W G 3 4 D H B Caer Einonoch 2 : J F T G B 9 9 H H Z C D H 3 Q Caer Einonoch 3 : B B X M Q Z P C Q W C M R Z Q Final : R V H D S L X 7 Q P 3 7 C J X

Sims3 - Lily Allen
Mario Game: Yoshi's Tower
Pool House - PocketPC
Sudoku Works 4 Kids


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Warpath: Jurassic Park
of six bonus characters can be unlocked. Exhibition mode Successfully complete arcade mode on any difficulty setting with eight regular and five bonus characters to unlock exhibition mode. Bonus FMV sequence Successfully complete arcade mode on any difficulty setting with all fourteen characters to view a FMV sequence featuring dinosaurs. Alternate appearance Successfully complete survival mode to unlock an appearance for the character that was used. Press Triangle at the character selection to change their appearance. Invulnerability Successfully complete survival mode without using any continues to unlock the "Invulnerability" option.

Gran Turismo
the cars handle and which driving techniques you'll need for later races. Tip: When picking a car at a dealer, don't buy the most expensive car at first. Instead, use the extra cash you save to upgrade your car; this will help you consistently place higher and ultimately win more money and races. $16 Million : At the screen where you choose Simulation or Arcade, press Start + Select. Faster Acceleration To accelerate faster, rev your engine during the countdown. Be sure to go from the lowest point in neutral to the hightest point in neutral, and back down to the lowest point in neutral as many times as you can before you go. Easy money On the screen after you choose simulation press X,O,L1,L2,R1,R2 and X,O and you will get 10 million [send by:] Easiest way to get the Concept Car after you choose Simulation go to dodge. Then go to the concept car and press X,X ,O,O,L1,L1,L2,L2 and then triangle and square. [send by:Pedro] Get some speed Then smash a wall at a 90 degree angle Hug the wall for about half a lap As soon as you do that get off the wall quickly and start driving on the road. Enjoy your speed! Hi-Fi Mode, Bonus Cars and Bonus Tracks To get all the bonus items in Arcade mode, which include the four other tracks (Autumn Ring, Deep Forest, SSR5, and Grand Valley Speedway), all the other cars (Toyota, Subaru, Dodge, and TVR), the ending movie, and Hi-res GT Mode, you have to beat every single track with each type of car (A, B, and C) under all three modes of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Difficult.) Hidden Video of the GT Staff In Arcade Mode, first get the hidden tracks, then, on every track, take 1st place with any car in A,B, and C class mode on Normal setting or higher. Then go to Bonus Items, you'll see "Staff Video" on the menu. Super Car Super car get a gto twin turbo (mitsubishi) sup it up all the way and it should be able to hit 248 mph.

Bubble Bobble
us level R1 - Warp to next level R2 - View debug menu R1 - Hide debug menu Original Game To play the original version of Bubble Bobble press Right, Left, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up at the title screen. In this mode you can enter the diamond rooms even if you die. Thunder Bubble Glitch Do the Debug Code. During the game, press R2 to bring up the debug menu. Go to map 63 and press L2. You will go to stage 100 where there are thunder bubbles. Press R2 again and go to map 0 and press L2. You will have the thunder bubbles with you on stage 1. Now you can easily beat the game.