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Combat Task Force 121


Level Select

For Level Select, complete the game in Campaign Mode under Easy difficulty.

Team chat:

Hold A to use the team chat feature.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - BTS Four Worlds Trailer
Eternal Daughter
Princess Marian XI: Light re-leaf


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Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
Hill Giant Medal - 10 Minutes on Hill Infantry Badge - Making 50 Kills Meritorious Service Medal - Win 10 out of 20 games Purple Heart - Being Saved 5 times by a Medic Sniper rifle zooming Click and hold the (Right Analog-stick) to zoom in to the maximum with the sniper rifle. Alternately, hold (R) and click and hold down the (Right Analog-stick). Mogadishu Mile mission As soon as the mission starts, run in front of the last AAV. Jump on the front of it and catch a free ride to the end of the mission. By doing this, you will be on top of it when they speed up and will not have to catch up. This results in you completing the mission faster and easier. Black Hawk Down mission Take an assault soldier with a M16 M203 or carbine 15 M203. Shoot them at the top of the broken buildings. You may might kill snipers easily if they are up there.

NASCAR Thunder 2003
s a name at the create a car screen. Dale Earnhardt Enter "Dale Earnhardt" as a name at the create a car screen. Submitted by: Michael Unlock new paint scheme: Use a driver with a paint scheme and win a race on veteran or legend to unlock a new paint scheme. Unlock championship win videos, Thunder Plate: Win 1 championship on the career mode racing the 36 race mode. You will unlock Thunder Plate Championship win 1. Win 5 championships on the career mode racing the 36 race mode. You will unlock Thunder Plate Championship win 5. Win 8 championships on the career mode racing the 36 race mode. You will unlock Thunder Plate Chamionship win 8. Unlock fantasy driver- Kitt Paint: Win the 36 race championship in career mode twice on easy and you will unlock the fantasy driver Kitt Paint. His car is the primor car thats on the create a car screen. (supplied by: nascar d08) Unlock fantasy driver - Buster Auton: When you win 170 thunder plates you will be awarded Buster Auton. He is the last thunder plate. He is a fantasy driver and he drives the pontiac pace car. This car has no damage but you can cut a tire. Submitted by: Michael Unlock Busch series cars/and legends: Each time you beat a race on the lighting challenge, you will unlock 2 drivers as thunder plates. The first driver will be Richard Petty, then you will unlock up to 23 Busch series cars plus other legends. Besides Petty there is Beny Parsons, Bobby Allison, Alan Kawicki, Tiny Lund, Elmo Langly, Junior Johnson, Cale Yarborough. Dale Earnhardt will also be one of the legends but he can be unlocked automatically by typing in his name. Get pole position Before running a veteran race in quick race mode, take the Thunder license and complete all three levels of the test for the desired track. This will give the first (pole) starting position. Better acceleration and easier handling For all of the tracks except for Daytona and Talledega, go into car setup before the race. Change your tire pressure down to 15 psi for better acceleration and easier handling. For Daytona and Talledega, leave it at 25 psi. Pass easily Draft with the car in front of you for awhile. When you just come out of a turn, move over and you should pass him. You can also do this on a straight away, but it works much better coming out of a turn. Also, drafting helps fuel mileage and your speed. Submitted by: Michael Faster donuts on celebration When you win a race and start to celebrate, begin to do a donut. When you are spinning, hold the brake and your car will spin even faster. Tiburon Speedway track Go into the Lightning Challenges. Choose the one with Jimmie Johnson (Home Sweet California) and win the race to unlock the Tiburon Speedway and another Thunder Plate. Bristol: Easy win First, turn on the running line, and unlimited fuel and tires. Qualify as you would for any track. During the race, when the running line turns red, wait a moment before letting off the gas. Then, press the gas when you reach the green again. The car will automatically go high, and the other cars will slow down. You can go around them. It may take a few laps, but eventually you will be running in the front. This tactic can be adapted for all short tracks. When at Bristol Motor Speedway on the second lap, on the second turn the other cars will slow down. Bristol: Great crash Go to Bristol, turn around, and run directly into the lead car. If yellow flags are on, you will not be able to turn around. Daytona: Easy win Make sure the race is set on ten percent race length. Then, cause a crash on lap four. If done correctly, there should be a caution. Go into the pits, and ignore that fact if no one else also enters. You will probably be last, but there will soon be another caution and the leaders will come in. Stay out and do not pit. After the stop, you should be in first or second place. You will run low on gas, but you will not run out. Block and you will be able to win. Submitted by: Michael Unlock all the extra tracks: Race any track on legend or veteran in the quick race mode and any track you race at, and if you win, you will unlock a new hidden track. The bonus tracks that you will unlock are the tracks behind the normal tracks that say locked, such as the Alabama 500 at Talledega, that is the night race. For example if you win Taledega you unlock the Alabama 500. This goes with every other track except Indianapolis speedway, New Hampshire and Bristol. These tracks do not have hidden tracks.

Great Escape, The
, Y, X, Y, R, X, L, X(3), Y at the main menu. Note: This also unlocks The Greatest Escape mode. Unlimited ammunition and health: Pause game play with a gun and health kit in your inventory, then press Y, X, L, R, L, R, X, Y, L, Y(2), R. A message will confirm correct code entry. MacDonald: Mission 3: Before you finish mission 2 as MacDonald, make sure you are wearing the goon uniform. Slide down the zipline to end the mission. When the mission 3 starts, you should be wearing the goon uniform. This will enable you to easily race to the hut in front of you to answer the phone, and prevent the mountain forces from hearing about you in advance. You can now easily kill the first few guards on the mountain in disguise. However, make sure no other guard sees you killing them. The disguise works until you have to past the two guards near the spotlight. Ambush mission: Easy completion: Once you start, move quickly to the barn in front of you. Once there, do not bother with crawling through the hole in the wall. While outside, follow the guard that is walking around, but do not attack him. Use the first chance you get to go into the barn he is guarding and climb the ladder. Once there, slowly approach the guard and shock him until he dies. Once this is done, turn around and pick up the gun and ammunition. Turn around and talk to the people. After that, pull out the gun and kill the guard patrolling the barn. Next, run out the large doors and turn to the left. Follow that until you get to the point to where you have to kill the four men. Once done, go to the roadblock, then go to the booth. However, go outside the booth and pick up the detonator and other items. Turn around and go down the street. Kill all the men. Go into every building to pick up all the ammunition and guns. When you need to use a health pack, use it. Once at the bridge, place the dynamite and go left to the building that they tell you to go to. Once up on top, place the detonator, but do not push it until the clock-like timer is all most out of time, or just when the front car is on the bridge. After that, slowly kill everyone, one by one. Once again, go into every building you can to get the rocket launcher. Once everyone is dead and you are done, follow the red arrow until you get the item you are looking for. Getting the timetable: Once you have sneaked past the Kommandant, go to the hut with the timetable. There will be a guard next to it. If you pick it up, the guards will shoot you. Instead, go into the room behind the guard. Turn off the radio and he will leave the timetable. Run into the timetable room and pick it up, then go back inside the camp. Getting to the back of the train: Once you have the key, go to the room before the first class section. Use the key to open the silver barred door to your right. You will get weapons. Then, get on top of the train by climbing the ladder. There will be guards on top of the train. Shoot everyone and go down every ladder, as you will get swarmed by guards on top. When you go down the ladder, they come to you and you can kill them all. Once they are all dead, you can run to where you hid Blythe. Go to the jump off point and run through the door.

FIFA Street
he kits. Unlimited Gambreakers At the main menu,hold both the R and L triggers and press Y,X,X,B,Y,Up,Down,Right,Left. If you did it correctly, unlimited gamebreakers will be written across the screen . Any Player Selection After entering Rule the Street from the main menu, go to your headquarters and go to My Squad. Then, while holding up and the left trigger, press Y,X,X,Y,B,B and then a keyboard will appear. Type in the player's name and then he will appear. Then just swap him with a player of your choice. All clothes At the main menu, hold L and Y, and press Right x2, Left, Up x3, Down and Left. No sound will make, but go into Create Player and you will have all the kits. All apparel and footwear Hold L + Y and press Right(2), Left, Up(3), Down, Left at the main menu.

Burnout Revenge
your memory card. EA GT Racer: Finish the Central Route Challenge. Etnies Racer: Finish the Motor City Challenge. Euro Classic LM: Finish the Eternal City Challenge. Hot Rod: Finish the Lone Peak Challenge. Logitech World Racer: Finish the Rank 10 Ultimate Revenge GP. Low Rider: Finish the Angel Valley Challenge. Nixon Special: Finish the Eastren Bay Challenge. Revenge Racer: Finish 100% of the game. Dominator Assassin car Have a saved game from Burnout 3 on your memory card. Super-fast Crashbreaker in Crash Mode If you want to quickly do a crashbreaker on cars with a force 10 crashbreaker like the food mobile, hold down the Impact Time button before your crashbreaker meter goes to 100%. When the bar's full, it'll go back down a lot slower than normal, and you can shell out a crashbreaker in about half a second. Submitted by: Codec