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NFL Blitz


Cheat codes:

At the match-up screen in exhibition mode, press Start, B and A the indicated number of times.

ie: 2-3-1-Up means Start, Start, B, B, B, A, Up.

2-0-2-Right Desert field

2-2-2-Right Night game

3-2-3-Down Parking lot

3-3-3-Left No pointer

4-2-3-Down No fumbles

4-3-3-Up Invisible receiver

5-1-4-Up Unlimited turbo

5-5-1-Up Strange colors

0-0-6-Up Start in overtime

Quan Yin Sudoku
Crash Ball
Sims3 - Toddler Girly Swimsuit


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Z, S, V, 5 Level 15 D, X, 6, Z, 6

Tetris DX
ame will begin. Press [A] and remain idle for another 20 seconds. Fish will appear. If you repeat these steps, flying triangles will appear. Expert mode Press Start to pause game play, then press [Selec. The preview window will not show the next piece when game play resumes. Reverse movement Hold Left or Right while any piece except a straight bar or block is descending until it is against the wall. Then, keep holding [Lef or [Righ and rapidly tap [A]. Alternate screens Allow the game to remain at the main screen until demonstration mode begins. Press Select to display a screen featuring swimming fish. Press [A] to return to the next part of demonstration mode, then press [A] again to display a screen with confetti and the Nintendo logo. Press [B] to return to the next part of demonstration mode, then press [B]. Eventually a screen featuring a blackboard will appear.