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Road Trip: Adventure Avenue


Unlock Canyon Town

Collect 1 Q-Flag

Unlock Devil Tyres

Collect all 151 Car Bodies

Unlock Forest Town

Collect 1 Q-Flag

Unlock Grand Prix Championship

Collect 30 Q-Flags

Unlock Noise City

Collect 11 Q-Flags

Space Race

Place 1st in the Grand Prix Championship

Bioshock: Infinite 'Gameplay Demo' Trailer
Mount & Blade: Warband
Gravity Bombs
Tic Tac Toe Free
Sims3 - Naruto Ninja Under-Mesh Accessory V1-Requested


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Winning Eleven 5
eam Win the European Cup with the Dutch to unlock the Dutch/Holland Classic team. German Classic team Win the European Cup with Germany to unlock the German Classic team. Brazil Classic team Win the American Cup with Brazil to unlock the Brazil Classic team. Argentina Classic team Win the American Cup with Argentina to unlock the Argentina Classic team. Hidden master league players Win the Master League to unlock 33 master league players. The hidden players will appear on a new team that you can browse through in the Master League Team menu. Some hidden players include Mario Jardel, Roberto Baggio, Denilson, Jean Pierre Papin, and Michael Laudrup.

Kamen Rider 555

NBA Jam 2004
e 1-1-1-Down Child's Play (in exhibition mode) 1-1-1-Left Challenging Mode 1-1-1-Up Show Shot % 1-0-0-Down No Replays 1-0-0-Up No Fire 1-0-0-Left ABA Ball 0-2-0 Available after purchase Big Heads 2-0-0-Right 80's Filter 0-0-3-Right Beach Ball 2-0-1-Up Chain Nets 2-0-1-Down Iguana Gymnasium 0-1-0 Up Retro Celtics Arena 0-1-0 Down Retro Lakers Arena 0-1-0 Left Retro Bulls Arena 0-1-0 Right Venice Beach 0-1-1 Down Rucker Park 0-1-1 Left Acclaim Rooftop- 0-1-1 up No 2-Pointers 1-2-2 UP No 3-Pointers 1-2-2 Down No Goaltending 1 -2-2 Right Constant Hotspots 3-1-2 Up No Hotspots 3-1-2 Down Super Thug Mode 3-1-2 Right Quick Shot Clock 2-1-0 Up No Shot Clock 2-1-0 Down Slow Clock 2-1-0 Left Fast Clock 2-1-0 Right Constant Fire 3-1-3 UP Easy Fire 3-1-3 Down Fast Game 3-1-3 Left Unlimited Turbo 3-1-3 Right Powerup Team 0-0-0 UP Powerup Team 3 Pt. 2-2-2 Up Powerup Team Dunks 2-2-2 Down Powerup Team Blocks 2-2-2 Left Powerup Team Dribbles 2-2-2 Right Powerup Team Rebounds 2-3-2 UP Powerup Team Strength 2-3-2 Down Powerup Team Speed 2-3-2 Left Powerup Team Steals 2-3-2 Right Extra Big Heads 2-0-0 up Big Feet 2-0-0 Down Small Heads 2-0-0 Left Giant Team Mode 0-0-1 Up Small Team Mode 0-0-1 Down Pre-70s Motions 3-0-0 Up 70's Motions 3-0-0-Down 80's Motions 3-0-0-Left Pre-70's Announcer 0-3-0 Up 70's Announcer 0-3-0 Down 80's Announcer 0-3-0-Left 90's Announcer 0-3-0 Right Pre-70's Filter 0-0-3 Up 70's Filter 0-0-3 Left 80's Filter 0-0-3-Right Pre-70's Stlye 3-3-3 Up 70's Style 3-3-3 Down 80's Style 3-3-3 Right

Formula One 2004
n in simulation mode. Renault RE20 car Win the championship in career mode. Williams FW14B car Win a race in arcade mode. Alternate introduction sequence Get an entry in the top ten lap times in time attack mode. Control car preview When previewing a car, use the "Analog-sticks" to turn the wheels.

Music 3000
elect, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right at the main menu. Hidden skin 2: Press Select, Left(2), Right(2), Left(2), Right(2), Left(2), Right(2) at the main menu.