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Santa Claus: The Movie


Hidden OutTakes

Select [Extras] from the [Main Menu]. Highlight and click on the wooden reindeer to see outtakes from the movie.

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Godfather Collection, The
e Fredo in the boathouse. Do the same again, and see a rather grisly screen showing Vito's revenge! On the 5th disc (bonus selections) go to the [Family Tree]. Select Santinos branch. Highlight the photograph of [adul Sonny. Access the egg by highlighting James Caan's headshot. You will discover a brief snippet which was apparently part of James Caan's audtion. It is an amusing impersonation of Brando as Terry Malloy in "On the Waterfront". On the bonus disc, go to DVD credits. Push next twice. Arrow down from previous to next, press enter. The Soprano Regime are sittng around watching a stolen bootleg godfather dvd. Click on [Galleries], then [DVD Credits]. Hit [nex 4 times and you'll get an FBI warning screen you'll actually enjoy watching. On the [Bonus Materials] disc, go to the Family Tree section. Upon selecting any of the characters in this section, you will be taken to a [biography] screen of the character with their respective picture on the top of the screen. Simply push [up] on your controller, and you can select the picture. Selecting the picture gives you an acotr/actress bio... as of 1974!

ctually connects to a real answering machine where viewers can leave their comments, thoughts and feedback on the movie.

Rose Red
n Menu] by pressing the [Up] arrow key on your remote. If you press [Enter] now, you will be taken to an 8- minute reel of various trailers, including "Storm Of The Century", "The Dead Zone", "Monsterís Ball", "American Psycho 2" and an ad for the book "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life In Rose Red".