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Quake 2: The Reckoning


Cheat Codes

Type the folowing codes in the console:

god - God Mode (on/off)

notarget - No Target Mode (on/off)

noclip - No Clip Mode (on/off)

kill all - Kill All (including yourself)

sv_gravity - Set gravity (800 normal, 0-750 is less, 850 or higher is more)

cl_blend 0 - Blend into walls (1 to disable)

cl_footsteps 0 - Silent footsteps (1 to enable again)

cl_entities - Removes all except walls (for you only)

cl_forwardspeed # - Set running speed from 100-500 (200 normal, run 300)

cl_gun 0 - Gun view off (1 to enable again)

give all - Give all items

give weapons - Give all weapons

give [item] - Give an item (see item list below)

map [mapname] - Level Select (see map names list below)

Item names: ionripper, phalanx, trap, mag slug, dualfire damage.

Map names: The Swamps - xswamp, Sewers - xsewer1, Waste Sieve - xsewer2, Outer Compound - xcompnd1, Inner Compound - xcompnd2, Core Reactor - xreactor, The Warehouse - xware, Intelligence center - xintell, Industrial Facility - industry, Outer Base - outbase, Water Treatment Plant - w_treat, Badlands - badlands, Refinery - refinery, Lower Hangars - xhangar1, The Hangars - xhangar2, Strogg Freighter - xship, Cargo Bay - xmoon1.


Also see ...

rt bombs. Additionally, one of the following keys may be pressed to activate the corresponding cheat function. High score will not be recorded while cheat mode is enabled. Effect Key ------------------------------------------- Other six levels of expansion [F1] - [F5] Level skip [F8] Toggle cheat mode [F10]

FIFA 2002
All Americas Team, All Asia Team and All Europe Team CHEAT_UNLOCKED_TEAMS=1 Unlock tournaments UNLOCK_TOURNAMENT=1 Aggressive tackle cheat AGGRESSIVE_TACKLE_CHEAT=1 Equal team stats CHEAT_EQUAL_TEAM_STATS=0 Random teams CHEAT_RANDOM_TEAMS=1 CPU Demo mode DEMO_MODE=1 Windowed game WINDOWED=1 Cheat mode (alternate): Access the following cheat options at the rewards screen that must be unlocked during game play. Big Melon Win the European Champions' Cup. This cheat gives all players big heads. Crazy Ball Win the EFA Trophy. The ball can move in a crazy path when it is passed. Stay N Play Win the European Championships. The ball will always rebound from the touchline. They All Fall Down Win the Copa America. Your players will all fall down if the ball remains in possession for too long. Eye Catcher Win the Gold Cup. The ball will be giant sized. Small Pitch Win a league and score more than 200 goals. Scrimmage Win the Champion's League (ECC) and whatever League Title (i.e. Premeireship) under professional mode. All the lads are gone out for a pint and only five players remain. Its indoor footie at its finest. There are also no bookings. From Outside Win the Champion's League (ECC) and whatever League Title (i.e. Premeireship) under professional mode. From outside the 18 yard box, if you put the ball in the onion bag, the goal is worth two. Bonus tournaments: Win the following World Cup qualifications to unlock the corresponding bonus tournaments: Information in this section was contributed by Matt Kitt. AFC: Asians Nations Cup CONCEBOL: Gold Cup CONCACAF: Copa America UEFA: European Championships (Euro 2004) Complete all rewards except the last locked one to unlock the FIFA Confederations Cup. Panini cards: Win the following events to unlock the corresponding Panini cards at the rewards screen: AFC World Cup qualification: Myung Bo Hong UEFA World Cup qualification: Francesco Totti CONMEBOL World Cup qualification: Roberto Carlos CONCACAF World Cup qualification: Ruud Van Nistelrooy EFA: Nuno Gomez European Championship Cup: Iker Casillas European Championship: Thierry Henry Copa America: Henrik Larsson Gold Cup: Thomasz Rodzinski FIFA Confederations: Steve Marlet

Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome
to a dragon (no effect on the game) POW BIG MAMA - BabyPrez (Baby on trike) GRANTLINKSPENCE - Turns animals into Animal Kings. DIEDIEDIE - All opponents die RESIGN - You resign REVEAL MAP - Reveal the whole map PEPPERONI PIZZA - Gain 1000 food COINAGE - Gain 1000 gold WOODSTOCK - Gain 1000 wood QUARRY - Gain 1000 stone PHOTON MAN - Creates a nuke trooper GAIA - Lets you control the animals, but not your men HARI KARI - Commit suicide FLYING DUTCHMAN - Catapult ships can go on land NO FOG - Removes fog of war STEROIDS - Buildings and people are created instantly BIGDADDY - Fast car with a rocket launcher KILLX - Kill player X HOMERUN - Win the current scenario BIG BERTHA - Heavy catapults are stronger ICBM - Ballistas get 100 range points HOYOHOYO - Priests are faster and stronger DARK RAIN - Composite bowmen turn into trees BLACK RIDER - Horse archers become black riders UPSIDFLINTMOBILE - Chariot archers go super fast and fire very fast