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Blood Omen Legacy of Kain


Raise your blood level:

Go to the inventory screen. Press Up, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right and Left. Your blood level should rise.

Raise your magic level:

Go to the inventory screen. Press Right, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right and Left. Your magic level should rise.

Easy Artifacts:

To get 99 of any artifacts at the spirit forges trade in your blood for the artifacts and use the blood refill code. Continue this until you have 99 of whatever artifact you are recieving from the spirit forge. Alternatively, find the closest human that you can and use the control magic on them. Take them into the place that you can give blood for artifacts and talk to the blood. It will ask you to give blood, say yes and the guy will rip apart. Now when you look in your artifacts one should say 99

View all Videos:

To view all the video clips, press Left, Right, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Left while playing, then press Select and view the Dark Diary

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