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Bleach: Heat The Soul



Collect 50 cards to unlock Renji.

Renji's story

Collect 70 cards to unlock Renji's story.

Blackjack Card Counting Pro
The Silver Lining: What Is Decreed Must Launch Trailer
Sims3 - Modern Casanova
Control Monger


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Coded Arms
tton, then right after, switch to another weapon then switch back instantly, your clip should be full now. Bonus level Bonus level Beat the game once Unlock Weapons These weapon drops when you kill the boss. Judgement - Beat Sector 2 City boss - Enforcer Inferno - Beat Sector 2 Base boss - Colossus Onslaught - Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 10 Vulcan - Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 20 Neutron Gun - Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 30 Trident - Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 60 Copperhead - Beat Sector 2 Ruins Boss - Mantis Unlock Armour Defeate bosses in the infinity sector to unlock armour Surge Helm - Defete lvl 40 boss: Mantis Blast Helm - Defeate lvl 50 boss: Enforcer

Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory
t True Ending Beat the game twice to get the true ending with a cinematic cut scene. Gallery Pictures To unlock the gallery images for a boss, simply defeat him/her in the tower. Minos images - Defeat in lvl 3 Boss fight Briareos images - Defeat in lvl 4 Boss fight Sphinx images - Defeat in lvl 5 Boss fight Alkmaion images - Defeat in lvl 6 Boss fight Get rid of enemies in previously unlocked rooms If you enter a room that you had cleared out once before there may be enemies inside of it. If you see enemies when you enter a room, go back the way you entered and then enter the room again. The enemies will be gone

Tales of Eternia
ze menu of a new game+ file All cutscenes - Go into the Customize menu of a new game+ file All dialogue - Go into the Customize menu of a new game+ file Nereid's Labyrinth Dungeon - In a New Game+ file, go to the Orbus Barrier to find a new dungeon.

level 2 in versus the CPU Character 41: Beat level 3 in versus the CPU Character 42: Beat level 4 in versus the CPU Character 43: Beat level 5 in versus the CPU Character 44: Beat level 6 in versus the CPU Character 45: Beat level 7 in versus the CPU Character 46: Beat level 8 in versus the CPU Character 47: Beat level 9 in versus the CPU Character 48: Beat level 10 in versus the CPU Unlockable: Skins 45 Degrees: Finish all the normal puzzles in Puzzle Mode. Aback: Reach level 40 in Challenge Mode. Auto Mobile Industry: Complete level 2 versus the CPU. Big Elpaso: Reach level 70 in Challenge Mode. Brash: Complete level 8 versus the CPU. Chinese restaurant: Complete level 9 versus the CPU. Da-Di-Do: Reach level 52 in Challenge Mode Dark side beside the river: Complete level 36 in Challenge Mode Fly Into The Sky: Reach level 95 in Challenge Mode Get up and go: Reach level 90 in Challenge Mode Holiday In Summer: Reach level 60 in Challenge Mode I hear the music in my Soul: Reach level 32 in Challenge Mode Japanese Form: Complete level 1 in VS. CPU Just: Reach level 28 in Challenge Mode Lights: Reach level 100 in Challenge Mode Meguro: Reach level 80 in Challenge Mode Mekong: Complete level 5 in VS. CPU moon beam: Complete level 10 in VS. CPU Morning Beats: Unlocked by 20 hours of play time My Generation: Reach level 75 in Challenge Mode Please return my CD: Complete level 3 in VS. CPU prime factor: Complete all x2 puzzles in Puzzle Mode Rodent: 10 hours of play time Round About: Reach level 8 in Challenge Mode Shake Ya Body: Reach level 16 in Challenge Mode Sister Walk: Reach level 48 in Challenge Mode Slipping: Reach level 12 in Challenge Mode Spirits: Reach level 85 in Challenge Mode Square Dance: Reach level 20 in Challenge Mode Strangers: Reach level 56 in Challenge Mode Take A Dog Out A Walk: Reach level 65 in Challenge Mode Talk 2 You: Reach level 24 in Challenge Mode The bird singing in the night: Complete level 4 in VS. CPU The Spy Loves Me: Reach level 7 in VS. CPU Tin Toy: clear versus the CPU Urbanization: Reach level 4 in Challenge Mode Water, Flower & Lights: finish with 999,999 in Challenge Mode Whoop-De-Do: Beat level 6 in VS. CPU Working In The Hole: Reach level 44 in Challenge Mode