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All Items

Hold Up-Right + A + B when you are recuiting soldiers or equipping items. Garett MUST be highlighted when the buttons are pressed. All items will be available (including the Dragon Slayer) except for Warsong.

Note: This trick only works in the Japanese version. Also note that your cash will be reduced to zero if you do this.

Level Select

This trick is a bit complicated, but it does work.

Begin a game.

Press A to reduce the map.

Move the cursor to the upper left-hand side corner of the screen.

Move the cursor one space right and one space down.

Hold B until a scenario number appears. Press Up and Down to pick a stage.

You will begin the stage using the commanders you had when you entered the code.

Magic Items

Here's a list of magic items and some of their effects.

Item Effect

Great Sword = +2 attack

Shield = +4 defense

Wand = +2 attack

Cross = +2 defense

Amulet = +2 defense, increased influence area

Warsong Big = + for attack and defense

Dragon Slayer Bigger = + for attack

Evil Axe Enormous = + for attack, big - for defense

Orb Magic = takes half as much energy

Secret Character Class

I'm not sure how secret this is, but it's not mentioned in the manual. When a female Magic Knight reaches level 10, it can turn into a Ranger. The only problem is that a Ranger can't have soldiers of any sort. However, this isn't really a problem as she's EXTREMELY powerful.

Sound Test

To access the sound test, follow the Level Select instructions but enter the code on the normal map (don't reduce it.)

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