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Real Bout Fatal Fury Special


Play as Ex

At the character Select screen, highlight Andy, Billy, Tung,

or Mary, then press and hold START. While holding START

press B, B, C, C then press and hold B, wait for one

second, press and hold C, and wait one more second.

If you did it correctly, Ex should appear.

Shadow character s

At the character select, move to the character you choose

to play as, then do the following: Hold the start button

(don't let go of it!) Tap buttons in sequence: B, B, C, C.

Now hold down the B button for about a second. While still

holding B (and Start), press and hold the C button.

While holding these three buttons, press A or D to select

your character in Shadow form. You may now let go of all

the buttons. (A or D is used to select the color of your

character's clothes)

Starcraft 2 Map - Lost Arcanum
33 Corners: Adventure
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Dominoes Deluxe
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characters will appear, Devil, Strength, and Empress.

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King of Fighters 97
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