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Wings of Power: WWII Heavy Bombers and Jets


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Candy Racing Cup
James Bond: Quantum of Solace
Mario Game: Mario Mini Fishing
Mario Game: Sharky the Chain Chomp's Castle
Starcraft 2 Replay 0101 - Tarson[T] vs HasuObs[P]


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Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness
o screens - fastdemo Disable Orc traps - tombstone Disable enemy magic - noglues Disable total victory - never a winner Toggle cheat mode, disable intro - title Allow multiplayer game surrender - allowsync Display map, except for fog of war - on screen or showpath Display multi-player map - showmap Faster building, upgrades, and unit production - make it so Boost unit strength - it is a good day to die Reduce unit strengh - it is a nice day to die Instant win - unite the clans Instant loss - you pitiful worm Increases gold, wood, and oil - glittering prizes Increases oil - valdez or spycob Faster wood chopping - hatchet or axe & saw Armor and weapon upgrades - deck me out Spell upgrades - every little thing she does Win entire game - there can be only one Enable level select - tigerlily Jump to specified Orc level - orc Jump to specified Human level - human Go Bruins message u- cla Display flashing red line background - netprof FIEF mode - day Getting every spell Type in "Every little thing she does" to recieve all spells for mages, paladin, death knights, ogers, oger mages and even knights whithout being upgraded. send by:Andrew Holbart Tons of gold: At over 1,000,000 in gold, instead of displaying the amount of money you have the game will show "*tons*". Hear different unit phrases: Select a unit four times. Select it again to hear a different phrase. This may be done on every ground unit, air unit, and heroes. Depending on type, four to seven different phrases may be heard.

O.R.B. - Off-World Resource Base
OFF $GOD ON - No Effect? $GOD OFF - No Effect? $REPAIR ALL - Crashes Game $WEAKEN ENEMY - Lower Enemy Hulls