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Colony Wars 3: Red Sun


Cheat code option

Go to the "Home Station" and press R2(2), L2(2), R1(2), Select(2).

All weapons

Enter "Armoury" as a code.

Yahtzee 2010
Warcraft Maps: Bleach VS One Piece
The Treasures Of Mystery Island
Tig Duels


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Superbike 2000
Races Modifier 800AD260 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD264 00?? Aaron Slight Codes Max Points 800AD268 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD266 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD26A 00?? Akira Yanagawa Codes Max Points 800AD26E 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD26C 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD270 00?? Gregorio Lavilla Codes Max Points 800AD274 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD272 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD276 00?? Noriyuki Haga Codes Max Points 800AD27A 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD278 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD27C 00?? Vittoriano Guareschi Codes Max Points 800AD280 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD27E 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD282 00?? Pierfransecco Chili Codes Max Points 800AD286 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD284 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD288 00?? Katsuaki Fujiwara Codes Max Points 800AD28C 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD28A 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD28E 00?? Peter Goddard Codes Max Points 800AD292 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD290 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD294 00?? Igor Jerman Codes Max Points 800AD298 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD296 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD29A 00?? Robert Ulm Codes Max Points 800AD29E 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD29C 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2A0 00?? Andreas Meklau Codes Max Points 800AD2A4 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2A2 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2A6 00?? Carlos Macias Codes Max Points 800AD2AA 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2A8 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2AC 00?? Lucio Pedercini Codes Max Points 800AD2B0 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2AE 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2B2 00?? Doriano Romboni Codes Max Points 800AD2B6 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2B4 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2B8 00?? Jir Mrkyvka Codes Max Points 800AD2BC 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2BA 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2BE 00?? Valdimir Karban Codes Max Points 800AD2C2 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2C0 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2C4 00?? Jean-Pierre Jeanoat Codes Max Points 800AD2C8 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2C6 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2CA 00?? Frederic Protat Codes Max Points 800AD2CE 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2CC 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2D0 00?? Lance Isaacs Codes Max Points 800AD2D4 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2D2 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2D6 00?? Guilano Sartoni Codes Max Points 800AD2DA 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2D8 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2DC 00?? Alessandro Gramigini Codes Max Points 800AD2E0 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2DE 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2E2 00?? Mario Lucchiari Codes Max Points 800AD2E6 0FFF Races Modifier 800AD2E4 00?? Wins Modifier 800AD2E8 00??

NFL Blitz 2000
tzing 0-4-5 Up Super field goals 1-2-3 Left No interceptions 3-4-4 Up Big football 0-5-0 Right Late hits 0-1-0 Up Weather: clear 2-1-1 Left Fast turbo running 0-3-2 Left Turn off stadium 5-0-0 Left Team big players 1-4-1 Right Team big heads 2-0-3 Right Old day stadium 5-0-1 Up Dirt field 3-0-2 Up Future stadium 5-0-2 Left Old snow stadium 5-0-3 Up Snow stadium 5-0-3 Down Night stadium 5-0-2 Down Snow field 3-0-4 Up No punting 1-5-1 Up Fog on 0-3-0 Down Thick fog on 0-4-1 Down Green Bay Packers playbook 1-2-2 Left Allow stepping out of bounds 2-1-1 Left Huge head 0-4-0 Up Roman stadium 5-0-3 Left Grass field 3-0-0 Up Fast passes 2-5-0 Left Team tiny players 3-1-0 Right Big head 2-0-0 Right Show field goal % 0-0-1 Down Show punt hang meter 0-0-1 Right Use team plays 1-0-0 Up Hide receiver name 1-0-2 Right Invisible receiver highlight 3-3-3 Left Invisible 4-3-3 Up Astroturf field 3-0-3 Up Weather: snow 5-2-5 Down Weather: rain 5-5-5 Right Power-up blockers 3-1-2 Left Power-up teammates 2-3-3 Up Power-up offense 3-1-2 Up Power-up defense 4-2-1 Up Day stadium 5-0-1 Down City stadium 5-0-1 Left Old night stadium 5-0-2 Up No head 3-2-1 Left Headless team 1-2-3 Right Night game 0-2-2 Right

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2
oxer At the character selection screen, press Left, Up, Right, Down, R1(2), R2. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Big gloves At the character selection screen, press Left, Right, Up, Down, R1, R2. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Champion costumes Successfully complete championship mode to unlock the champion costumes.

Beat the game with Gado, level 4 or better, to play your games without any defense at all! No Lightning: Beat the game with Long, Level 4 or better, to stop the lightning effects when doing certain moves Unlimited Replays: After beating an opponent (any round), hit the TRIANGLE button to view a replay. Every time you hit TRIANGLE you will see another replay Big Head Mode: Hold down L2 while selecting your character. The fighters should now have big heads. Kids Mode: Hold down R2 while selecting your character. The fighters should now be kids. More Knockouts: Hold down Select during the match's final blow. You should see a montage of replays. Regenerating Life Bars: Finish the game with Bakuryu on Level Four or above. Small Fighters: Go to the Character Select Screen. Hold R2 and choose your fighter with the Circle button. Big Arms: Beat the game without continuing on Level Four or above. Afterimage Mode: Beat the game with everybody to access afterimage mode. The game is the same, but your character will have a shadow behind him. Bonus Options: Beat the game on level 4 or higher to unlock more options on the Bonus menu. Change Camera Angle: Beat the game with Alice, level 4 or better. Now you can change the camera angle, but not during battle. You can only do this at the option screen. Invisible Walls: Beat the game with Fox, level 4 or better, to play without the walls showing. The walls will still be there, it's just that they're clear.

Vigilant 8:seconde offense
onster - big wheels home_alone - no enemies in arcade mode no_code - disables all codes mixed_cars - allows you to pick the same car in multiplayer mode long_movie - view all ending sequences drive_only - no wheel attahment icons jack_it_up - high suspensions no_gravity - makes you float up in the air when you hit a bump go_slow_mo - slowmotion mode under_fire - attract enemies quick_play - faster action go_ramming - hevier cars blast_fire - makes your missles stronger rapid_fire - removes the delay between firing missles [Unable to display image]