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Jikkyou American Baseball


Big head mode:

Press Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Select, Up, L1, L2, R1, R2 at the title screen.

Funny head mode:

Press Circle, X, Triangle, Square, Select, Down, L1, L2, R1, R2 at the title screen.

Four Little Warriors
Future Pinball
Mario Game: Super ImpossiMario
World of Goo for Linux


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MTV Sports: Snowboarding
F Anna Qualified 80082904 FFFF Mitch Qualified 80082918 FFFF Karl Qualified 8008292C FFFF Sakura Qualified 80082940 FFFF Calvin Qualified 80082954 FFFF Hendy Qualified 80082968 FFFF Tsering Qualified 8008297C FFFF All Characters Qualified (Note1) 50000714 0000 80082904 FFFF Note1: GS 2.2 or Higher Needed.

Moto Racer: World Tour
ear a sound.

Soviet Strike
AKER: World peace (no shooting) DAVEDITHER: More powerful weapons DRBENWAY: Double damage MOUNTADEW: Unlimited fuel VULTURE: Double fuel mileage FUGAZI: Infinite ammo, infinite fuel, infinite attempts MIDNIGHOIL: Infinite ammo, infinite fuel, invincible chopper Infinite Lives: For infinite lives, enter any level password, but don't press Start. Instead, press Triangle to clear your entry and then ype "ELVISLIVES". Passwords: 1 -- worstcase 2 -- grandtheft 3 -- grozney 4 -- chernobyl 5 -- civilwar Power-ups: On the level where the reactor blows up, destroy all the buildings on the radioactive rivers, and inside some of them there are power-ups, like the super-gun. Elvis: Also, if you destroy the big mansion, then elvis comes out and goes 'uh-huh-huh' when you shoot him. Take Nick Arnold to the restroom: On the first level, the second mission is to rescue Nick Arnold. Immediately after this is done, fly to your base and turn left. There should be a co-pilot landing zone and a little shack. The shack is an outhouse. Land there and Nick will use it. Christmas secret: Look in the south-eastern corner of the Crimea strike map to find Santa Claus and the reindeer getting ready to depart for the holidays. Shoot the sleigh without hitting Santa or the reindeer to receive an extra life.

Tomb Raider 2
els in the game. simply blow them up with a grenade launcher before they turn alive. it will probably take you about 3-4 tries. Wouldn't you rather loose 4 ammos than part of your life :) [send by:Mikhail] Level Skip[Sweettooth] Using the R2 button:  step left, step rught, step left, then use R1 to walk backward 1 step and forward one step, then turn completely around 3 times, jumpforward and press the roll button, Lara should freeze and sort of looked squashed, you will see the available cinematic for the end of the level. Warning do not try this on the last level, it won't work, and besides I'd rather look at Lara in a nighty than see the ending. Cool cheat [Jay] During the game, Step left, Step Right, Step left, Step Backward one space, Step Foward One space, Turn around 3 times (either way), Then do a Forward Jump Roll To skip a level, Do a Backward Jump Roll To get all weapons and health packs. Blow yourself up [OUWE] Take 1 step to the left Take 1 step to the right Take 1 step to the left Take 1 step forward Take 1 step backwards Turn 3 times Jump with a somersault forward or backward Walktrough for labyrinth at Lara's garden From the start, walk this route: right, left, left, right, right, right, left, left, left, left, right, right, left, left, right, right, left, second left, jump into the hole, walk through the hall, turn the switch and a door will open in Lara's house. You can get here flares as well. Get Rid Of The Butler [] Simply lock him in the freezer