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Fighter Ops: Virtual Battlefield


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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Cue Club
Mario Game: Mario Wreck 2
Sims3 - Beyonce (Telephone)


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BreakNeck 2
Panther. It is a old fashioned Ferrarri coupe mixed with a little Jaguar. In the Bonsai class is a car called the Italian Stallion. This is a Fiat Punto. In the Shootout class is a car called the Samurai RT. This is a Lambrogini Murcoialago.

Journeyman Project Turbo
------------------- In the Mars Colony, shield generator area when you're on the lift, click to retun to last position and to get to the bomb. Use the maintanence key to open the hatch. Some warnings will go off and say that there are explosives in the hatch. You will need to order the wire nodes to stop the bomb. the order of the color nodes is: Level 1: Green, Red, Yellow Level 2: Blue, Yellow, Red Level 3: Yellow, Blue, Green You can't waste much time. Your time left is on the top right of the lift panel.

Ultima Underworld 2
and open spells.

vel 2-3: 89962254 Level 3-4: 54185654 Level 4-5: 92146125 Level 5-End: 33289642 More Cheats At the dos prompt add the below options after the EXE file you run: -cheater -infinite -nocar -invince When in the game itself press [Al[Ctrl] and [F7] before anyone hits you or you hit them and you will be invincible, no cars on the road and infinite weapons.