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Nemesis of the Roman Empire

Cheat mode:

Press [Enter] during game play then type one of the following codes:

Effect Code:

Black screen _black

Debug selected unit debugselected

Describe selected unit usr

Display green tiles over the non-objects and black tiles under objects gaikafd

Display memory statistics printmemstats

Display mouse position mousepos

Display pointer coordinates gmp

Display selected units ability dumpobj

Display white tiles all over non-object areas; black tiles over object areas addfd

Dump desync_test.txt file desync

Dump dump_try.xml file dumpfunctoxml

Exit game quit

Exports all objects into indicated file exportobjs ()

Exports all terrain into indicated file exportterrain ()

Flat terrain flatterrain

Pause and resume game pause

Print indicated string pr ()

Remove bushes, trees, and other decorations removedecors

Reverses AddFD code remfd

Save .BMP format screenshot screenshot

Save game save

Spawn indicated number of units spawn(,)

Switches player in multi-player mode setplayer

Test adventure integrity testadventure

Toggle fog of war togglefog

Toggle houses and decorations togglevis

Translation test ttest

View level properties ae

Built-in MYTH option advexplorer

Display "Abe ti me buzikash s tezi parametri maj,a?" message rayoflight

Display danger for current selection _dbgsel

Display information about enemy squads esg

Display settlement count settlementcount

MYTH function explorer

MYTH function shrinkentities

Show BuildLight() value prelit

Show rects over units _toggleinvrects

Strange terrain showflatterrain

Unknown _chs

Unknown _invalidatealltoggle

Unknown _place

Unknown _playersally

Unknown _playersmakeenemies

Unknown _playerssharecontrol

Unknown _playerssharesupport

Unknown _playersshareview

Unknown _redrawall

Unknown _setcursor

Unknown _setnextseason

Unknown appendfile

Unknown blurterrain

Unknown buildrlemmap

Unknown buildspf

Unknown changeformation

Unknown chmap

Unknown cleardecors

Unknown clock

Unknown cls

Unknown conv

Unknown curplayer

Unknown cvar1

Unknown cvar1

Unknown cvar2

Unknown cvar2

Unknown deepwater

Unknown deldecor

Unknown disableptdraw

Unknown dlg

Unknown dumpstats

Unknown edgeofforever

Unknown enableptdraw

Unknown exploreall

Unknown f5

Unknown gentranstables

Unknown getitem

Unknown gs

Unknown ingamedebugselected

Unknown insdecor

Unknown invalidate

Unknown load

Unknown lsa

Unknown makepassable

Unknown perlintest

Unknown pfpersist

Unknown profilestart

Unknown profilestop

Unknown rebuildpass

Unknown reloadconstini

Unknown render

Unknown saveedit

Unknown sd

Unknown selb

Unknown sels

Unknown selsq

Unknown selu

Unknown splash

Unknown switch

Unknown testadventuredebug

Unknown testload

Unknown testsave

Unknown toggleld

Unknown toggleptdraw

Unknown ttestf

Unknown undomemory

Unknown unit::getanimstate

Sam the Salary Man
Digimon - Battle Spirit for GBA
CS Maps: cs_zoption
Nocturnal Emmision
Out of the Park Baseball 11 Demo


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World War II: Normandy
ess ~ during game play to display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Effect - Code: Spawn indicated item and number - give No clipping mode - noclip

101st Airborne Invasion in Normandy
o belts. Ihaveyounow: all the germans on the map are surrendered. Iknow: displays all germans, equipment bags, and insides of buildings. PrisonPod: No parachutes TraitorTraitor: current soldier surrenders. PrisonPod: removes all parachutes. Robocop3: makes your soldier go berzek. Weasel: all soldiers on the map are made available. YouGoSquishNow: all the germans on the map are killed.