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All-Star Baseball 2004

Easy homeruns:

When controlling Barry Bonds at bat, press the Square so that you are on "Power" and not "Contact". When you are on "Power", only the yellow box will appear, and when you are on "Contact", there will be a shaded area covering the yellow box. If the pitch is up and in, move the box there and swing. It will almost always be an automatic homerun.

Free balls:

If you are down in the count or need a quick ball, pretend to lay down a bunt. Pull back while the pitcher is in his motion. This should result in a ball being thrown. Note: This only works up to two times in an at bat.

Homerun celebration:

Press R1 when you are running the bases after hitting a homerun. Your player will blow kisses to the crowd. If you continue pressing R1, your player will jump on home plate.

Easy points:

Start a two player game, with only one actual player. Throw a perfect game, striking out every batter. Save the game in the bottom of the ninth inning with two strikes and two outs. Finish the game, collect your points, and save the options. Reload the game and repeat to collect the points again.

Change to the team that you are facing and make them play poorly, allowing your original team to score a lot of runs. In the last inning, switch back to your team and claim your team's cheaply made points.

Use the following trick to get extra points to buy packs of cards. Play a quick game as the Negro Stars. Chose a bad team to play against, such as the Tigers or Devil Rays. Then, press Square to display an options screen. Go to "Game Options" and change the number of innings to 1. Play the game. When you are up to bat, keep bunting. When you are pitching, get all three outs and save your points. You should have enough for about seventeen packs of cards.

Throw hard 4 seam fastball correctly:

If you have a pitcher or created player that throws a hard 4 seam fastball, always place the pitching cursor below where you want the pitch to go. The pitch will automatically rise after the pitcher releases it. However, with other pitches (curveball, slider, changeup, etc.) the ball will end up where you put the pitching cursor.

Restore pitcher's energy:

Wait until your pitcher has low energy then pause game play. If your pitcher is still on the mound, go to "Save Game and Quit", then save the game. Restart the system, and when you go to the main menu, load the game. When you finish loading, it should automatically take you back to the game, and it should show your pitcher on the mound with the full green energy bar.

Slide step:

Use this trick to do a slide step. When your pitcher is in the stretch, select a pitch, and before you press Pitch, hold the Left Analog-stick.

Pick off from the catcher:

When the ball is released, hold L and the base that you would like to throw the ball to. The catcher will then snap up and throw the ball to the selected base. Note: This only works when you are pitching.

View player's energy in franchise mode:

When at the main menu in franchise mode, go to "GM Office", then "Roster Management", then "Disabled List". Press X and look through your players to see which ones are tired (except pitchers). If a starting player is tired, you should bench and rest him for one game.

Change jerseys in franchise mode:

Before playing in a franchise mode game, go to quick play, and on the team's options highlight "Change Uniform". Go back, exit quick play, load the franchise, and when you get to the play game screen on options, your pointer will be on the blacked out uniform part. Press X and you can change uniforms. Once you change lineups or pitchers, this option is no longer available; it only works for that one game.

Better players:

Select the "Extras" option at the main menu, then choose "Player Management". On that screen is a category called "Player Editor". It allows you to improve players. In season mode, go to "GM", then choose "Player Management", then "Player Editor". Note: Making a player all A+ may result in the game freezing in later innings.

Sign All-star players to long-tern contracts for less:

Create as many players as desired for the positions you want by using the "Create-A-Player" option. Collect the players you have made from the free agent pool and sign them to your team. Once you have all of your created players that you want, go to "Roster Management", then to "Long-Term Contracts". Offer each player you created a long-term contract at the same, or even for a lower price than they want. Since the players are not proven in the major leagues, they will sign for basically nothing (just for the chance to play). You can now edit their stats in "Player Editor". Make each player the best that they can be (everything A+), and you will have the best team for the lowest price. Use this in franchise or expansion modes.

Demote player without other teams claiming him off waivers:

Go to the player editor and make all his stats to D- so that no teams would want to claim him off waivers. When you want to promote a player back to the Major Leagues, change his ratings back to his default settings.

Easy win:

Start a game with and set the skill level on anything except "Manage Only". Pause gameplay go to "Controller Select". Switch the controller to the team that you want to lose. Then, go into "Team Management" at the pause screen. Change the pitcher and the fielders to the wrong positions. You can also put pitchers in as pinch hitters. Then, return to "Controller Select" and change back to your original team. The CPU may switch the players around, but you can put the wrong ones in again. You will not get any card points if you play the entire game with the losing team. Note: there is a slight chance of your game freezing if player positions are swapped too often.

Tams11 Muggins
World of Warcraft v3.3.3 to v3.3.5 Patch [US]
Jisei for Linux


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oxing: Hold R and press Down, Left, Down, Up, Right, L at the main menu. All default boxers and arenas: Hold R and press Right, Down, Up, Left, Up, L at the main menu. Note: This does not unlock Mickey or the Rocky Statue. All default boxers, arenas, and Rocky Statue: Hold R and press Right(3), Left, Right, L at the main menu. All default boxers, arenas, Rocky Statue, and Mickey: Hold R and press Up, Down(2), Left(2), L at the main menu. Win fight in movie mode: Hold R and press Right(2), Left(2), Up, L at the main menu. Press Black + White during a fight in movie mode to automatically win. Silver class knockout tournament: Win the bronze class knockout tournament. Gold class knockout tournament: Win the silver class knockout tournament. Rocky Statue: Successfully complete movie mode under the Contender difficulty setting. Fight as Mickey Goldmill: Successfully complete movie mode under the Champ difficulty setting.

Devil May Cry 2
ntom is normally walking, or even when he has his quard up, jump up onto his back and quickly turn on Devil Trigger, and fire constant Ice Bullets in his back. He will try to buck you off, just keep firing and guide DAnte to land back on Phantoms back. This may save you from a jam if your Health is low. WARNING: Do NOT Jump On Phantoms Back When His Scorpion Tail Is Drawn, It HURTS! submitted by: Koug Lucia/Dante Must Die Mode To unlock Lcuia/Dante Must Die Mode, You must beat Dante and Lucia's Hard Mode. Lucia's Secret Custome 2 To unlock Lucia's second secret custome, simply beat Lucia's Hard Mode. Dante's Diesel bonus level and costume Play Dante's mission 1, then save the game. Reset the PlayStation2 and wait for the "Press Start button" message to re-appear. Press [L3], [R3], [L1], [R1], [L2], [R2], [L3], [R3]. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press [Star to return to the main menu. Choose the "Load game" option, press [L1] or [R1] to access the new costume, then load a game to play the bonus level. Lucia's Diesel bonus level and costume Play Lucia's mission 1, then save the game. Reset the PlayStation2 and wait for the "Press Start button" message to re-appear. Press [L3], [R3], [L1], [R1], [L2], [R2], [L3], [R3]. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press [Star to return to the main menu. Choose the "Load game" option, press [L1] or [R1] to access the new costume, then load a game to play the bonus level. Unlock Trish From Devil May Cry To unlock Trish from Devil May Cry in Devil May Cry 2, simply beat Dante's Hard Mode. Alternate Custome For Dante To unlock Dante's secret custome, simply beat the game with Dante. Alternate Custome For Lucia To unlock Lucia's secret custome, simply beat the game with Lucia. Bloody Palace To unlock Bloody Palace, simply beat the game with both characters. Diesel Bonus Costume (Dante) Hit R1, R1, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, R2, R2. Diesel Bonus Costume (Lucia) Hit L1, L1, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, L2, L2. Hard difficulty setting Successfully complete the game with Dante and Lucia. Level select Successfully complete the game as either character under any difficulty setting. Diesel Bonus Costume (title) Complete mission 1 and save your game. Reset, and on the main menu before you hit start, hit L3, R3, L1, R1, L2, R2, L3, R3. Now load your game and hit L1 or R1 to get the costume. God mode To activate God Mode, prior to the next mission in the powerup screen hit triangle, triange, circle, square, circle, X, X, X + Circle. Bloody Palace Mode Complete the game using Dante and Lucia. Do it with the must die modes to get access to Bloody Palace 2. Get all levels Complete the entire game with either character. Get Dante's costumes Finish the game once on any difficulty setting to get Dante's first costume, and on Dante Must Die mode for the second costume. Get Trish Complete the game with the hard difficulty setting using Dante. Run fast Hit circle to make your character roll. This covers twice the area and is a much faster way of moving around. Sparda Devil Use your devil trigger to turn into the Sparda Devil whenever you are running really low on health (when the bar is red). SUPER DEVIL WITH DANTE!!! As you may already know, pressing L1 when you have some Devil Trigger in the Devil Trigger bar will turn you into a devil(duh!!!). BUT, if you let your health get really low(when it turns red)activate Devil Trigger and Dante will jump into the air and become a MEGA DEVIL!!! He's well more powerful and also it will totally fill up your Devil Trigger bar!!! *Note* This will only work with Dante(as far as I know anyway lol!!) submitted by: Dean Foley Double shotgun blast Stand just near the edge of a building and shoot your gun. While shooting, go to move off the edge. The moment that you are off the edge, you will immediately fire another shot from your shotgun. Fast shotgun fire and reload Jump in the air twice, fire, and keep pressing L2. Shotgun tricks As Dante, have the shotgun equipped. Then, hold R1 to aim at something. Next, swing your sword. The actions go as follow. Swing then fire: Dante does a somersault to the side and fires his shotgun; two swings then fire: Dante uses his shotgun like a pair of nunchuks firing twice; three swings then fire: Dante spins around on the last swing and into a kneel, shooting over his knee as support. Quick recovery If you get hit and thrown to the ground, press Circle as soon as you hit the ground and you will immediately bounce back up. Dante: Ultimate Devil Trigger attack To do the Ultimate Devil Trigger into Sparda demon form, press L1 when Dante's life bar is low. The Sparda form is incredibly strong and deals huge damage. Dante: Moves While in Devil Trigger, press Triangle x2, then quickly press Triangle + Analog-stick. Dante will shoot out a lot projectiles that resemble arrows. The color depends on what amulet you have equipped. Lucia: Ultimate Devil Trigger attack When in Lucia's Devil Trigger, equip the Aerial Heart and fly in the air after they are near you. Press Triangle + Square constantly until you do not have control of Lucia. She will perform an attack similar to the Phantom's Volcano Ass attack. It will take a lot of Devil Trigger. If you keep pressing it fast it will not waste Devil Trigger at all, but it will eventually stop.

eeps hitting the grinder. You will notice that the Hyper bar stays up at maximum and your combo chain number increases. You can easily get a 1000+ hit combo in 3 minutes or so!

FIFA 2005
right analogue and D pad submitted by: frumpyboy Unlimited money Start a season and then hit R2,L2,R1,O,X,X,X,X,triangle,square submitted by: me Change Song To change the song on the main menu just press R3 and the song with skip to the next song on the playlist. You can also do this when you pause the game. submitted by: cal Deflect Off Wall When your back is facing the Wall, press Back and Up together Twice and your character will deflect off the wall and attack your oppenent. (This takes alot of Practice, and it should work if done correctly) submitted by: Trunks ( Good volley: Press L2 then Circle to chip then volley the ball in a unique way. Score Every Direct Free Kick To score most direct free kicks what u hav to do is aim for the bit where the crossbar meets the post on the corner which is furthest away from the keeper. You put the ball cursor in the opposite bottom corner to where you're shooting e.g if you're shooting left put the cursor right submitted by: doug Easy season Before you start a game create 11 perfect players then out them all in a rubbish team. then start a career with that team and simulate all your matches you will surely achieve your target and better jobs will come. submitted by: elliot Better Starting Season Team Go on to the region you want. Then press triangle to exit. Then go on it again. Then press triangle again. Go on it again and there should be a few more better teams. submitted by: K Kool More manager stars If u complete a season your manager will be half a star but if u complete a season with full job security then you will have one star instead of half. the enables you to chose a better team on only your second season. submitted by: chris barlow Restore physical stats: Save the game after a career mode game. Quit, then reload the saved game to increase the physicals stats of your players. Be Celtic or Rangers in career mode: When you first try to start a career in Region 1, you will notice that you cannot be Celtic or Rangers. However, if you select "Back" then go in again several times, Celtic and Rangers will appear at the selection screen. Changing teams in category: When you start a new season and cannot find the team, go back then enter that category again. The teams will change. Team selection in career mode: If you cannot find your team in a region in career mode, choose that team as your "Own Team" in your profile in My FIFA 2005. You will then find that team listed first in its current region. Recommended players: Kieron Dyer might only be four and half stars, but is a lot better. He can run past anyone and is well worth buying. Skip music/EA Trax: Press R3 to skip the current playing song. This can be done in every screen that is playing the EA Trax, except during loading from and saving to the memory card. Easy goal First complete the Australian League. Then play any game. Dribble with the ball. Once you r in the 18 yard box hit the shoot button and if the goal keeper is bad you will score a goal. submitted by: Cameron Dream Team to always win! Here are the players, the formation needs to be 4-4-2: Goalkeeper: Tim Howard Right Back: Steve Finnan Right Center Back: Rio Ferdinand Left Centre Back: Sami Hyypia Left Back: Roberto Carlos Right Wing: Luis Garcia Right Centre Mid: David Beckham Left Centre Mid: Steven Gerrard Left Wing: Ryan Giggs Strikers: Wayne Rooney and Ronaldo submitted by: Alex Sweetmore