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Star Trek: The Next Generation


Level select:

Press Y(2), X(2), A(2), B(2) at the title screen. A tone will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to pause game play, then press Y to display the level selection screen.

View ending sequence:

Enter TFTTLTBV as a password.

Mission Password

Orientis Alpha IV Epidemic BGTTBTBU

Eunacian's Derelict Spacecraft CGTTBTBB

Trapped Miners on Orientis Gamma IIB DJTTCTBV

More information on IFD DJTTBTBV

Trip to Codis Mu IV concerning Tavad GCTTCTBV

Fizaal's Happy Haven JFTTBTBB

Rescue captured Nakamoti Freighter JFTTCTBV

More information on IFD KDTTBTBB

Trip to Codis Mu VI Collect mineral samples on Orientis Gamma KFTTCTBB

Appearance of the IFD LQTTCTBB

Crystal Shard 1 LHTTMTBV

Crystal Shard 2 MGTTMTBV

Crystal Shard 3 NNTTHTBB

Test at Verenitor Beta V NKTTLTBB

Test at Verenitor Alpha I PSTTBTBB

The Final Test PHTTNTBV

Return to IFD

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