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Haven: Call Of The King


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Din's Curse Patch 1.002
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Phantasy Star Online: Episode 1 and 2
r one. Unlock dressing room Finish the game on normal mode. Submitted by: Tigro Unlock hard difficulty Defeat Episode I or II with the normal difficulty setting. Dressing Room If you have 10,000 Meseta in your inventory, when you load your character you will be allowed to enter the dressing room to change your head (Android only), hair color, costume color, and more. However, you cannot change the proportions or name of your character. Ice break When you are frozen by an enemy, trap, or Boss, move the [Analog-stick Up] and [Down], or [Lef to [Righ very rapidly to break free of the ice. This works very well when fighting Bosses with Ice Element attacks such as the Gol Dragon or Sil Dragon. This trick also works in battle mode. Unlimited number of MAGs Note: At least two controllers are required for this trick. Make multiple characters and enter cooperative mode. Have one character drop his or her MAG and the other pick it up. Go back and recreate the person who dropped the MAG and go through the process again until you get as many as desired. Note: You can also do this for Meseta. Submitted by: Tigro Specialized MAGs Being able to equip Busters to level 1 Force and have them learn Megid is simple if you have specialized MAGs. Put levels of only one type on a MAG and when equipped, it raises that stat by 400. Every stat level on a MAG puts up the corresponding stat by 2 points. Since all MAGs start with 5 levels on Defense, it is the only stat that can truly be maxed. Change MAG Get MAG to level 200 and trade with someone else. Get them to use a Star Atomizer and it will evolve into something else. Do this as many times as desired. Photon Launcher To get the Photon Launcher, defeat Vol Opt under the hard difficulty setting. This works best with the Force-type character; you can also get the Photon Claw. Yamato To get the Yamato weapon, kill the dragon under the very hard difficulty setting and the Sil Dragon under the ultimate difficulty setting.. Hunters Guild missions If you successfully complete all the Hunters Guild missions, you will have access to all of the missions all over again. If you complete the mission again, you will be able to keep playing it repeatedly. Weapons from monsters If you obtain a special item such as G-Assassins Arms or Bomma's Right Arm, go to the Unsealed Door mission. Talk to the person standing to the right of the portal to the principal after all missions are complete. He will turn your item into a weapon. Finding rare weapons The best place to find rare weapons are at the Dragon (Episode I) under hard mode. You can find such weapons as Crush Bullets and Musashis. Its recommended that you enter hard mode at level 30 or high to be effective. If you are level 20 or higher, choose the hard difficulty setting. Then, go to the warp and go to Forest 1 and 2. Over here, you should be able to find a very special weapon. If you do not find it here, you will most likely be able to find it in the caves. Once you have it, go to the Tekker or the person that reveals what a unknown item is. Take it to him, and he will probably be able to figure out what it is. Most likely, you will not be able to use this item if you just turned level 20. See Flowen Defeat Olga Flow with a Red Weapon and then go back to town via a Telepipe. Return and Flowen will be there. Note: This is where you get Parasitic Gene "Flow" on Ultimate. Note: You must be playing online or offline multi-player mode. It is only in these modes that you can go back to town after the Falz/Olga Flow battles. See Red Ring Rico Defeat Dark Falz with a Dark weapon then go back to town via a Telepipe. Return and Rico will be there. Note: This where you get Red Ring in Ultimate. Note: You must be playing online or offline multi-player mode. It is only in these modes that you can go back to town after the Falz/Olga Flow battles.

hoose to break the spell of the west, in the final battle you will fight Tala in her vampire form. If you choose to become the new lord of vampires you will fight your ghost-friend Cassidy, when she is an angel, then kill Tala in the intermission sequence. Blood vision Click the [Right Analog-stick] to activate your "blood" vision. Ducking Click the [Left Analog-stick] to duck. Rapid fire pistol Hold down the fire button [R1] on the pistol (Redeemer) to "fan" it, or shoot in rapid fire. Hold two weapons Press [Down] to switch to your second weapon slot. This is useful if you are saving a rail rocket or shotgun. Also, press [Up] to switch between dynamite and splitter grenades (if available). Defeating Banshees Be careful when fighting banshees. If you cut off their arms and they still live, they will fire non-stop energy balls at you. Defeating Lazaurus When fighting Lazaurus for the final time, hide in the house when he is using his twister move. It will shield you. Also, when he shoots his fireballs and smoke clouds, shoot them. They will blow up and you will be unharmed. Good deeds Silver Bullet: Unlimited and more powerful bullets for a short time. Fear: Some enigmas will run scared for a short time. Mystic Armor: Strong armor (possible 0 damage) for a short time. Vindicator: Shoots a chain of lighting that instantly destroys most small monsters. Evil deeds Blood Frenzy: Adds a supernatural boost to hand-to-hand combat. Turn: Turns some enemies against each other for a short period of time. Black Shroud: Covers you in a black shroud of darkness that hurts enemies when they attack for a short time. Soul Stealer: Sucks the souls right out of living enemies (can be used at a distance). Immortal Friends: No matter how many times you shoot Cassidy or Tala, they will not die. Artwork Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding bonus content for that level: Allies and Bosses Art: Curse Of The West under the Shootist difficulty. Attract Mode Movie: Dead Light Prism with at least 80 kills. Cowboy Animatic: Torture Maze with at least 30 melee kills. Darkwatch Archives: All Gunslinger levels on Deadeye. Enemies 1: Boneyard with at least 65% accuracy. Enemies 2: Showdown with at least 20 melee kills. Environments 1: Darkwatch Outpost with no deaths. Environments 2: Invasion under the Deadeye difficulty. Environments 3: Curse Of The West in 10 minutes or less. Evolution of Jericho: Single player campaign under any difficulty. Highmoon Trailer: Rescue in 15 minutes or less. Rescue Intro Movie: Hangtown with at least 20 headshots. Showdown Animatic: The Right Train under the Shootist difficulty. Vehicles: Deadfall with at least 20 headshots. Weapons: Morning After with at least 70% accuracy. Wrong Train Animatic: The Wrong Train with at least 65% accuracy.