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MechWarrior: The Titanium Trilogy


These cheats worked with the 3dfx upgrade to Mercenaries, now they work with ALL THREE games . Mechwarrior Two, Ghost Bear's Legacy and Mercenaries. These cheats are for ALL Three games in the Titanium Trilogy. Hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt and type in: su - invulnerability on/off

is - unlimited ammo on/off

oo - heat tracking on/off

it - "nuke" current target

re - destroy current target

in - gives you jump jets

cr - unlimited jump jet juice

li - ends mission succefully

be - enables Free-Eye mode

superfunkicali - complete level

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Lode Runner
Sims3 - Black Dress
Mario Game: Goomba Online
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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
structure "Documents and SettingsYOUR USERNAMEApplication DataUbisoftTom Clancy's Splinter Cell Chaos Theoryprofiles". The ini file is named the same as the profile you created in step #1. Note: The Application Data folder is HIDDEN in Windows by default. To unhide it, open a windows explorer window, select Tools -> Folder Options. Select the view tab and in the advanced settings area, in the hidden files and folders node, select the "Show hidden files and folders". 3) Look for empty keys to bind commands to. These may look like "F1=", "F2=", etc. Add any of the following cheat commands to the end of these blank bindings. Invisible 1 - Invisibility Invincible 1 - God Mode ammo - Give Ammo fly - Fly Mode walk - Walk Mode playersonly - Freeze Enemies health - Give Health killpawns - Kill All Enemies ghost - No Clipping Mode OPSAT - Unknown Effect So, once you bind the commands, it will look something like: F2=Invincible 1 F3=health ...etc... Make sure there are no spaces between the "=" and the command. 4) Save the file and start the game back up, selecting your profile. Now, while playing you can use the keys that you set up in the file. Using the example above, pressing "F2" would give you god mode, etc. Half-Life In the Battery mission when you need to crack the casing on the missile launcher Sam says that he didn't bring a crowbar. Then Grimsdottir says "Whatever. Crowbars are for geeky video game characters.", a reference to Gordon Freeman from Half-Life and Half-Life 2. Halo This is something that is quite amusing. When you go to write a text message on Xbox Live, if you enter the word "Halo", it gives you a message saying offensive text, cannot be sent. Just another of many cracks on video games to be found in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Metal Gear Solid During the final mission, at the escalator where there are 3 guards talking at the bottom of it...wait at the top of the escalator and one of the guards will be begin walking up to your level. Grab him and interrogate him to hear him make a crack about Metal Gear Solid. Prince of Persia During Stage 5, while infiltrating Displace International, Sam will come across two guards talking about Prince of Persia Warrior Within. It is the small cafe next to a laser filled hallway, past a keypad locked door. A second way to access the room is through a vent. Because Sam is inside the vent, the conversation becomes difficult to hear Elite Mode Successfully complete Story Mode to unlock Elite Mode, where you only have a knife to use. Splinter Cell On TV During the 4th mission The Penthouse, when you get near the spiral staircase, there will be a TV which has Splinter Cell showing. Unlock Elite Mode Unlock Elite mode in co-operative play by clearing co-op story mode. Elite mode basically starts both spies off with no ammo for the SC-20K or the SC pistol, except for the ammunition you may find in the levels. Time to work that knife. Hokkaido Milan Nedich Objecitve Inspect the two SUVs' license plates either remotely (through Fisher's binoculars) or by interacting with them up close. Redding sheds some light on the real Milan Nedich. Cameras In The Dark Cameras that do not use thermographic vision can be be fooled by shooting out all the ambient and direct light sources to darken the area. As long as the light meter is completely dark, these normal cameras cannot see your spy. Stick Camera Reuse Sticky cameras may be reused in almost any mode as long as they are not destroyed by gunfire or did not use their gas attack. Tank Movement The tanks you face in Solo Mode are rather tough but they move in preset patterns. Down the gunner sitting in the turret, then watch the tank's gun. When it aims away, that's your cue to move by or above it. The only way to destroy a tank is to throw a frag grenade into the gunner's hatch. Quicksave to make sure you don't squander your grenades. Whacking North Korean UAVs North Korean UAVs are tough to take down, but they can be avoided. However, if you went with a kit with a sniper attachment, you can take them out with one well placed shot (anywhere on the body). Stopping The Missile Launch In the final section of the DPRK missile base, Fisher has 3 minutes to stop the missile. From where the missile launches, head right and down into the door to the command center. The abort codes are on the PC to the right of that door. The codes must then be entered in one of the missile command center's PCs, which are the two rooms near the large elevator (lift) leading to the base commander's office on the level above. Assuming you took out all the enemies in that area, the three minutes are more than enough time to abort the missile. Displace International Milan Nedich Objective Laser mic and record (by zooming in with the EEV) the conversation on the third floor when a merc is assigned to the penthouse by an executive (the room is first one on your right when you get off the elevators on the third floor). Aim the EEV (binoculars) at the glass. This is the ONLY way to get credit for listening to the conversation.

Meridian 59
e entered is the foyer of a guild hall, and Meridian is worse than the state of Texas for the old "make my day" law. The guild can, and will, kill any intruders in the hall, including newbies. Tip: ---- Fight often and don't be shy. You're going to have to kill a heck of a lot of giant rats and baby spiders when you start the game just to build up your strength and hit points. If you see something you can't handle, on the other hand, like a mutant ant or a troll, hit the Shift key and run like hell.