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ESPN Sunday Night Football


Instant first down:

Score a touchdown, then line up for the field goal. Call a timeout to get a first down. This may be repeated as needed until there are no timeouts remaining.

Knight Rider 2
LEGO Indiana Jones Original Adventures
Sims3 - Blair


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Young Merlin Str
and, lantern, star YRLRvvYB XRL>^YBB At entrance to first dungeon, 11 hearts, 3 bottles, tulip, daisy, rose, air bubble, spring, balloon, stun dust, bubble wand, lantern, star R^BLvvYX RRR>^RBB At chained elf, 12 hearts, 3 bottles, mirror, tulip, daisy, rose, air bubble, spring, balloon, stun dust, bubble wand, lantern, y-star, puzzle key ^^B^vvYX RRR>^RBB Before Entering Rainbow land, 12 hearts, 3 bottles, tulip, daisy, rose, air bubble, spring, balloon, stun dust, bubble wand, lantern, y-star, puzzle key, mirror, flame >LX>vvYY YRRX^RXB Middle of Rainbow land (after cashing in a fairy Token or two or three), 13 hearts, 3 bottles, tulip, daisy, rose, air bubble, spring, balloon, stun dust, bubble wand, lantern, silver star, puzzle key, mirror, flame YR>vvvYR YYYBYRvB With all items, just before the Red dragon Boss (add snow flake, lightning, hour glass) Heart containers There are supposedly 16 Heart containers. I finished the game missing one. I know the location of 15, one of which I (previously) couldn't get to. Most of them are laying out in the open or presented after beating a boss, thorough walking around each area will yield them. Their locations are included below (Two are found while riding the mine carts, directions to those two are given in the next session): 0. Start with 3 1. After first meanie tree. 2. In the meadow before the Pig boss 3. Before entrance to mine shaft 4. Inside mine shaft, toward far left area (through walk through wall) 5. Inside mine shaft, toward lower left area. Walk through wall, then float up ladder. 6. Top right corner of hedge maze 7. Upper right area while under water 8. middle left area while under water (below second exit). 9. Room above first room at entrance to dungeon 10. in lower right area of first ant hole 11. Right after dragon boss 12. On tracks after dragon boss Mystery Heart Question answered (the one I previously couldn't get to number 9 above): (From ) I know how to get the last heart that you said you missed. Move one of the pillars so you can walk over by the upper wall in the corner. Use the balloon to rise up to what is actually an upper floor. Get heart and climb down. Mine cart tracks Track 1 (1 heart container, 1 exit) To the heart container (from start): Start (headed in this direction ), turn down (headed down), turn at the second right, almost at the bottom of the room (head ->), turn up (headed up), at top of room, head right ->, turn down on last possible track, ride through wall at bottom for container ( you will auto turn a couple times) To spider: (From start, This is the hardest one I think) Start ( headed in this direction -> ), turn down (headed down), turn at first left ( , go down (to where you came from ), turn left at the very bottom of room, this should lead to the spider room. From spider to pig thing: Start (from spider room) -->, go up, turn left or right and use one of the balls to reverse direction and go back down, turn left, let the auto turns take you the next room. You should be able to find the last two balls now since you have been every where else, just reverse the directions to get to the other rooms. Bosses Spider 1 (similar to Spider 2) Freeze the nest, then shoot it with the star. In general I just repeated the following three steps: - put a decoy in front of the spider (to attract the little guys) - use the snow flake while in front of the nest - fire on the nest with the star - repeat as nessecary. Gloop 2 I got past gloop. Use your mirror to distract him while he is hopping around. As soon as he breaks up, place a decoy and step within range of the decoy. switch your item to the stun dust. Alternate Y and B to stun/shoot. This is all you have to do. stun, shoot, stun, shoot, etc. Shadow King 2 (Courtesy of ) Have the comb and the torch weapon ready when you enter his room. When he starts to attack with the flying eyeballs, just walk around avoiding them and torch them when you can. Then when he sends the time bombs toward you, start tapping Y to comb your hair. What happens is the bombs wait for you to stop combing, then explode, but if you hit the button fast enough you will be invincible when they explode. You shouldn't take more than about 1 full heart of damage. (NOTE: You can use the invincibility water here, just stand close to the Shadow King and it will last through all the bomb guys.) When he throws the darkness at you, just use the torch. this will light the area immediately. I think you have to have the torch in your hand before the darkness for it to work. Then he throws the electrical orbs at you -- use the mirror, which will attract the orbs. Now comes the easy part. Get the hourglass ready. Stand toward the center of the floor, but where you can see the King when he is on your right in the lava. Right when he starts to jump, freeze time. Then run to the left where the princess is locked into an orb. Get your silver stars ready and hit the orb a couple of times. She'll pop out and give you a golden amulet. Stop time again and run back to the right, and get the amulet ready. Avoid the Shadow King and use the amulet when he lands. The amulet needs time to recharge between attacks, so use the hourglass a few times after you use the amulet, and it will recharge in time for the next attack by the king.